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Module 4 Patch 3: Mark of the Dragon

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Module 4 Patch 3 (Also known as Module 4.1). These release notes were posted on May 22nd, 2007.

Mark of the Dragon Release Notes[edit]

Come visit sunny Ataraxia's Haven[edit]

Miles of sandy beach await your vacation pleasure!

All of your needs will be attended to by our world-class staff!

Daily ferries from Kundarak Port!

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Dragonmarks Arrive in Stormreach[edit]

Three thousand years ago the first dragonmarks appeared in the elven kingdom of Aerenal. Strange patterns on the skin, more an elaborate birthmark than a tattoo, they gave their bearers magical abilities that have been a source of power and conflict for centuries. Nobody knows the origins of dragonmarks or when and why they appear, yet some of the citizens of Stormreach have recently begun to manifest these strange and powerful markings.

To read the complete article on dragonmarks, including a list of available dragonmarks and how to unlock them, please click here. [1]

More Solo Quests[edit]

Four more quests can now be played on Solo mode!

Revamped Adventure Areas[edit]

Be sure to visit Sorrowdusk Isle and Tangleroot Gorge - both areas now include Slayer, Exploration, and Rare Encounter quests! These old favorites will seem like completely new areas!

Improved Friends List[edit]

The Friends List has a new look! Now, when viewing your friends list you will see all the relevant information about your friend: race, gender, class, level, guild, and party status (when they are online). You can add custom comments where you can describe your friend (as another characters alt, their playstyle, anything you like). You can also import and export your friends list across your characters.

To read Phax's Dev Diary on all of the improvements to the friends list please click here.

Spell/Spell Point Rebalancing[edit]

With Mark of the Dragon, we've taken an opportunity to revisit some old decisions and have chosen to make some changes to improve the gameplay of primary spellcasting classes. These changes should go some way to close the gap between melee and casting classes while maintaining the active action based feel of Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Spell Point Pools[edit]

As the level cap has been increasing, it has become apparent that our primary spellcasting classes have not been gaining sufficient spell points to keep up with their pen and paper counterparts. Spell point progressions have been reevaluated from levels one to twenty, and some classes have received significant upgrades.

As examples, at 14th level, the following classes will see these improvements to their base spell point totals:

Wizard: +180 sp, Cleric: +250 sp, Sorcerer: +305 sp

Clerics now follow the same spell point progression as Wizards, and Sorcerers will be happy to know that they will now gain additional spell points from items that increase a character's spell point pool. A Pearl of Power that normally grants 100 extra spell points will grant a pure-class Sorcerer 200 spell points instead.

Spell Cooldowns[edit]

Our review indicated that the cooldowns of spells vary too much. Under our current system, the planned cooldown for Meteor Swarm would have been 18 seconds for Wizards, far too long for such an iconic spell. We've significantly flattened the difference in spell cooldowns from first to ninth level to make higher level spells more attractive options. That same Meteor Swarm will now have a 6.5 second cooldown for a Wizard, or 4 seconds for a Sorcerer. Clerics will benefit substantially from this change as well, as favorites such as Heal and Cometfall drop down to a 5 second cooldown from the old 12 seconds. All spells that produce a lingering effect have had their cooldowns dropped to twice the cooldown of a non-lingering spell. This does not (yet) apply to the Symbol line of spells.

Area of Effect Spells[edit]

Area of Effect spells that linger in dungeons currently have wildly varying durations. During this spell pass we've standardized the durations and cooldowns for most of these lingering effects. Planned for the near future is tech that will prevent Area of Effect spells from going through walls or doors - no longer will you have to worry that a monster's Wall of Fire will burn you through a sealed door!

Removed Scrolls from Vendors[edit]

As part of the rebalancing of spells/spell points the following spells will no longer be sold in shops in and around Stormreach. Wizards interested in learning these spells should select them while leveling up. The removed spells will still drop as treasure and at a higher rate than previously.

