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Help! Am I Raid Ready

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This article summarizes the flags, weapons and gear necessary for raids and other quests requiring flagging.

When you join a raid, go with an open mind and listen real well. People may bark orders but they generally do this in order to get completion. A raid can be fun but failing is a huge waste of time, resources and is certainly not fun.

Before you read this article, you should read What should I bring to a raid?. However good you may think your preparation is, you can always improve it.

Note on Duration:

  • The listed range is from "normal with a strong at-level group, but not world-record speed" to "elite/epic in the worst case scenario, barring any unnecessary waiting for non-game related problems".
  • Average times assume an decently equipped at-level group running the raids on the highest possible difficulty. (e.g.: Tempest Spine Elite at level 10 max, Epic raids at level 20 max)

The Chronoscope (Chrono)[edit]

Tempest's Spine (TS)[edit]

The Vault of Night (VoN)[edit]

The Twilight Forge (Titan)[edit]

Zawabi's Revenge (ADQ2/DQ2)[edit]

The Reaver's Fate (Reaver)[edit]

Accursed Ascension (Abbot)[edit]

The Shroud (a.k.a., "Thirteenth Eclipse")[edit]

A Vision of Destruction (VoD)[edit]

Hound of Xoriat (Hound, HoX)[edit]

  • Level: 18
  • Flagging: None
  • Duration: 6 to 20 minutes (takes 10 to 20 minutes to travel to raid) (Average: ~35 minutes combined)
  • Timer: 2 days and 18 hours after collecting the end reward
  • General weapons: Vorpal, DPS (Lawful to bypass raid boss DR), Ranged
  • Bane weapons: Evil Outsider, Lawful Outsider, Chaotic Outsider, Aberration. Subterrane (to get there): Undead, Reptilian
  • Buffs/Gear: Resist Acid, Proof Against Poison, Feather Falling (to get there), Restoration, Death Ward and Deathblock (Beholders), Remove Curse, Restoration, Death Ward, and Globe of Invulnerability can be useful vs. the "Bees"

Tower of Despair (ToD)[edit]

The Master Artificer (MA)[edit]

  • Level: 19
  • Flagging: Blown to Bits, Power Play, and Schemes of the Enemy then talk to Channa d'Cannith.
  • Duration: 20 to 90 minutes for the raid itself. Takes 20 to 30 minutes to travel to raid. (Epic Average: ~120 minutes combined due to extreme difficulty of Epic)
  • Timer: 2 days and 18 hours after collecting the end reward.
  • General weapons: Smiting, Vorpal
  • Bane weapons: Construct
  • Buffs/Gear: Resist Electricity, Balance gear (35+ recommended for main tanks/dps)

The Lord of Blades (LoB)[edit]

Stealer of Souls (SoS)[edit]

Note: This is not actually a raid. But it requires raid-like flagging, thus is useful to know how to flag for this quest.

Caught in the Web (CiTW)[edit]

This is an Epic-level raid that's very complicated, requiring three quest chains to be flagged. See Menace of the Underdark (story arc).

The Fall of Truth (FoT)[edit]

This Epic raid requires some incredible aggro management. To flag, you play Epic versions of the Heroic quests in Gianthold that flagged you for "The Reaver's Bane." See the flagging information at the start of the raid article.

Fire on Thunder Peak[edit]

To flag for this quest, you must be character level 26, enter The Ruins of Thunderholme, and kill Dagan: Regent Of Thunderholme. This is an arena-style raid.

Temple of the Deathwyrm[edit]

To flag for this raid, you must be character level 26, enter The Ruins of Thunderholme, and kill the Cult of the Dragon Emissary. More about this very complex raid in the raid article.

Mark of Death (MoD)[edit]

Flagging for this raid requires completion of the four Epic versions of quests in the Orchard of the Macabre.

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