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Update 51 Hotfix Release Notes

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Update 51.0.1 Release Notes[edit]

Here are the release notes for Update 51.0.1, released on Friday, November 5th, 2021.

News and Notes:[edit]

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Players now get the proper number of Fate Points per reincarnation. This will be calculated upon log in, so players who were impacted by this bug will have their proper number of Fate Points.
  • A variety of Epic Destiny abilities no longer stop working after death.
  • New Epic Destinies no longer force reset the Feydark Illusionist enhancement tree when you log in.
Divine Crusader
  • Divine Crusader's Epic Moment now has its proper cooldown.
Draconic Incarnation
  • The Attune the Arcane Destiny Mantle now properly procs on Cold spells.
Exalted Angel
  • Angelic Soul now properly reduces damage by the correct amount.
  • Angelic Charge now requires charges.
  • The Mantle aura no longer heals you while you are dead.
  • Sun Pillar, Flame Pillar, and Healing Pillar have had their target range extended to 60 meters, matching many other spells.
  • Healing Pillar now accepts the Empower Healing Metamagic feat.
  • Ranged Pluck of the String now properly says it scales with Ranged Power.
  • A variety of abilities now have their proper level prerequisites.
  • The Discord spell now has a maximum range of 60 meters.
  • Mastering the Strings now properly increases DCs.
  • Cut the Strings' dance no longer works on raid bosses and bosses, and the death no longer passes through Deathblock.
Grandmaster of Flowers
  • Drifting Lotus and Lotus Bloom now have their proper DC calculation.
  • Several abilities are no longer erroneously visible in your buff bar.
Legendary Dreadnaught
  • Legendary Rally now has its listed +2 to Critical Multiplier on its attack.
Magus of the Eclipse
  • Greater Beam's Freeze and Paralyze effects now have their proper duration and are removed upon death or relogging.
  • The Mantle aura no longer deals damage while you are dead.
  • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now have their intended 5 Spell Points cost to cast.
  • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow now have their intended 40 Spell Points cost to cast.
  • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow have had their target range extended to 60 meters, matching many other spells.
  • Cold Light of the Moon and Dark Light of the Moon now have their intended 10 Spell Points cost to cast.
  • The Epic Moment has had its tooltip corrected.


  • The Legendary and Perfected Helm of the Red Dragon now have their proper appearance.
  • Destiny Tomes now have improved wording to reflect their usage in the new Epic Destiny system.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Corrected an issue with traveling through water in the Feywild.


  • Circle of Death now functions again.
  • Evard's Black Tentacles no longer slows players or defender NPCs.
  • Tsunami is no longer erroneously a breath weapon.


  • The loading screen for the Junction of the Spheres has been updated.
  • The HUD now properly displays your XP bar in Epics.

Source: Official U51.0.1 release notes on

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