  • Otto's Sphere of Dancing (in that it was never added)
  • Cloudkill
  • Acid Fog
  • Wall of Fire
  • Blade Barrier
  • Glyph of Warding
  • Greater Glyph of Warding
  • Symbol of Flame
  • Symbol of Pain
  • Symbol of Weakness
  • Delayed Blast Fireball
  • Symbol of Fear
  • Symbol of Persuasion
  • Dimension Door
  • Solid Fog


  • Fixed an issue where players are seeing a message that says "Cleaning up old connections" indefinitely. The same message may still happen, but the player will be able to log in again normally within 10 minutes.
  • Resurrection Shrines now function in all ways like the Raise Dead spell. They will no longer drain the spellpoints of a spellcaster that uses them, and restores people to life at 10% hit points rather than at 1 hit point. This is meant to address an imbalance between the effects of death for casters versus non-casters.
  • The Coin Lords have used a portion of their increased income from the Auction House to upgrade the elementals powering the teleporters in Stormreach. Each of the teleporters in the various House wards of the city now allow anyone using them to select their destination from any of the other teleporter locations in Stormreach.
  • Damage caused by a reduction in a character's Constitution score will now reduce the character's hitpoints directly. This damage is not applied to Temporary Hitpoints gained from such spells as False Life and Aid. Care should be taken when removing +Constitution items while at low hitpoint totals.
  • Once upon a time there was a mighty warrior who had a love pure and true. But then his beloved disappeared and the mighty warrior flew into a rage. Where had the object of his passion gone? The warrior embarked upon a heroic quest to find his lost love. For an entire year the warrior searched without any sign of his beloved. And then one day…..could it be? Yet this was a different sort of love - the mighty warrior's beloved had changed, but it was his love still, and a great happiness filled the dazed warrior.
  • You can now /point at things that are farther away than 30 meters.

UI Improvements[edit]

  • The bold lock icon for locking your inventory has returned!
  • Players should once again be able to see the Who panel when opening it for the second time.
  • Talking to NPC's while in t-mode will once again bring up the mouse cursor.
  • The resistance labels in the character sheet have been replaced with icons. This fixes a bug in which the character sheet was not able to display all resistances.
  • Enhancements
    • Previously, if you attempted to train your enhancements immediately after training a new level, some enhancements would show up as unavailable. These enhancements will now be available immediately.
    • When you hit the "show unavailable" button, branches which are expanded will now show the unavailable items without requiring you to close and re-open the branch.
    • The Enhancement Training panel now has undo and redo buttons. In addition, hovering over the buttons will display what hitting the button will do. For example, if you removed a benefit that took 7 other enhancements with it, you can hover over the "undo" button to see which 7 enhancements were removed and hit the undo button to quickly put them back in your list.
  • You can no longer enter dirty words in your LFM note. Bad players! No cookie for you! PS: Anyone who tries putting a naughty word into their LFM note after reading this will get a /pseudopod smack.
  • Corrected display issue with floating damage numbers for Sneak Attacks when base weapon damage does not overcome monster's Damage Reduction.
  • Portal Screens for House Jorasco, House Kundarak, House Phairlan, House Denieth, the Market, and the Harbor have been updated to reflect the environment of each ward.
  • Skills that you have put skill points into should no longer show up as n/a on the advancement summary page.
  • Fixed a rare condition where sometimes you would get an error message stating your auction was cancelled when you weren't actually doing any auctioning.
  • If you attempt to use the /retell or /reply command before you have sent a tell or received a tell respectively, they will no longer be auto-replaced with /tell. This should prevent accidents like "/tell hey you!" sending "Hey" the message "you!"
  • The tabs in the bank have new artwork.
  • The alert icon for Beholder telekinesis now displays appropriately.
  • The Hold Monster icon has been changed to represent a troll since trolls can only be held with Hold Monster. Previously the icon featured a hobgoblin which can be held with either Hold Monster or Hold Person.


  • We have made additional adjustments to some monster AI. For example:
    • Monsters are now slightly less oblivious when their flesh is slowly melting away as they stand in poison gas clouds.
    • Monsters tend to react more often when their friends mysteriously die.
    • Creatures that prefer range will no longer run away from players indefinitely.
    • Some monsters that had not been scaling properly with dungeon difficulty level will now scale properly.
    • And more!
  • Bosses are no longer vulnerable to the Chill Touch spell's strength damage effect.
  • Summoned monsters should no longer be affected by your lingering effects if they are summoned into them. Quest monsters that are instantly killed by lingering effects should now properly trigger events that advance quests.
  • Charmed and summoned monsters should no longer get stuck after defeating an opponent.
  • Charmed monsters should no longer attempt to return to their home point while charmed.
  • Hobgoblins and Orcs are now properly affected by effects that increase or reduce their movement, such as Slow, Haste, or Solid Fog.
  • The Cloven-Jaw Scout hobgoblins are now using their hide skill properly. They were not hiding and now they are.
  • You can now click on Hellcats.
  • Iron Defender variants that possess various elemental breath weapons now actually deal damage with those breath weapons again.
  • Creatures that regenerate (such as trolls) will no longer produce holy death effects unless actually killed by a holy, light, or positive energy effect.
  • Wolves and other canines no longer possess an AOE trip ability. Their trip attacks have been tied directly to their bite attacks, and must hit before application. (Some canines, especially those of low CR, may only trip on critical hits.)
  • Patrolling wolves no longer attempt to scratch at fleas while moving.
  • The giant skeletons in Gianthold Tor no longer have a chance to display an empty collectible shiny when they die. They are not supposed to drop collectibles.


