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Update 52 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 52.1, released on Thursday, January 27th, 2022.

Of Special Note:[edit]

The Snowpeaks Festival has arrived!

The Snowpeaks Festival is back! The debut of our first Snowpeaks Festival last year saw us unveil an easy and relaxing ice skating experience. This year that same experience is back as an option, but we're debuting a new challenge aimed at putting your jumping skills to the test! While the Snowpeaks Event is active players will encounter special Scourge of the Snowpeaks champions throughout the game, and defeating these champions can give you a chest that includes Bronze, Silver, or Gold Snowpeaks coins. There is also a chance that the chest will contain a Frozen Key, which you can trade with Flurry in the Eberron Hall of Heroes to access the Snowpeaks events. It is also possible to find Frozen Keys in any chest in the game, although very rarely. The Snowpeaks Festival arrives with Update 52.1 and runs through February 20th! Read our guide to the event on

News and Notes:[edit]


  • Paladin auras have been reworked behind the scenes for game performance and to be quieter.
  • Artificer and Druid pets will no longer go brain-dead after climbing a ladder.
  • Artificer pets will no longer go brain dead occasionally upon resurrection.
  • Artificer and Druids pets are now better at dismounting from ladders.


  • The Half-Elven Greater Mark of the Storm's text description has had its damage values corrected to reflect Call Lightning Storm's current power.
  • Traditionalist Caster in Tiefling Scoundrel no longer resets your enhancement trees when you log in.
  • Bombardier's Caster Level bonuses in its cores now stack more reliably.
  • Feydark Illusionist's Illusory Augmentation is no longer lost on death.
  • Swashbuckler's Fast Movement is no longer lost on death.
  • Nature's Warrior's Go For the Kill no longer costs double its Spell Point cost.
  • Enduring Beast in Nature's Protector no longer has the wrong minimum level.
  • Divine Intervention in Warpriest and Warsoul now works while moving.

Epic Destinies[edit]

Divine Crusader

  • Blessed Blades no longer appears in the buff bar.

Draconic Incarnation

  • Dragon Breath's epic strike now has a tooltip explaining its DC.
  • Bring About Destruction now gives its proper Spell Power.
  • Draconic Spell Focus: Conjuration now properly applies its Conjuration bonuses.


  • Ranged attacks will no longer hide your weapons as they fire.
  • The Greater Shout SLA now displays its DC in its tool tip and correctly adds its Evocation bonuses.
  • Various effects will now use their correct names in the combat log.
  • Majesty now applies restoration correctly and properly scales with Spell Power.

Fury of the Wild

  • Primal Scream now scales correctly with Spell Power.

Grandmaster of Flowers

  • The Flow of Water no longer increases damage taken by 1500%.

Primal Avatar

  • Primal Avatar SLAs are now considered Druid spells for the purposes of casting while raging (Beast Awakened, etc.)
  • The tooltip reference of a DC for Storm Catcher has been removed since Storm Catcher has no saving throw.
  • Shard Storm now displays correctly on animal forms.

Unyielding Sentinel

  • Divine Energy Resistance now uses the correct icon.
  • The duration of Celestial mandate is now 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.


  • Impale now functions more reliably with repeating crossbows.

Shiradi Champion

  • Watchful Eye now functions correctly.


  • Watchful Eye's tooltip has been updated to make it clear that the ability needs Spot to function properly.
  • Several category feats no longer display erroneous missing class levels as a prerequisite.
  • Combat Archery now properly provides +1[W].
  • Fount of Life has a more accurate tooltip.


  • A variety of cookie tooltips have had their spell descriptions adjusted.
  • Finesse effects on named and crafted loot now functions more reliably.
  • Potions of Greater Heroism now apply their Fear Immunity correctly.
  • Several effects meant to add more than one Spell Power now correctly apply their intended Spell Powers.
  • Typos in certain enhancement bonuses have been corrected so they now properly scale to +15.
  • The Runearm from Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh now has an Epic and Legendary version.
  • Reaper bonuses now properly function on Runearms.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Undead monsters will no longer heal from positive energy in a variety of content packs.
  • The tents in Siegebreaker are now burnable again.
  • Fixed an issue in Soul Survivor where the tile puzzle was not able to be properly interacted with.
  • Players should no longer die again after releasing from a Reaper Dungeon while dead.

Crystal Cove

  • When this event next returns Map Pieces are no longer required to open the door to the Kobold Mining Challenge. The challenge is now open for as long as the event is running. A Treasure Compass is still required to enter.
  • Map Pieces no longer drop in-game. Players who still have Map Pieces can turn them into the Barter Box for Doubloons when the event returns.

The Shadowfell Conspiracy

  • The Shadowfell mechanic in the Wheloon Prison landscape has been adjusted to improve game performance.
  • The Random Encounter quest "Rest for the Weary" in the Wheloon Prison landscape now attempts to remove you from the Shadowfell earlier in its teleport sequence to help improve game performance.

Vault of Night

  • Tharashk Arena
    • Grogan the Promoter now drops his key again.
  • The Plane of Night
    • Monsters in the raid will now update correctly in the Monster Manual.
    • Claw of Velah and Ice Flenser hit points and stats have been adjusted downwards.
    • The Djinni will not use their whirlwind form any more.


Iconic Reincarnation now properly wipes your Monster Manual progress.


  • Death Aura will no longer tic on the player if they are at full health.
  • Celestial Bombardment is now less blinding.
  • Storm of Vengeance now applies its Lightning damage properly.
  • Call Lightning Storm is now more consistent about picking useful targets and delivering damage at its intended rate.
  • Call Lightning Storm no longer hits through walls and doors.
  • Chaos Hammer now damages hard targets.
  • Holy Smite no longer strikes targets through walls and doors.
  • Turn to Frog and Banish/Dismiss spells no longer break some quests.
  • Meteor Swarm now properly respects Epic Defensive Fighting's ranged limitations.


  • The dice UI is back to being more appropriately justified against the icon.
  • Guild Rewards beyond level 150 now mention the color change of your guild name plate as part of their rewards.
  • The tooltip on weapons now shows its correct Proficiency Penalty.
  • The Details (plus) Tab now shows both Blast and Pact dice, and now correctly tracks your bonus Hit Point Percentage.
  • The Quest Entrance UI now has slightly more room for quest names to avoid truncation, and the ? tooltip area near the Dungeons Completed section has been nudged to be a little more out of the way.


  • Hirelings and Artificer/Druid pets now benefit from Epic Summoning bonuses again.
  • Some adjustments have been made to increase the bandwidth available to players to improve general game performance.
  • Changes have been made to some background "event" processes to aid server performance.
  • Corrected a server performance issue that could occur under some circumstances when depositing items to Banks.
  • The Combat Log no longer mentions Dodge when you cast a spell that has to bypass Spell Penetration.
  • Shifter females now display their bloody footprints.
  • You may now hold your Block key (Default: Left Shift) while falling with Feather Fall to drop as if you did not have Feather Fall.
  • You may now dismount from your mount while in mid-air (Default: Left Shift).

Source: Official U52.1.0 release notes on

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