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Spell Power

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Spell power displayed on the character screen - hover over the icon

Spell power rating determines how much damage you deal with spells. In most cases, each point of spell power increase increases the base damage of your spell by 1%. Various effects can contribute to your spell power, all effects are added together.

Spell power was introduced in Update 14 and replaced previous spell damage amplification that involved addition and multiplication.

Spell power applies only to spells that cause hit point damage and spells that heal hit points.

Spell power affects Spells and SLAs, but does not affect magical damage effects on weapons from augments, filigrees, crafted enchantments etc. unless the description specifically indicates that it does

  • e.g. +1d6 Light Damage per hit from a crafted Coruscating effect is +1d6 at 0 Light spell power and still +1d6 at 100 Light spell power

Spellpower can apply to most Imbue effects on weapons.

Spellpower only affects your own spells or SLAs, it does not affect spells that you cast from scrolls, wands, clickies, etc.

Sources of spell power[edit]

Universal Spell Power[edit]

  • Fully stacking. It flat adds to all of your other Spell Powers; in the summary screen popup (demonstrated in the image to the upper right) the Spell Powers you see for specific elements are the final value after your Universal Spell Power has been added to all of your other enhancements to that power type.

Class and racial enhancements[edit]

  • Everything fully stacks

Metamagic feats[edit]

(spell power increases from metamagic feats stack)

Standard magic items[edit]

Rare / unique magic effects[edit]

Epic Destiny bonuses[edit]

  • Bonuses from Epic Destinies (e.g. Dragon Heritage) usually stack with everything else.

Skill bonuses[edit]

  • Heal increases your Positive and Negative spell power
  • Perform increases your Sonic spell power
  • Repair increases your Repair and Rust spell power
  • Spellcraft affects everything else


Affected damage types[edit]

Continuous name Temporary name Affects
Combustion Inferno Fire Spells
Corrosion Erosion Acid Spells
Devotion Ardor Positive (Healing) Spells
Glaciation Freeze Cold Spells
Impulse Impact Force, Physical (Piercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning), and Untyped Spells
Magnetism Spark Electric Spells
Nullification Nihil Negative Energy Spells and Poison spells
Potency Efficacy All Spells (tends to be a smaller value at similar levels)
Radiance Brilliance Light and Alignment (Chaotic, Evil, Good, Lawful) Spells
Reconstruction Mending Repair Spells and Rust Spells
Resonance Cacophony Sonic Spells


Some spells receive limited (usually half) benefit from spell power:

  • Heal: 50%
  • Mass Heal: 50%
  • Necrotic Touch (Pale Master): 50%
  • Necrotic Bolt (Pale Master): 50%
  • Necrotic Blast (Pale Master): 50%
  • Summon Archon (Favored Soul): 50% unnerfed in Update 39
  • All Runearm Shots: Between 50% and 80% unnerfed in Update 36

Heal and Mass Heal spells still receive full benefit from the Empower Healing Spell feat.

Originally Posted by (former developer) MadFloyd Source

Spell Power by Level[edit]

Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source

The relationship of single-element Spell Power totals to Minimum Level progression is as follows:

In other words, if you find a randomly-generated weapon in treasure that has Spell Power on it, it will have the amount of Spell Power listed below that matches it's Minimum Level.

30 Spell Power - No Minimum Level/Minimum Level 1
36 Spell Power - Minimum Level 2
42 Spell Power - Minimum Level 4
48 Spell Power - Minimum Level 6
54 Spell Power - Minimum Level 8
60 Spell Power - Minimum Level 10
66 Spell Power - Minimum Level 12
72 Spell Power - Minimum Level 14
78 Spell Power - Minimum Level 16
84 Spell Power - Minimum Level 18
90 Spell Power - Minimum Level 20
96 Spell Power - Minimum Level 21
102 Spell Power - Minimum Level 22
108 Spell Power - Minimum Level 23
114 Spell Power - Minimum Level 24
120 Spell Power - Minimum Level 25