  • Spurred by the continued development of the Monk, it has become time to address Evasion in medium and heavy armor. From now on the Rogue class ability Evasion will only function in light or no armor, when not helpless, and when not heavily encumbered. We are intentionally deviating from the Player's Handbook in permitting Evasion while moderately encumbered as a character in DDO cannot say to their DM: "I drop my pack full of treasure on the ground, I'll pick it back up later."
  • You can no longer chain rage and avoid fatigue altogether. Additionally, in Update 4.2 barbarian rage fatigue will be changed to allow any effect that dispels fatigue to remove it.
  • Fixed a minor glitch in skill values refreshing related to changing armor while heavily encumbered.
  • Lay on hands and remove disease now pay on execution. If you get your animation interrupted, you don't lose your activation cost.


  • All spells that produce a lingering effect have had their cooldowns dropped to twice the cooldown of a non-lingering spell.
  • Dimension Door's cooldown has been dropped from five minutes to one minute for non-Sorcerers. Sorcerers retain their old 30 second cooldown.
  • Cure Critical Wounds is now a Spontaneous Cast spell like the rest of the Cure Wounds spells. This means that Cure Critical Wounds is always memorized in the Cleric's Spell book and may not be removed.
  • The temporary hit points gained from casting Aid and Mass Aid will no longer stack with each other.
  • The Sorcerer spells Magic Circle Against Evil and Mass Fox's Cunning no longer share the same cooldown.
  • Wizards are now able to inscribe Scrolls of Banishment to add the spell to their known spells list.
  • The Knock spell can now be learned by Wizards when training.
  • Other players will now be able to see your Niac's Cold Ray.
  • Resurrection effects will no longer claim incorrectly that you can have "Self" as a target.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities[edit]

  • Warforged can now freely respec their body feats. Fred's tentacles are mighty indeed!
  • Cleave and Great Cleave no longer check to see if you are facing your currently selected target (after all, you may have other enemies within the covered attack arc).
  • Inspire Courage now correctly upgrades at level 14.
  • A problem with improved precise shot using autoattack has been fixed.


