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Update 56 Patch 2 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 56.2, released on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022.

News and Notes:[edit]

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • Crystal Cove
    • Level 31 and 32 characters now spawn the appropriate level enemies in Smuggler's Rest.
    • Characters in the Crystal Cove Collection Challenge now get the correct Gem drops on CR 36+.
    • Level 4 Crystal Cove weapons no longer accept Sentience.
    • Progenitor Crystals now properly appear in the CR 36 and CR 37 Crystal Cove Collection Challenge.
  • Missing items from Shared Account Banks have now been returned to players, however the items are now in the Main tab of your Shared Account Bank rather than any Custom tabs you may have created. NOTE: This fix required a change that has sent all items in players' Custom Tabs back into their Main tab, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Items that are not marked as Sentient but still have a Sentient Jewel in them may still be accessed via the Sentient Panel to remove your jewel and filigree. These items also have a minimum level of 20 as long as the Jewel remains slotted.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
    • Blue Dragon twins in the Air node now count in their appropriate Monster Manual.
    • Wands in the updated Temple of Elemental Evil are now Bound to Account.
  • Sacred Fist's Toggle no longer works when Uncentered.
  • Divine Disciple's Transcend Darkness is now back in its proper place.
  • Divine Disciple's Necrotic Bolt SLA now has its correct tooltip.
  • Divine Disciple has had several icons fixed.
  • The Cleric Domain of Magic now correctly grants a bonus to Spell Power equal to twice your Cleric level for 20 seconds.
  • The Mantle of Fury now persists through logout.
  • Stormsinger and Spellsinger's Sonic Blast SLA now has its correct tooltip.
  • An erroneously displayed DC has been removed on Ki Bolt.
  • Stormsinger's Inspiration is now properly removed upon entering and exiting a dungeon.
  • Stormsinger's Freeze proc no longer has an erroneous saving throw.
  • Vistani Knife Fighter's Whirling Blades now grants its proper Doubleshot.
  • Some text in the Cleric version of Radiant Servant no longer erroneously references Paladin level.
  • Dinosaur Bone crafting augments that boost Negative and Poison Spell Power now correctly say so in their tooltips.
  • Feydark Illusionist's Familiar bonuses now persist through death.
  • A typo has been corrected in the Dark Apostate past life.
  • Dark Apostate stances are no longer dispelled through Rage.
  • Shadowblades now dissipate when leaving a dungeon, and will also no longer get stuck in your Reincarnation Cache, preventing True Reincarnation. Any players impacted by this issue should now be able to reincarnate after logging into their characters after this game update.
  • Skin-Tight Gloves no longer drop with cloak mythic bonuses.
  • Nightsinger's Mantle no longer blinds friends.

Gameplay Changes:[edit]

  • Players can now move items from the Character Bank to their Shared Account Bank and from a tab of one kind of bank to another as long as the item binding rules allow it.

Source: Official U56.2.0 release notes on

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