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Update 22 Release Notes

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Update 22: Pirates of the Thunder Sea[edit]

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014.

New Quests[edit]

Three-Barrel Cove is back with Epic monsters, Epic loot, and Epic swashbuckling! Visit Three Barrel Cove by visiting Nadine Shipton in The Harbor, or Evi Joss in House Deneith!

Guild Improvements[edit]

Take your guild to all new levels of power and prestige with the updates to guilds and guild airships, available with Update 22! The Guild level cap has been increased to 200!

  • New airship conveniences, like the "Amenity Bar," give you all your airship buffs with one click!
  • Earn or unlock all new permanent amenities - no more "rentals" - and use them as often as you like!
  • Two new airship lines are available!

There's much more to discover about guild levels and airship amenities. For more details, see the news and notes section below for "Airships and Guilds."


The Swashbuckler is a new Bard Prestige Enhancement! Swashbucklers can improve their Dodge, Doublestrike, Attack Damage and gain benefits through a special Swashbuckling Defensive Stance! This enhancement line is available to any character with at least one level in the Bard class.

Bag Deposit Box[edit]

The Bag Deposit Box is a new shared account storage tab that can be used to hold anything that fits into a storage bag, including Ingredients, Collectibles, Augments, event items and more! The tab can be found by visiting a Banker in-game. Players can drag an Ingredients or other bag into the UI tab to have the ingredients and other items inside automatically populate into the Bag Deposit Box. Players must have access to the Shared Account Bank in order to access this feature. Premium players get twelve slots automatically. VIP players get an additional thirty-three slots (for a total of forty-five slots.) The Bag Deposit Box can be expanded by visiting the DDO Store.

News & Notes[edit]

Airships and Guilds[edit]

  • The Airship Showroom NPC dialog and layout has been updated. The Airship Showroom can be found next to the Guild Airship Portal in The Harbor.
  • The maximum guild level is now 200! Guild decay begins once a guild hits level 150, and continues until a guild falls below level 150. All amenity and airship unlocks happen up to guild level 150, and the final 50 levels give guilds the chance to prove their ability to work together as a team! The color of the text that lists your guild's name changes as you raise your guild level above 150.
  • Airship amenity hookpoints will now persist when changing decks on an airship.
  • Airships now have a "get all" buffs button.
  • Six new airships are now available! The Volant and Daedalean lines can be found in the Airship Showroom.
  • Guild members can change the placement of their amenities by using the Hookpoint Access Button found on every lower level of an airship.
  • Most old amenity effects now use the Guild Bonus type. However, older amenities in which several amenities gave the same bonus (such as Armor Class) were unchanged, so the older amenities will continue to stack with each other as before. Additionally, the older Elemental Resistance amenities remain unchanged.
  • The Guild Shared Platinum cap is now ten million platinum. Any guilds with more than that amount in their shared bank will not lose their platinum, but will not be able to deposit more until the number is reduced below the cap.


  • Monsters will now aggro when players shoot their nearby friends at long range.
  • Monster AI has been adjusted to improve the ability of enemies to detect players, and to improve game performance (particularly in regard to aggro and when damaged.)


  • Fixed a few Tier 5 Heroic Enhancements that were not requiring character level 12.
  • The Monk Ninja Spy's Acrobatic rank 1 now properly updates the dodge bonus display. This was a display issue only.
  • Warchanter's Focused ability now adds Jump in addition to its other bonuses.
  • Spellsinger's Charlatan ability now adds Haggle in addition to its other bonuses.
  • The Halfling Master Thrower enhancement now provides its Critical Threat Range.
  • The Monk Ninja Spy's Ninja Master now provides its bonus to Critical Threat Range on a shuriken when centered.
  • The Bladeforged's Communion of Scribing enhancement now has its cooldown listed in the tooltip description.

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Divine Crusader's Stand and Be Judged ability no longer affects bosses.
  • Epic moment counters should no longer be reset when going through more portals.