  • General
    • Iron Companion
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • Requires: Any one of the following: Rogue Way of the Mechanic 1, Warforged Skill Repair 2, Human Skill Repair 2, Fighter Skill Repair 2, Wizard Skill Repair 2, Self Sufficient (feat), Lesser Dragonmark of Making (feat), or Skill Focus: Repair (feat)
      • Benefit: You have a loyal iron defender as a pet, and can summon it once per day to aid you for five minutes.
    • Steel Companion
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • Requires: Iron Companion, Level 4 Character, 10 Action Points Spent
      • Benefit: You have a loyal steel defender as a pet, and can summon it once per day to aid you for five minutes.
    • Mithral Companion
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • Requires: Steel Companion, Level 8 Character, 26 Action Points Spent
      • Benefit: You have a loyal mithral defender as a pet, and can summon it once per day to aid you for five minutes.
  • Paladin
    • Divine Righteousness I
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • Requires: Level 6 Paladin, 18 Action Points spent.
      • Benefit: Activate this ability to double the hate generated by your melee attacks and spells for 20 seconds, making monsters more likely to attack you. Consumes a use of turn undead for the day.
  • Rogue
  • Rogue Specialties: You may only possess one class specialty at a time.
    • Way of the Mechanic I
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • Requires: Level 6 Rogue, 16 Action Points spent. Rogue Disable Device II, Rogue Open Lock II, Rogue Trap Sense I, Rogue Skill Boost II, any Rogue <element> Trap Lore I.
      • Benefit: +2 bonus to Disable Device, Open Lock, Repair, Spot, and Search skills. Activate to apply a repair over time effect to a targetted friendly Warforged or Construct. Consumes one use of Rogue Skill Boost for the day.
    • Way of the Thief-Acrobat I
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • Requires: Level 6 Rogue, 16 Action Points spent. Rogue Balance II, Rogue Tumble II, Rogue Faster Sneaking I, Rogue Haste Boost II, Rogue Dexterity I.
      • Benefit: +2 bonus to Balance, Jump, and Tumble skills and 2 extra uses of Uncanny Dodge per day. Activate to gain a +10 bonus to Balance, Jump and Tumble, a 25% Enhancement bonus to movement speed, and a +4 bonus to Dexterity for 20 seconds. Consumes one use of Rogue Haste Boost for the day.
    • Way of the Assassin I
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • Requires: Level 6 Rogue, 16 Action Points spent. Rogue Hide II, Rogue Move Silently II, Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I, Rogue Sneak Attack Training I, Rogue Subtle Backstabber I, Rogue Damage Boost II.
      • Benefit: +2 bonus to Bluff, Hide, and Move Silently skills and a +1 bonus to Fortitude saves versus Poison. Activate to gain a +2 bonus to hit when making sneak attacks, a +20 bonus to confirm critical hits, and a 25% chance to apply a mind affecting poison with each sneak attack, for 20 seconds. Consumes one use of Rogue Damage Boost for the day.
  • Warforged
    • Warforged Power Attack I
      • Cost: 1 Action Point.
      • Prereqs: Warforged, Level 4, 12 Action Points spent.
      • Benefit: Power Attack does additional 1 bonus damage and -1 to hit. Stacks with the Barbarian Power Attack enhancement line.
    • Warforged Power Attack II
      • Cost: 2 Action Point.
      • Prereqs: Warforged, Level 9, 32 Action Points spent.
      • Benefit: Power Attack does additional 1 bonus damage and -1 to hit. Stacks with the Barbarian Power Attack enhancement line.
    • Warforged Power Attack III
      • Cost: 3 Action Point.
      • Prereqs: Warforged, Level 14, 52 Action Points spent.
      • Benefit: Power Attack does additional 1 bonus damage and -1 to hit. Stacks with the Barbarian Power Attack enhancement line.
  • Paladins and Clerics now have faith based enhancements available to them. Only one line of faith based enhancements can be taken at a time. (Please note: Cooldowns are still subject to change).
    • Follower of the Silver Flame
      • Prereqs: Cleric 1 or Paladin 1
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • You are one of the Purified, a true believer in the Silver Flame. Burn the corruption and taint of evil from all Eberron. Grants a +1 bonus to hit with longbows, the favored weapon of the clergy of the Silver Flame.
    • Follower of the Sovereign Host
      • Prereqs: Cleric 1 or Paladin 1
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • You are a Vassal of the Sovereign Host, a true believer in the Doctrine of Universal Sovereignty. As is the world, so are the gods. As are the gods, so is the world. Grants a +1 bonus to hit with longswords, the favored weapon of the clergy of the Sovereign Host.
    • Follower of the Undying Court
      • Prereqs: Cleric 1 or Paladin 1, High Elf only
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • You are guided by the wisdom of the deathless of Aerenal, and are a true believer in the ways of the Undying Court. Existence is a spiritual journey requiring far longer than a single lifetime. Only the Undying can ever truly learn what great wonders lie at its end. Grants a +1 bonus to hit with scimitars, the favored weapon of the clergy of the Undying Court.
    • Follower of the Lord of Blades
      • Prereqs: Cleric 1 or Paladin 1, Warforged only
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • You are a Blade, a true believer in the cult of the Lord of Blades. Warforged were made to rule Eberron, the other races are weak. Grants a +1 bonus to hit with greatswords, the favored weapon of the cultists of the Lord of Blades.
    • Follower of Vulkoor
      • Prereqs: Cleric 1 or Paladin 1, Drow Elf only
      • Cost: 2 Action Points
      • You are one of Vulkoor's chosen, a worshiper of the scorpion god of Xen'drik. Followers of Vulkoor the Hunter pay homage by their actions, as well as through lengthy recitations of the deeds of the god and the heroes who follow him. Grants a +1 bonus to hit with shortswords.
    • Silver Flame Exorcism
      • Prereqs: Cleric 6 or Paladin 9, Follower of the Silver Flame, 16 (Cleric) or 28 (Paladin) Action Points Spent
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • You are a devoted follower of the Silver Flame, and your faith has been rewarded. Activate this ability to attempt to exorcise an extraplanar creature, which is entirely consumed in holy fire on a failed Will save or savagely burned by the light of the Silver Flame partially resisted by a Fortitude save. Cooldown: 20 minutes.
    • Unyielding Sovereignty
      • Prereqs: Cleric 6 or Paladin 9, Follower of the Sovereign Host, 16 (Cleric) or 28 (Paladin) Action Points Spent
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • You are a devoted follower of the Sovereign Host, and your faith has been rewarded. Activate this ability to fully heal hit point damage done to yourself or a targetted ally, remove ability damage, and the conditions blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, and poisoned. Cooldown: 20 minutes.
    • Undying Call
      • Prereqs: Cleric 6 or Paladin 9, Follower of the Undying Court, 16 (Cleric) or 28 (Paladin) Action Points Spent
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • You are a devoted follower of the Undying Court, and your faith has been rewarded. Activate this ability to lead a dead ally's spirit back to this world, acting as a True Resurrection on high elven spirits or a Raise Dead for others. Cooldown: 20 minutes.
    • Bladesworn Transformation
      • Prereqs: Cleric 6 or Paladin 9, Follower of the Lord of Blades, 16 (Cleric) or 28 (Paladin) Action Points Spent
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • You are a devoted follower of the Lord of Blades, and your faith has been rewarded. Activate this ability to become a juggernaut of destruction for 60 seconds. (You have a +4 profane bonus to Strength, a +4 natural armor bonus to AC, a +4 profane bonus on damage rolls, and proficiency in all simple and martial weapons. Your base attack bonus equals your character level. You have lost your spellcasting ability. You have immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks, but cannot be healed by healing spells.) Cooldown: 20 minutes.
    • Vulkoor's Avatar
      • Prereqs: Cleric 6 or Paladin 9, Follower of Vulkoor, 16 (Cleric) or 28 (Paladin) Action Points Spent
      • Cost: 4 Action Points
      • You are a devoted follower of Vulkoor the Hunter, and your faith has been rewarded. Activate this ability to ask Vulkoor to send one of his servants to destroy your enemies. (Summons a Drow Scorpion to crush your enemies.) Cooldown: 20 minutes.
  • The following active enhancements can now be activated while swimming:
    • All Action Boosts
    • Halfling Heroic Companion
    • Human Versatility
    • Warforged Power Attack
    • Barbarian Power Attack
    • Cleric Faith: Unyielding Sovereignty
    • Cleric Faith: Undying Call
    • Cleric Faith: Bladesworn Transformation
    • Paladin Divine Righteousness
    • Paladin Faith: Unyielding Sovereignty
    • Paladin Faith: Undying Call
    • Paladin Faith: Bladesworn Transformation
    • Paladin Rally
    • Rogue Specialty: Way of the Assassin
    • Rogue Specialty: Way of the Mechanic
    • Rogue Specialty: Way of the Thief-Acrobat


