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Found on: Armor Cloaks Goggles Headgear Necklaces Rings as a Suffix

Base price modifier: +1 per Y

Effect: The Wizardry Y enchantment grants an enhancement bonus to total spell points to the wearer equal to 25*Y.

  • Wizardry IV (+100 SP) shows up as Magi. Wizardry VIII (+200 SP) shows up as Archmagi.
  • This enchantment can be also found on weapons like Daggers, Clubs, Scepters and Quarterstaffs (up to Magi).
  • Sorcerers and Favored Souls gain up to double benefit from items that increase total spell points (pure class Sorcerer or Favored Soul get full double benefit, multiclass reduces the benefit: Fighter 10/Favored Soul 10 would get 150% benefit).
  • Multiple Wizardry items don't stack, and the enchantment also does not stack with Power, Magi, or Archmagi enchantment.

Named items: Category:Wizardry items

See also[edit]

  • Power (related enchantment)