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Update 41 Patch 3 Release Notes

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Update 41 Patch 3 Release Notes[edit]

Here are the Release Notes for Update 41.3, released on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019.

News and Notes:[edit]


  • Barbarian damage reduction no longer drops on Death.



New Favor rewards have been added where favor rewards had not existed previously, or where a one-time-use item is granted. Additionally, the Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree is now available to unlock on a per-character basis through Favor.

  • Tier 1: Grants Skill Bonuses
  • Tier 2: Grants +5 Hit Points (Stacking)
  • Tiers 3 & 4: Various Benefits, including: Saves versus Attack types or monster types, Tree Access, and other benefits

In this update, the following Favor grants new benefits:

  • Gate Keepers:
    • Rank 1: Favor 75 - "Gatekeepers: Skill Bonus" - "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Concentration and Spot skills."
    • Rank 2: Favor 150 - "Gatekeepers: Hit Point Bonus" - "This feat grants you +5 HP."
  • House Jorasco: Adds the following bonuses to Existing Ranks
    • Rank 1 :"House Jorasco: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to the Heal and Diplomacy skills."
    • Rank 2: "House Jorasco: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."
  • House Deneith:
    • Rank 1: "House Deneith: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 Intimidate and Search skills."
    • Rank 2: "House Deneith: Hit Points Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."
  • Purple Dragon Knight
    • Rank 2: "Purple Dragon Knights: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."
    • Rank 4: "Purple Dragon Knights: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Evil Creatures."
  • House Phiarlan:
    • Rank 1: "House Phiarlan: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Hide and Perform skills."
  • The Twelve
    • Rank 4: "Twelve: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Spell Saves."
  • Agents of Argonnesson
    • Rank 3: "Agents of Argonnesson: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Dragons."
  • The Harpers
    • Rank 1: "Harpers: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Perform and Bluff skills."
    • Rank 2: "Harpers: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."
  • The Free Agents:
    • Rank 4: Access to the Falconry Tree on a per character basis.


A new Feat has been added called Knight's Training:

  • Description: You have undergone rigorous military training with the traditional weapons of war. These weapons receive one of the following morale bonuses in your hands:
    • Longsword's critical multiplier has been increased by one.
    • Battle axes' critical threat range has been increased by one, and by 2 if you have Improved Critical: Slashing.
    • Heavy Maces, Morning Stars, and War Hammers have had their critical threat range increased by one.
    • Requires: +4 Base Attack Bonus, Considered a Martial feat. Fighter bonus feats can be used to take this.


  • The Rose Colored Goggles now grant 10 Sentient XP when consumed for Sentient XP.
  • The minimum level to purchase and use a Ruby Eye Augment is now level 1.
  • Scrolls of Acid Well, Thunderstroke, and Iceberg now use Use Magic Device values found on normal level 9 Wizard and Sorcerer scrolls, instead of using the Artificer UMD progression.
  • Items with Tendon Slice on them now properly display it.
  • Cosmetic rewards found in the Ravenloft bundles are now Bound to Account.
  • The weapon effect "Shockwave" has had its range reduced, and now makes a line of sight check before hitting an enemy.

Addendum (DDO Forums):

  • First Light and Kookie Kutter have had their damage dice re-worked to match modern values. This should affect existing copies in place. The values are now: ML5: 1[w], ML10: 1.5[w], ML15: 1.5[w], ML20: 2[w], ML25: 2.5[w], ML30: 5[w].
  • No Worries (the anniversary Heavy Armor) has had its AC, Max Dex Bonus, and Skill Penalty re-worked to match level-appropriate values; this was a decrease in the low-ML versions of the armor, and an increase in the high-ML versions of the armor. This should affect existing copies in place.


  • Most Monsters should no longer aggro through closed doors. Spectral monsters which can pass through doors, such as wraiths, still can.
  • Monsters should no longer hear player footsteps or players using skills through walls and ceilings.
  • The color of several red dragons has been fixed.
  • Attacking a monster that has PRR no longer causes your damage values to display in yellow.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Various changes have been made to the Anniversary event, and new items have been added for the event. The event is not yet active.
    • The base reward for Anniversary Party ingredients is now 150% of your score, a 50% increase from previous years.
    • The price of Peanut Butter and Linzer cookies has been increased.
  • A marker for Delera's Graveyard designer Cisren has been added near the Gygax memorial.
  • Fixed an issue where traps that hit each other could cause server issues.
  • A Banker has been added to the Portable Hole.
  • Watching the trailer for Menace of the Underdark after successfully completing the Spinner of Shadows is now optional.
  • Sora Katra in Siegebreaker will no longer occasionally forget to end her ritual.
  • Vaklos Halmar no longer gets confused when you talk to him while you're off your raid timer for Fire on Thunder Peak.
  • The Threads of Fate drop amount in the Raid Legendary Hound of Xoriat has been increased.
  • Some visual polish work has been done on the runes and underwater scenery in Lost at Sea
  • Several changes have been made to The Price of Freedom:
    • Entering into the main entrance to the prison in should no longer result in an instant unavoidable ambush while you are still in a loading screen.
    • One of the dimension doors has been moved to avoid accidental teleportations.
    • Lava once again deals damage.
  • In Killing Time the debuff "Storm Magic" should now appear in the debuff bar instead of the buff bar.
  • Several changes have been made to Quarantine:
    • Aerele (miniboss) will only become active when you are on the correct step in the quest.
    • Several monsters in the main courtyard have had their position adjusted as to not prevent quest advancement.


  • Additional work has been done to prevent incorrect item loss during reincarnation.
  • Additional logging of items has been added at the time a character talks to the Life-Shaper.
  • The effects of Orange and Red Dungeon Alert have been adjusted.
  • Some animation polish has been done to the Vistani Knife Fighter in sneak mode.
  • Additional performance work has been done to address Bard Songs and client stuttering when certain buffs conflicted
  • Damage against a target is now properly increased when PRR or MRR is reduced to a negative number.
  • Addressed an issue with turreted enemies that could cause performance issues.
  • Half Orc Male Great Axe sneak attack animations have undergone some polish work.

Source: Official Update 41 Patch 3 release notes on

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