  • When you loot chests you can now change who the loot is reserved for to anyone currently in your party. The new menu contains data on player's names and primary class, so if you see the perfect dagger for a rogue, there's no confusion about who the rogue in the party is. Please note: items which are bind on equip cannot have their reservation changed.
  • Many, many new wands are now available in treasure. Wands received as quest rewards are now separated by arcane and divine spells.
  • Items can now be designated as "exclusive." This means that you can only have one of an exclusive item in your backpack or equipped at a time. You can still place multiple exclusive items in your bank, mail, trade, and sell exclusive items (as long as they are not bound). Exclusive item A will have no effect on how many copies of Exclusive item B you can own. Items that now are considered Exclusive
    • Ring of Spell Storing.
    • Cursed phylactery of Raiyum the Eternal
    • Drow-Blessed Blood of a fiendish gnoll
    • Orb of Djinn
    • Ceremonial Blade (Abandoned Keep Arena)
  • Item effects that give bonuses to Level 7 spells are now available in the random treasure generation system.
  • Ghost Touch and Vorpal effect now functions correctly on thrown weapons.
  • Corrected an error in treasure tables that gave a possibility of Robes being generated without a prefix effect.
  • Any Potions of Shield of Faith(+5) found in treasure have had their minimum required level reduced to 14.
  • Glancing blows will no longer apply any on hit effects like Flaming, Shocking, Bane etc.
  • Sorcerers now gain double Spell Points from items that increase a character's maximum spell point total. Multi-class Sorcerers get a reduced bonus dependent on how many levels of Sorcerer they have versus their total level. A 5 Fighter/5 Sorcerer would get a +50% bonus. A 4 Bard/ 12 Sorcerer would get a +75% bonus. etc.
  • The healing received from Light Healing Balm now matches the description at 90hp/3 minutes.
  • Paralyzing weapons have new special effects. They will no longer use the same blue glowy bands that are also used by Hold Person.
  • Arrows and Bolts of Chaotic Outsider Slaying and Lawful Outsider Slaying will now slay Outsiders of the appropriate alignment.
  • The bonus from Seeker now also adds to the base damage of the weapon on critical hits (before multiplication). Beware Seeker Heavy Picks.
  • The Shield effect on White Dragonscale armor should now recharge when resting.
  • The Scarab of Absorption and Pale Lavender Ioun Stone no longer absorb beneficial spells.
  • The heal over time effects from the Pouch of Jerky and the Jungle Cloak will now interact correctly. Regrowth suppresses Jerky until the Regrowth effect expires. Then the Jerky healing effect will continue until it also runs out.
  • The Kundarak Delving Boots no longer display an icon in the upper right of the screen. One part of the Freedom of Movement effect was set up incorrectly and had issues with being dispelled and not being re-applied if the character died as well as displaying an alert icon. The boots should function properly now.
  • Ward of Undeath (named shield) will no longer attempt to turn other players into Flametouched iron in PvP battles. The shield itself will now be flametouched iron.
  • Added some variety to Light Pick visual appearances.


