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Update 19 Patch 2 Release Notes

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Release Notes: Update 19 Patch 2[edit]

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013.

Of Special Note[edit]

  • Introducing: The Warpriest! - The Protection enhancement tree for Cleric and Favored Soul has been removed. It has been replaced with Warpriest: a new, combat-oriented enhancement tree!
  • New Sagas: The Saga system has returned, and seven new Sagas are available. See the full Release Notes below for more information!
  • Mabar, The Festival of Endless Night: The Mabar Festival has been renovated for even more fun, greater challenge, and bigger rewards!

News & Notes[edit]


The Minimum Level 20 and 24 Eveningstar Challenge items now cost the same number of ingredients as their Minimum Level 16 counterparts.

  • For ML20 items, this means each item costs half as much as it did previously.
  • For ML24 items, this means each item costs 1/4 as much as it did previously.
  • Eveningstar Challenge Cloak Upgrades are also affected by this reduction, with the ML20 and ML24 upgrades each costing the same number of ingredients as the base version (plus the cloak to be upgraded.)

Daily Dice[edit]

  • Gold Rolls of 97 or higher now have a chance to provide a rare Cosmetic Armor in addition to standard rewards.


  • The Nature’s Warrior and Season’s Herald Druid Enhancement Trees have been updated. Some enhancements have been improved, and several new enhancements have been added.
  • The Artificer Arcanotechnician enhancement "Repair Systems" has been renamed "Automated Repairs" to differentiate the enhancement from a different enhancement that had the same name.
  • The Cleric Divine Disciple enhancement "Vulnerability" has been removed and replaced with Efficient Metamagic Feat.
  • Each Core Enhancement in the Henshin Mystic tree except for Serenity now also gives +1% Fire and Force Spell Critical Chance. Serenity gives an additional +5% Fire and Force Spell Critical Chance.
  • The cooldown of Incinerating Wave has been reduced to nine seconds from twelve seconds.
  • The Purple Dragon Knight's Cormyrian Knight Training is no longer disabled when travelling into a new zone, quest, or exiting a quest.
  • Non-ability-score enhancements that are identically named (such as Critical Damage and Critical Accuracy from the Fighter Kensei, Rogue Assassin and Ranger Tempest Trees) no longer stack.
  • Several icons have been polished and improved.
  • Fixed an issue where spending points in a tree would sometimes not work correctly.
  • The Action Point alert will no longer incorrectly claim negative numbers at low levels.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Dark-Dark-Dark Finishing Move for monks to give a negative level to nearby allies as well as enemies.
  • The Pale Master: Animate Ally ability now works correctly when used on players.

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Many Epic Destiny Feats at level 26 have been fixed to only require 1 Epic Destiny capped on XP, instead of 2. This includes all Epic Skill Feats.
  • The level 28 Epic Feat: Doubleshot now properly requires two Primal epic destinies capped instead of no Epic Destiny requirement at all.

Iconic Heroes[edit]

  • Elminster will still tell Shadar-Kai about his mission for them, even after they hit level 15.


  • Epic Chimera's Fang now properly recognizes the Greater Dragonmark of Sentinel.
  • +10 and +20 elemental resistance affixes on items now grant the proper amount of resistance. Previously, they granted 3 resistance to an element.
  • The Bracers of Wind now have their correct six percent Dodge bonus, instead of their incorrect three percent bonus.
  • Cannith Challenge items now interact properly with Cannith Crafting, and may now be disjuncted and re-crafted as many times as desired. Additionally, the minimum level required to equip the Spare Hand, Rock Boots, Bracers of Wind, Cloak of Flame, Ring of the Stalker, and Blasting Chime has been reduced by one.
  • The item enchantment Good Luck now shows its contribution to skill scores when a player looks at their total modifier tooltip.


The Mabar Festival of Endless Night[edit]

  • Mabar has been updated to accommodate levels 26+. The Campaign System will notify players when the event is active, later this Fall.
    • There is now a level 26-30 version of Delera’s Graveyard for the event.
    • There is now a level 26-30 version of the Spectral Dragon fight.
  • A new ingredient called the Signet of the Endless Night is now available that can be traded with the Signet Trader in House Jorasco (outside of the entrance to Delera's Graveyard) for various rewards, including:
    • +5 tome (Limited to one per character)
    • Cosmetic Hat: Jack-O-Lantern
    • Cosmetic Hat: Mabarian Head-Spider
    • Ruby of Ghostbane Augment
    • Ruby of the Vampire Slayer Augment
    • Ruby of the Endless Night Augment
    • Enchant Weapon: Festival Solar
  • Players can earn Signets of the Endless Night by defeating the Spectral Dragon. Players can earn one Signet of the Endless Night per day.
  • The Giant Skeletons from Delera’s Graveyard have been removed, and new monsters have been added for players level 21 and up.
  • Draughts of Midnight now grant Motes when killing non-Undead monsters while in Delera's Graveyard.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • The mailbox in Eveningstar has been improved.
  • Raid completion counters have returned to their original state, and now once again track Heroic and Epic completions as one. The /quest completions command now reflects this change.
  • The Church and the Cult
    • Fixed an issue that prevented an objective from completing. The quest has been reopened!
  • The Shadowfell Conspiracy - Shadow Over Wheloon
    • Edric Crastmere no longer gives out unexpected bonus loot prior to the completion of the quest arc.
  • Wheloon Prison
    • All Epic Wheloon encounters that were not properly awarding XP now do.
  • Lines of Supply
    • Two optional chests now properly spawn.
  • What Goes Up
    • The golden control orb for the northern wing now has the correct text and number of options.
    • Removed a possible stuck spot.


  • Reincarnation time stamps that were not getting preserved over reincarnation are now doing do.


  • Death Ward can no longer be cast on Undead creatures or players.
  • Divine Light can no longer damage players.
  • Death Aura, Lesser Death Aura, and Negative Energy Burst are no longer blocked by items with Spell Absorption charges.
  • Zeal's description now correctly states that it gives a bonus to Doublestrike, rather than attack speed.


  • There is now a confirmation prior to spending Astral Shards to re-roll a chest.
  • Feats, Epic Destiny Enhancements, and items that grant Fortification bonuses to Druid Wolf Companions and Artificer Iron Defenders now display those bonuses on the companion's character sheet.
  • Netherese and Shadar-kai focus orbs will now better match their in-game appearance.
  • Chat window word wrapping has been restored.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U19.2.0 release notes on

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