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Update 10 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Update 10 Patch 1 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011.

News & Notes[edit]

Of Special Note[edit]

Crafting Beta[edit]

  • Items can now be dragged directly from Collectible, Ingredients and other bags into Eldritch, Crafting and other devices. Additionally, Eldritch, Crafting and other devices will pull required ingredients directly from bags when a recipe is selected.
  • Crafting Hall vendors will now buy and repair equipment.
  • Players will now receive platinum when using Item Deconstruction devices for essences and enhancement spirits. Preparing an item for crafting does not return platinum.
  • Maker, the greeter in the Crafting Hall, now has a tutorial quest to help players learn how to craft.
  • Crafting device UIs will no longer need to be closed and reopened after a crafting error message is received.
  • Several recipes have been removed from the unbound crafting devices, but remain on the bound devices.
  • Some crafting recipe requirements have been adjusted to be more in line with other recipes at their level.
  • Many higher level crafting recipes have had their ingredients adjusted to make them more challenging to make.
  • A new ingredient called a Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment has been added to some high level crafting recipes. These fragments can be obtained from a crafting vendor in exchange for Eberron Dragonshard Fragments.
  • The crafting animation has been shortened.
  • Crafted items that should bypass damage reduction (such as Holy) will now do so.
  • Lesser Vampirism and Vampirism effects can no longer be applied to ranged weapons, since these effects do not work on ranged weapons.
  • Ghost Touch crafted handwraps now work.

General Changes[edit]

Armor Appearance Kits[edit]

  • Dark/Steel Leaf armors that saw their decorations change to the color gold in a previous update have had their steel-colored look returned.

Enhancements, Feats, and Skills[edit]

  • The Aura of Menace projected by a Favored Soul's Angel of Vengeance is now suppressed when the player is sneaking or invisible.


  • Guilds that were prevented from depositing Astral Diamonds into their guild accounts after purchasing Windspyre Gryphon airships can now do so.


  • Several Cleric hirelings (especially Erythyn Veridyn, Elieri Thistledown, and Maloren) have had a stern talking to by Archbishop Dryden, and should not wait as long to heal players.


  • Greensteel items that were missing their Frost properties now have them.
  • The Mantle of the Worldshaper will no longer lose charges when a player hits an enemy with a weapon that has the Vampiric effect on it.
  • Items granted by Swag Bag Vouchers are now bound to character.
  • Crafting ingredients are now generated separately from normal loot, and will no longer take up a normal loot slot in chests.
  • The drop rate of named items has been significantly increased in the Desecrated Temple of Vol, Fleshmaker's Laboratory, Ghosts of Perdition, and Inferno of the Damned.
  • Astral Diamonds are now more plentiful in treasure (and Devil Assault on harder difficulties.)
  • Blood of Dragons and Astral Diamonds are now Bound to Account instead of Bound to Character.


  • Numerous translation and other localization improvements have been made.


  • House Cannith's Frabricators Guild NPCs in the Harbor and Marketplace now give Small Ingredient Bags to players when one of them is first visited.
  • Banker NPCs now have an overhead symbol denoting what they are.
  • Some barrels have been added to prevent collission issues near Guard Jung in The Harbor.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

Devils of Shavarath[edit]

Tower of Despair[edit]
  • Player soul stones will now return to the top of the platform if a player dies in the lava around the grand staircase area.


Cry For Help[edit]
  • Jailor Loki has been moved to resolve an issue which sometimes caused an objective to not complete.

Harbinger of Madness[edit]

In The Flesh[edit]
  • Friendly monsters summoned by the Shard of Xoriat item will no longer attack certain Taken monsters, which had caused an issue that could prevent progress in the quest.


  • The Marketplace has a new rock to prevent a possible stuck spot.

The Necropolis[edit]

Fleshmaker's Laboratory[edit]
  • The quest has been marked as requiring two or more players, due to the difficulty of soloing a puzzle late in the dungeon.

Reign of Madness[edit]

Acute Delerium[edit]
  • Hirelings, charmed monsters, and pets will no longer walk off the airship.
  • Belashyrra's Scepter will now be properly vomited out if dropped while inside of the beholder's stomach.
  • An issue that prevented some players from being transported into the beholder giant Quixxellops has been fixed.
Lord of Eyes[edit]
  • Fixed a beholder that was not properly spawning on Hard difficulty.

Vault of Night[edit]

The Vault of Night[edit]
  • A resurrection shrine will now appear when Velah is defeated.
  • Monsters will no longer continue to respawn after Velah has been killed in Epic difficulty.


  • Monsters will no longer cast more Magic Missiles, Force Missiles, and Chain Missiles than intended.
  • Necrotic Blast will no longer ignite Web and Grease.
  • Hold Animal is no longer affected by Extend.
  • Bless, Scorching Ray, Frost Lance, and Polay Ray can no longer be Enlarged.
  • Polar Ray now has its previously-missing double range benefit.
  • The effect of Symbol of Weakness will no longer be removed from targets when they leave the area of the symbol.
  • Monsters affected by Incendiary Cloud's blindness effect will now display the blindness symbol over their head.

UI Improvements[edit]

  • Barter shops now have much faster animations, allowing people to process transactions more quickly.

Other Improvements[edit]

  • Worldwide XP bonuses (such as the bonuses granted during special weekend events) now apply to landscapes as well as dungeons.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available, click here

Source: Official U10.1.0 release notes on

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