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Help! Am I Raid Ready

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This article summarizes the flags, weapons and gear necessary for raids and other quests requiring flagging.

When you join a raid, go with an open mind and listen real well. It needs often times good coordination, timing and communication. A raid can be fun but failing is a huge waste of time, resources and is certainly not fun.

Before you read this article, you should read What should I bring to a raid?. However good you may think your preparation is, you can always improve it.

Good to know, as well Raid loot mechanic.

The Chronoscope (Chrono)[edit]

Tempest's Spine (TS)[edit]

The Vault of Night (VoN)[edit]

The Twilight Forge (Titan)[edit]

Zawabi's Revenge (ADQ2/DQ2)[edit]

The Reaver's Fate (Reaver's/Piker's)[edit]

Accursed Ascension (Abbot)[edit]

The Shroud (a.k.a., "Thirteenth Eclipse")[edit]

A Vision of Destruction (VoD)[edit]

Hound of Xoriat (Hound, HoX)[edit]

The Master Artificer (MA)[edit]

Tower of Despair (ToD)[edit]

The Lord of Blades (LoB)[edit]

Caught in the Web (CitW)[edit]

The Fall of Truth (FoT)[edit]

Defiler of the Just (DoJ)[edit]

Fire on Thunder Peak (FoTP)[edit]

Temple of the Deathwyrm (DW/Deathwyrm)[edit]

Mark of Death (MoD)[edit]

Legendary Hound of Xoriat (LHoX)[edit]

Legendary Tempest Spine (LTS)[edit]

Old Baba's Hut (Baba)[edit]

Riding the Storm Out (RSO)[edit]

The Codex and the Shroud (LShroud/LegShroud)[edit]

The Curse of Strahd (Strahd)[edit]

Killing Time (KT)[edit]

Too Hot to Handle (2h2h or THTH)[edit]

Project Nemesis (PN)[edit]

  • Level: 32+
  • Flagging: None
  • Duration: Long
  • Timer: 2 Days 18 Hours after receiving end reward or use a Raid Timer Bypass Hourglass
  • General weapons:
  • Bane weapons:
  • Buffs/Gear: Fire Resistance, Fire Shield, Lightning Resistance, Lightning Shield, Deflect Missiles, Remove Curse or Curse Immunity above normal difficulty
  • Lockout: Yes, after talking to the Magic Mouth
  • Special Note:
    • Multiple Tanks advised, up to 5 bosses will be fought at once, each with at least one dangerous ability:
    • Communication and roles knowledge are important: Laser needs to know boss position and when to fire, constructors need to be killed to prevent puzzle resets/raid failure. Above normal difficulty, curses will instakill after a short timer, not blocked by deathblock/ward.

Legendary Vision of Destruction (LVoD)[edit]

Legendary Master Artificer (LMA)[edit]

Legendary Lord of Blades (LLoB)[edit]

The Dryad and the Demigod (Dryad)[edit]

Hunt or Be Hunted (Hunt)[edit]