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Update 67 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 67: Slice of Life, released on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024.

Of Special Note:[edit]

A new Adventure Pack is available: Slice of Life![edit]

Daily life in Sharn isnt quite as ordinary as some would believe. Take part in a cooking competition, renovate a home, and go on an educational date in this "totally ordinary" series of quests! The Slice of Life quest pack is level 18 on Heroic difficulty and level 34 on Legendary difficulty. The quest givers can be found in Nymph's Court at Morgrave University.

Three quests are available:

This new adventure pack is available FOR FREE for a limited time as part of our Year of the Dragon celebration! Read more about the Year of the Dragon on and make sure to claim this adventure pack for FREE through April 23rd, 2024! Slice of Life will be available to purchase separately in the DDO Store after April 23rd. This adventure pack is also free to VIPs!

Daily Gold Rolls for VIP through April 23rd![edit]

We're also giving VIPs free Daily Dice gold rolls through April 23rd! Learn more about our VIP program on

NOTE FOR TUESDAY 3/26: The quests and VIP gold rolls arrive when the game worlds reopen tomorrow.

News and Notes:[edit]

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • The puzzle and reset lever have been fixed in Grand Theft Aureon.
  • Improved Intensify items now properly reduce the cost of Intensified spells.
  • The quest "An Explosive Situation" is no longer incorrectly flagged as a solo quest.
  • Animation issues caused by tumbling rapidly have been corrected.
  • Rapid tumbling will no longer sometimes cause a charge token to be improperly consumed.
  • Tumble no longer erroneously breaks stealth and invisibility.
  • The single target Shield Throw now needs a shield to throw.
  • Draconic Incarnation's Scales of the Dragon now properly scales with level.
  • Exalted Angel
    • Curative Admixtures now properly trigger the Mantle.
    • Consecrated Sparks now work properly when using the area of effect version.
    • Ascendance now properly applies to enemies when using Fire Domain.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers' Drifting Lotus damage has been fixed along with some typos.
  • Legendary Dreadnought's Dire Charge now properly states how its DC is calculated.
  • Magus of the Eclipse
    • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow now have visible saving throws.
    • Dark Light of the Moon no longer damages undead.
    • Grand Summoner now works properly and has a better icon in your hireling or summoned creature's buff bar.
    • Share the Light now works correctly.
    • Some Magus benefits no longer improperly stick in your buff bar.
  • Various typos have been corrected in Shiradi Champion, and various buffs will no longer improperly stick in your buff bar.
  • Vistani Knife Fighter's Fan of Knives now scales with the higher of Melee or Ranged Power as intended, and no longer scales with Spell Power.
  • An ability DC typo has been corrected in Artificer's Thunder Shock weapon.
  • Shield Mastery now grants its proper +10 Physical Resistance Rating for small shields and bucklers.
  • Greater Shield Mastery now grants its proper +10 Physical Resistance Rating for small shields and bucklers.
  • Nimble Fingers' sneak attack dice no longer drops on death.
  • Knight of the Chalice's Divine Sacrifice (Ranged) now has its proper tooltip between ranks.
  • Dragon Lord
    • Flight of Kings no longer sets all leaps on a 15 second cooldown.
    • Active abilities that were not working correctly while moving now do.
    • The past life now counts as a Fighter past life for the purposes of the Completionist feat.
    • Ravager's Blood Strength now works properly for Dragon Lords.
    • Ravager's Mutilate now works properly for Dragon Lords.
  • Throwing weapons now correctly calculate their to-hit if using alternate stats like Intelligence or Charisma.
  • An issue that could cause game client frame rate drops when hirelings and animal companions failed to play their dialog has been corrected.
  • Curse of the Unending Song now properly gives +1 Bard Song.
  • Curse of Butterflies no longer incorrectly gives +1 Bard Song.
  • Curse of the Butterflies' effect no longer has a broken description.
  • Curse of Minor Masterworks now works properly. There are some older items and effects it cannot magnify, however, and the effect's tooltip has been updated to reflect this.
  • Curse of Major Masterworks now works properly. There are some older items and effects it cannot magnify, however, and the effect's tooltip has been updated to reflect this.
  • Curse of the Winding Dirge's Spell Power component is now properly +3.
  • Curse of Uncontrollable Energy's bonus type is now correctly Fortune.
  • Curse of Divine Fortune now properly gives its +1 Fortune Bonus to Saves vs. Spells.
  • An odd pause in fire rate after firing a special crossbow attack for some female characters has been fixed.
  • An issue where some special crossbow animations were not playing the sound of the bow string releasing has been fixed.
  • Focus Orb icons have been updated for many guest passes that had previously been using the High Road focus orb icon.
  • A bug in The Magma Must Flow has been fixed to prevent the Fire Reaver from sometimes being able to be attacked before the objective begins to defeat it.
  • Gerald Goodblade's quest chalice now properly turns off in the Anniversary Dungeon.
  • Effects that drop off when exiting a dungeon will no longer sometimes drop off when entering a dungeon from a wilderness area.
  • Store feedback when making a purchase with full inventory is now easier to see and read.
  • Legendary Greensteel accessory healing effects no longer continuously spam the combat log when at full hit points.
  • Invoking a Spell Like Ability while it is on cooldown no longer attempts to cast the spell book version of the spell the SLA refers to.

General Changes:[edit]

  • There is a new UI element that shows you your Tumble charges! This UI can be hidden in the options menu under "Show Tumble UI." Each green pip represents one tumble charge. The previous tumble visuals on your character have been removed. You can drag the UI element around, and it'll stay where you leave it.
  • Characters now gain 1 Tumble charge when you train the Tumble skill's rank 10 and rank 20. These charges cannot be earned through effects, abilities, or epic level bonuses to the Tumble skill, but only by training the skill from heroic levels.
  • Bear traps now default to being visible and will only be hidden in special cases.
  • Aimed Shot in Deepwood Sniper now has a slightly different icon.
  • Antirequisites now display on enhancements more intelligently.
    • Added a title for Antireq chains to avoid repeated text (single-antireq enhancements will continue to display them on one line)
    • Differently formatted bullet points to link antireq chains together
    • Displaying the class the enhancement is from in an abbreviated form if it is a class-related enhancement
    • Displaying the race the enhancement is from if it is a race-related enhancement
      • (If neither class nor race related, this section is not displayed)
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays duplicate entries.
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays prereqs that are actually the enhancement you're hovering over in disguise.
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays unused and unimplemented enhancements.
    • And finally, renamed every single Efficient Metamagic enhancement so that the names all match up and look nice.

Source: Official U67.0.0 release notes on

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