  • Aulandar Thislecrown in the House of Wizardry, Jorasco city ward now has the title that proves she sells level 7 spell scrolls.
  • Lyannis Cloudwhisperer in Port Stormreach will now respond when spoken to.


  • Freshen the Air
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Matriarch to spawn as an NPC rather than a monster.
  • Gianthold
    • The giant Two stone will now have a chest when defeated.
    • The Orcs have finally returned to their Hunting Party camp outside of the exit to the Orc Lair. Among them, is an Orc responsible for opening the nearby treasure chest.
    • The rare encounter objective to slay Lord Nimbus has been corrected to read Lord Cirrus.
    • The Crucible
      • The optional objectives at the start will now give a small amount of experience.
      • The Test of Intuition will no longer give the same hint twice in any given sequence.
    • Gianthold Tor
      • The hard and elite versions of Nimbus ar'Yorg, the cloud giant champion with the blue dragon, have been fixed so that they will allow the fight to finish properly.
    • Hobgoblin Lair
      • Adjusted the difficulty of a trap. Yes, that one.
    • Madstone Crater
      • It should no longer be possible to take lava damage through the ground in Madstone Crater.
    • Minotaur Lair
      • The first door lever can now be used repeatedly.
    • Prison of the Planes
      • It should no longer be possible to get stuck inside the geometry in the Daanvi plane when it spawns in.
      • The prisoners of the planes now have a random assortment of minions each time their planes are activated. Also, you must now wait 30 seconds before you can deactivate a plane once it has been activated.
      • The support monsters in the final encounter are now a bit harder.
    • Rakshasa Lair
      • It was possible to tinker with a piece of machinery controlling the drawbridges. This machinery is now off-limits to curious adventurers.
    • Stormreaver Raid
      • The spike damage will no longer scale quite as high for Hard/Elite.
      • Players overcharged by the Stormreaver will no longer get a save roll (since there wasn't a save anyway).
    • Troll Lair
      • Deleted a floating rez shrine that was placed by mistake in the Gianthold Troll dungeon.
  • Gladewatch Outpost
    • You will now be ejected from the quest 20 seconds after failing.
    • Clarified the text to highlight that you fail the quest if ANY invader enters the outpost, not just a kobold invader. This is a text change only, not a functionality change.
  • Menechtarun
    • Calyx Shattermoon will give you the offering of blood item Zawabi seeks even if your inventory is full or you are beyond encumberance limits.
    • Queen Lailat's Fiendish Firebrand Archers now have the standard boss protections like her Efreeti Elite Guards already do.
    • Zawabi's Revenge
      • It should no longer be possible for monsters to end up on the wrong side of the fire barrier in the hallway leading to the marilith.
  • The Necropolis
    • Jakob and Pok will now check your bank accounts for trinkets. If you have one in the bank they will not give you another one. If you have extra trinkets in the bank they will not be deleted or removed.
    • Tomb of the Shadow King
      • Nsu is no longer permanently invulnerable.
  • Prison of the Mind
    • It should no longer be possible to fall all the way to the ground and walk for miles out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Restless Isles
    • Opu the Elder will now give you his part of the sigil even if your inventory is full or you are encumbered.
    • Warforged Titan
      • The laser crane should work properly again.
  • Spawn of Whisperdoom
    • The optional objectives for the items to pickup are set to 1 again.
  • Stealthy Repossession
    • It is no longer possible to be locked out of the end room that contains the Eye of Khyber.
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