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Burst of Glacial Wrath

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Icon Burst of Glacial Wrath.png
Burst of Glacial Wrath


Passive: Grants 140 spell points.
Active: Deals 30d6 cold damage in a cone, chance to freeze.


Icon Burst of Glacial Wrath.png
Name: Burst of Glacial Wrath
School: Evocation (Cold)
Spell Level:
Special: Epic Feats, level 24
Components: VerbalIcon tooltip.pngVerbal: A verbal component is a spoken incantation. You cannot cast spells that require this component if you cannot act or speak. Certain rare spells, such as Silence Creature, may temporarily disable spells that require verbal components.
Spell Point Cost: 35
Metamagic: Empower, Maximize, Quicken
Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
Range: Standard Conal AOE
Duration: 6 seconds
Saving Throw: Fort to negate Freeze
DC: 20 + highest of INT/WIS/CHA modifiers + Evocation bonuses
Spell Resistance: No
Cooldown: 10 seconds


Cone spell, deals 30d6 Cold Damage and freezes creatures within the cone. Monsters that succeed at a Fortitude Save of (20 + the highest of your INT/WIS/CHA modifiers + Evocation bonuses) negate the freeze.


  • Not an SLA - using metamagic feats increases the cost. (Is not influenced by effects that influence cooldown timers.)
  • Freeze effect causes helplessness and frozen monsters take helpless damage.
  • Freeze helplessness appears to take effect after the cold damage, i.e. it's not multiplied.
  • Counts as a breath weapon and can trigger Draconic Incarnation's Daunting Roar. (Does not seem to benefit from bonuses to Breath Weapon DCs.)