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Module 0 Patch 1

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Release Notes: Module 0 Patch 1[edit]

Welcome to the Release Notes for the games very first live patch. These release notes were posted on 2006-03-14.

News & Notes[edit]

  • The Founder's Helm is now available! If you were in a guild of at least 10 people by the end of the Head Start Event, the Founder's Helm should appear in your inventory. Thank you to all of our preorder customers for participating in the Head Start Event!
  • The Guild cap has been increased!
  • We have made some changes in Redwillow's Ruins. The quest is once again available.
  • We have made some changes in Tempest Spine. The quest is once again available.

Performance and Stability[edit]

  • Implemented various server performance optimizations.
  • Made some changes to address an issue that would cause characters to rubberband when first trying to move after entering a crowded instance, such as a tavern.
  • Your instance should now be your own! Other groups of adventurers should no longer be able to invade your instance.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when playing in windowed mode.
  • Several bugs within the launcher have been resolved. The launcher should also no longer get stuck on “Examine Programs.”
  • Settable connection speed for 56k modem users. This update contains some initial network optimizations which will improve the play experience of users without broadband connections. These optimizations can now be enabled by explicitly setting your connection speed in your user preferences. A knowledgebase article with detailed instructions will be posted soon. Please note: we are still working on improving performance for 56k modem users. For the time being players with 56k modems should still avoid resource heavy content.
  • Players should now be able to use all of the in-game help request forms and will be notified that their help request has been accepted into the system.
  • The Microphone Test in the Audio Options will properly terminate when exiting the Options UI. Some players will still experience a display issue when opening the options panel from the ‘ESC’ pop-up menu: the mic test will sometimes still be shown as on. This is just a display issue and not a functionality issue.


  • Flame Arrow spell will now only be castable inside a dungeon. The arrows produced will also drop from your inventory on exiting the dungeon.


  • The Warforged servant in Gerald Goodblade’s Steal the Healing Elixir quest will now always give you the cask of elixirs once you’ve solved his puzzle.
  • Guard Heorogar now has better communication with Gerald Goodblade. He will now be able to accurately determine if you have completed enough tasks for Goodblade to be allowed into the Harbor. Unfortunately this will not help players who have already experienced this.
  • Waterworks Quest, Lost Seekers: Venn’s Fate. We have removed the “gather your party safely at the exit” requirement to prevent some players from not receiving credit for quest completion.
  • The altar in the Caverns of Korromar will not trigger monsters and open the gate unless you are a Cleric or a Paladin.
  • We have made some changes in the Caverns of Korromar - take caution on your next adventure there.
  • Some of the optional objectives in the Caverns of Korromar are now required objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where certain quest NPCs would only speak to one player at a time.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent quest items from being dropped upon exiting a dungeon.
  • Improvements have been made to the way monsters handle movement in outdoor landscapes.


  • Cloud Spell effects: In a few cases, if you were standing in a cloud spell’s radius the spell’s effect would persist indefinitely. This should no longer be the case.
  • All printable characters (for example, punctuation or numbers) are now allowed in the guild Message of the Day.
  • We have implemented a potential fix for some of the problems that people have been having with Guild Chat. Please share your feedback on Guild Chat in our forums.
  • Fixed an issue with repeating crossbows not working properly.
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