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Update 50 Patch 2 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 50.2, released on Wednesday, August 18th.

News and Notes[edit]


  • Horizon Walker
    • No Step Missed now has a higher chance of regenerating a charge on Vorpal.
    • Banish the Quarry now properly attempts to banish Extraplanar creatures.
    • Corner the Quarry now has its intended 20-second cooldown.
    • Guidance now uses its unique cooldown.
    • Bonuses to Marking from the 5th Core Dimension Door now apply properly.
  • Coup de Grace's DC now works as intended.
  • Shifter and Razorclaw Shifter's Favored enemy enhancements now grant their associated Favored Enemy feats properly.
  • Knight of the Chalice
    • Adept Combatant now properly adds Warhammer and Heavy Mace as Favored Weapons.
    • Holy Combatant now properly adds Greatsword as a Favored Weapon.
  • Sacred Defender
    • Paladin's Tier 5 Divine Revelation now provides its missing 1 Spell Resistance, and no longer provides additional unintended bonuses.


  • Several small item bugs have been fixed.
  • Several typos in the Epic and Legendary item crafting system have been corrected.
  • The Legendary Sword of Shadow cosmetic version now has a yellow border, and its recipe now has more specific naming and text.
  • After acquiring a feat, enhancement, or destiny ability that grants a new Favored Weapon, you no longer need to unequip and then re-equip your main hand weapon for it to be properly recognized as a Favored Weapon.
  • Players can now trade 250 Threads of Fate for a Soul Vessel. Open the Threads of Fate barter window by double-clicking on Threads of Fate in your inventory.
  • Saltmarsh throwing weapons now fly correctly.
  • Newly made cosmetics of the Shadowscale Outfit will now display their proper appearance.
  • Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers can now be properly upgraded.
  • More non-cosmetic docents now properly show their jumpsuit appearance layer.
  • The Lizardfolk Sentient Jewel now displays properly in your weapon tooltip.


  • Most monsters encountered underwater will now gradually sink down to ground level once they engage in combat.
  • Nightmares are no longer immune to cold.
  • Monsters have had their token fragment drops restored.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Sands of Menechtarun
    • Zawabi's Revenge now consistently drops Sands Runes when completed.
    • Zawabi's Revenge now drops the correct number of Sands Runes for each difficulty.
    • Epic Elite Zawabi's Revenge has had its chance at named items raised to be consistent with most other Epic Elite content.
    • Fixed an issue where some obsolete ingredients continued to drop in certain quests and difficulties.
  • Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
    • Danger at Dunwater - The final battle will no longer have enemies spawning outside the boundaries of the fight.
    • Down You Go - An alternate path to bypass the jumping puzzle is now available if you can find it.
    • Down You Go - The waterfall in the pillar room now stays off if you leave and then return.
    • The Hijacked Haul - A locked chest has been moved to a drier location.
    • Under the Cover of Darkness - Corrected a string table error in some action text when you fail an Intimidate check.
    • The Saltmarsh Training Hall is now open for business! This is a building on the way out of town with horses in front of it that now contains the Saltmarsh class trainers and Fatespinner.
    • The Quest arc now awards treasure of the appropriate level when you turn it in.
  • We have significantly increased the number of Pack ingredients that drop in chests in Phiarlan Carnival, The Sands of Menechtarun, Sentinels of Stormreach, The Chronoscope, The Red Fens, The Vault of Night, and The Web of Chaos quests. While some optional chests can continue to be able to drop these ingredients (no changes have been made to drop location), end chests remain the primary source for these ingredients.
  • Epic Devil Assault now drops Fractured Slivers of Time, at levels lower than other quests due to there being more eligible chests in this raid.


  • Several changes have been made to specific Alchemist spells in order to alleviate performance pressure on the game client.

Source: Official U50.2.0 release notes on

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