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Pre release patch 15 feb 2006

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New version coming today! 15-Feb-2006

We're pleased to inform you that we'll be applying the new version today. All servers will come down at 9AM GMT and will remain down for 3 hours. When they come back up, you'll be automatically patched up to our new version. In the meantime, you might like to read the patch notes and known issues here.

Patch Notes:[edit]

  • Old Sully's Grog has been found to have detrimental effects on kobold physiology. Kobolds found within the cavern beneath Wavecrest Tavern are now physically weaker and their scales are less protective.
  • Replaced the teleporters in the marketplace tent with regular doors. So the marketplace tent bug should really, really be fixed.
  • Fixed a problem in Tempest's Spine where some monsters would be frozen and untargetable if you entered the cave through the locked door.
  • The elves in Tempest's Spine are now drow (dark elves).
  • Talf will now show up at the top of Tempest's Spine, allowing you to continue the quest.
  • The Iron Golem in Tempest's Spine will now keep attacking until you've opened all four pedestals.
  • It's now possible to complete the objective to obtain access to the hidden rune in Tempest's Shrine.
  • The Dryden Family Tomb, Patriarch's Crypt, and Endgame are all correctly set to CR3.
  • If you select "No Thanks" after talking to Henda in the Phoenix Tavern, her chat window should now correctly disappear.
  • Your enemies will now consistently attack Coyle in the Hold for Reinforcements quest.
  • Fixed the drawbridges in the Sunken Sewer.
  • The ogre leader will now spawn correctly in Gladewatch Outpost.
  • Chief Eechik in Clan Gnashtooth no longer wanders around the dungeon. This also fixes a problem that could cause his dialog box to get stuck on your screen.
  • Destroying the four fancy sarcophagi in the Book of Six will no longer cause the door to the room to close and lock.
  • The scorpion swarm on Sorrowdusk Isle will now spawn correctly.
  • Gargoyles in Sorrowdusk Isle will no longer get stuck on their perch.
  • Speaking to the Terrified Prisoner in Venn's Fate should always create the scorpion spawn.
  • Fixed a problem with some monsters (including Witch Doctor Moog) not always spawning in Garrison's Missing Pack.
  • Moved a hard-to-reach fire mephit that was sometimes causing problems in Rescue Expedition.
  • The clay golems in Rescue Expedition will now attack you if you get too close.
  • Significantly improved the behavior of Coyle Lovell and the Deneith Explorers in Escort the Expedition.
  • Brother Mirashai will no longer fail to teleport you to the Eye of Kol Korran if you speak to him after completing Grey Moon Waning but before beginning the Cult of the Six.
  • The monsters in the Halls of Shan-to-kor no longer open the gates for you.
  • Only player characters can trigger the closing gate at the end of the Halls of Shan-to-Kor. The gate will also now open 60 seconds after it closes.
  • Reduced the amount of XP given by the Seal of Shan-to-kor quests.
  • Stained-Tusk in Irestone Inlet won't walk away when you're talking to him anymore. He also won't say that Dinks is dead unless he really is.
  • If you die or leave Irestone Inlet, you will drop any kegs that you are carrying (they can be picked up again).
  • Added an objective to kill 30 monsters and increased the overall encounter difficulty in the Deliver Supplies quest.
  • The kobold ambush in the Kobold Blockade is now an actual ambush.
  • You are now required to solve the floor puzzle in order to complete the Search for the Rare Scrolls quest.
  • Ironclaw in Quickfoot's Hideout can now move out of his starting location.
  • The final scorpions in the Warder's Defense quest now spawn correctly.
  • Reduced the amount of XP given by the Redwillow Ruins.
  • If you close the door to Witch Doctor Neecha's room in Stealthy Reposession, you can now open it again.
  • It should now be possible to memorize spells in the Gold Wing Inn.
  • The Bogwater Tavern now has a door!
  • The Rook's Gambit now has the appropriate sign.

Known Issues:[edit]

  1. Preorder Items are tradable to other players OR to vendors. fixed
  2. When a monster dies, unless it has something on its corpse, it's no longer selectable. If a monster does have something on its corpse, you'll be able to retrieve it.fixed
  3. Banned Strings list has not been updated.fixed
  4. A memory bloating issue which can affect server performance over time.fixed
  5. English voiceovers missing from EN-GB build when we tried to turn off the Voiceovers for FR and DE.