  • Unyielding Sovereignty now removes negative levels from its target.
  • The Single Weapon Fighting feat and Two-Handed Fighting feat cannot be taken by the same character. The Single Weapon Fighting feat is mutually exclusive with the Two Handed Fighting feat. Single Weapon Fighting is also mutually exclusive with Two Weapon Fighting.
  • A new line of Single Weapon Fighting feats are now available!
    • Single Weapon Fighting: While Single-Weapon Fighting, you gain +10% Combat Style bonus to attack speed. Requires fighting with a single one-handed weapon, and wielding only an orb, runearm, or nothing in your offhand.
      • Feat Requirement: 2 ranks of Balance
    • Improved Single Weapon Fighting: Your Single-Weapon Fighting bonus is increased to a +20% Combat Style bonus to attack speed. You now apply 50% more of your appropriate ability score to your damage instead of just your ability score (for instance, you add 1.5 times your Strength as damage, similar to Two-Handed Fighting.)
      • Feat Requirement: 4 ranks of Balance, Base Attack Bonus +6
    • Greater Single Weapon Fighting: Your Single-Weapon Fighting bonus is increased to a +30% Combat Style bonus to attack speed and 100% more of your appropriate ability score to your damage.
      • Feat Requirement: 7 ranks of Balance, Base Attack Bonus +11
    • Perfect Single Weapon Fighting (Epic Feat): While Single Weapon Fighting, you vorpal threat range is increased by +1 (instead of scoring Vorpal hits only on a roll of 20, you score them on a roll of 19-20, assuming you confirm the critical hit.)
      • Epic Destiny Requirement: Taking this feat requires that you earn maximum experience for a number of destinies in this feat's related spheres. Sphere: Martial Number of Destinies: 1


  • An Epic Hireling Vendor is now available in the Marketplace.


  • New named buckler shields have been added to the game!
  • The Key to the City - Eveningstar can once again be used on guild airships.
  • Evocation feat bonuses now work on Rune Arms.
  • Snow Elemental Gems no longer try and fail to enter Gem Bags.
  • The Dethek Runestone shield's Spell Power bonus is now an Alchemical bonus, as described. Additionally, the shield's Runic Revitalization effect now works.
  • Demolition charges have been updated to allow characters with the Rogue Mechanic's Field Engineer Tier 3 enhancement to place them in half the time, and not be interrupted by damage. Characters with Improved Traps can continue to place them in half the time as well.
  • The correct Trap Part type is now given out according to the type of trap disabled. Additionally, a Disable Device skill check is now correctly checked when rolling to determine if trap parts are distributed.
  • Trap Parts are now given out on Epic Normal and Epic Elite difficulties.
  • The random roll for the number of Trap Parts given out on a successful roll now has a minimum of half the CR of the trap, with the maximum number of parts distributed being the CR of the trap.
  • Players who acquired a Libram of Silver Magic prior to Update 21 Patch 1 will now have the item retroactively fixed. The base version now has +20 Spellcraft, and the upgrade now brings the +10 Intelligence and Charisma to +11.
  • The Flawless Shadow Killer Armor Tier 2 description now accurately states that it gives a Sneak Attack Bonus rather than DR.


  • Kludjargs (red-named Battleragers) are now actually Kludjargs on Hard and Elite difficulties, and have had their hit points reduced. **These creatures now have a higher Physical Resistance Rating that goes away as their armor is Sundered off.
  • Artificer enemies are now correctly wearing their rune arms.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a brief performance degradation when monster corpses rotted and disappeared.


  • Character above level 20 can now engage in PvP arenas (Death Match, Capture the Flag.)

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • The Quest Entry panel now closes if a character is moved.
  • Blockade Buster
    • Fixed a stuck spot.
  • Chamber of Raiyum
    • Fixed a stuck spot.
  • Fire on Thunder Peak
    • Fixed a focus orb issue with the dragons
  • Gianthold
    • The Fog of War now goes away after collecting all of the Words of the Ancient Ones.
  • Sentinels of Stormreach
    • Storm the Beaches is now also available to run in Epic difficulty.
  • The Grotto
    • Fixed a stuck spot.
  • The Pit
    • Puzzle runes should now be easier to read (some of their glow has been reduced.)
  • The Subterrane
    • Fixed a stuck spot.
  • Three Barrel Cove
    • Now that the town in Three Barrel Cove is a public area, three of the old Heroic explorer points have been moved. Players who found the explorer points prior to the release of Update 22 will still have credit for finding the explorer points.
  • Tower of Despair
    • Fixed a platform to no longer cause lava damage.
  • Vault of Night (VoN 5)
    • Fixed a stuck spot.


  • Most spells (and the Favored Soul's Angel of Vengeance summoned archon) no longer emit light. This change has been made to improve game performance.
  • Flame Turret has a new focus orb image.


  • The Shards for Cake UI window will now properly be suppressed by checking the display check box.
  • It is now possible to show equipped goggles on your upper forehead, allowing you to see your character's eyes while also seeing the goggles equipped. This can be done by using the /gogglesup on|off in the chat window.
  • Some DM audio that was not properly hooked up to the DM Sound Slider in the Options panel is now hooked up correctly.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U22.0.0 release notes on

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