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Update 43 Release Notes

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Here are the Release Notes for Update 43, released on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019.

Of Special Note[edit]

The Soul Splitter Adventure Pack[edit]

A new adventure pack is available, set in the City of Sharn! A purchase of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion is not necessary in order to play the content. The adventure pack is available for free to VIPs, and available to purchase in the DDO Store. Visit Alynda d'Cannith in the Sharn Cliffside Docks District to get started! This adventure pack is level 17 on Heroic and 32 on Legendary.

  • Explore previously unseen parts of Sharn as you search for an old acquaintance!
  • Uncover a vile conspiracy that seeks to enslave the city’s Warforged!
  • Learn the ghastly secret of the Soul Splitter!
  • Discover the shocking surprise lurking in a mad wizard’s hidden base!
  • Traverse Sharn’s Lower City both on foot and in the air!
  • Visit one of Sharn’s most luxurious and expensive private clubs!

News and Notes[edit]



Epic Destinies[edit]

Hardcore League[edit]


Quests and other Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Various stuck spots in the new player experience The Grotto have been eliminated.


  • Some /help glossary entries have had their text corrected.

Source: Official U43.0.0 release notes on

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