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Haywire Foundry

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Haywire Foundry is the 4th quest in the Laughing Knives story arcIcon tooltip.pngStory arcs  are chains of quests that make up a story line.
Completing everything in a story arc often yields a nice reward.
The first four quests can be completed in any order to unlock The Vault of Night.
Tharashk Arena • The Prisoner • The Jungle of Khyber • Haywire Foundry • The Vault of Night • Plane of Night

Laws forbid the creation of new warforged. Unfortunately, Phineas Hayward was never known for his law-abiding ways.

Vault of Night adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Vault of Night
Haywire Foundry
Heroic level: 9
Epic level: 22
Duration: Very Long
Heroic XP:  ♣2,834Solo/Casual ♦4,996Normal ♥5,268Hard ♠5,540Elite
Epic XP:  ♣14,124Solo/Casual ♦24,316Normal ♥25,091Hard ♠25,866Elite
Takes place in: The Haywire Foundry
Bestowed by: Arlsie Forr
NPC contact: Arlsie Forr
Quest acquired in: House Kundarak
Patron: House Kundarak
Base favor: 6
Purchase: Vault of Night or VIP
Extreme Challenge: No
M haywire foundry.png
Loading screen


A Warforged named Arlsie Forr has grown concerned about his master's whereabouts. He is located far from the Haywire Foundry entrance in the northern part of the Kundarak Enclave on the dock next to ship that takes you to Ataraxia. It asked you to check on Haywire, who was last seen heading back to his workshop, Haywire's Foundry in the House Kundarak Enclave.

Haywire Foundry puzzle

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!


  • Find Haywire
  • Speak to the Foundry Assistant RC2
  • Speak to Haywire via the Speaking Stone
  • Unlock the North Wing
  • Find a way into the Master Control room
  • Defeat the Master Control room guards (Kill 7)
  • Activate the Foundry's self-destruct
  • Escape the doomed Foundry
  • Take the Lightning Rod
  • (Optional) Defeat the Elementals (Kill 3) — Bonus (3%): Heroic( ♣85 ♦150 ♥158 ♠166 ) Epic( ♣424 ♦729 ♥753 ♠776 )
  • (Optional) Destroy the berserk Foundry Assistant RC2 — Bonus (10%): Heroic( ♣283 ♦500 ♥527 ♠554 ) Epic( ♣1,412 ♦2,432 ♥2,509 ♠2,587 )
  • (Optional) Destroy the infected Foundry Overseer RC1 — Bonus (15%): Heroic( ♣425 ♦749 ♥790 ♠831 ) Epic( ♣2,119 ♦3,647 ♥3,764 ♠3,880 )
  • (Optional) Disable the Assembly flame vents (Disable 6) — Bonus (15%): Heroic( ♣425 ♦749 ♥790 ♠831 ) Epic( ♣2,119 ♦3,647 ♥3,764 ♠3,880 )
  • (Optional) Destroy 10 Mithral Defenders while escaping — Bonus (20%): Heroic( ♣567 ♦999 ♥1,054 ♠1,108 ) Epic( ♣2,825 ♦4,863 ♥5,018 ♠5,173 )

What to Expect

  • Collapsible floors
  • Overlapping floors
  • Spawning/re-spawning monsters
  • Puzzle (mandatory: puzzle wheels)
  • Timed quest (5 minutes to get back to the entrance once you initiate the self-destruct)
  • Possibility of rendering quest uncompletable (do not use Dimension Door after pulling self-destruct lever, or fall off the final drawbridge in the lava cave – either will leave you stuck outside the foundry with no way to get back up to Haywire.)

Known Traps

Trap DCs

In the western side there are numerous blade traps on the ramps.

On the eastern side the floor will collapse in two places. The first drops into a spike trap (disarmable) and the second is a very long drop into lava. After falling into the lava you will have to climb many pipes and go into a tunnel with a chest. After the chest there are a large number of acid traps.

In the next room on the east, there are many fire vents on the ramps (disabled with levers). At the start of the ramps is a spike trap (disarmable). The final lever at the top will set off about 6 spike traps that will hit for a great deal of damage unless you are successful with Reflex saves (disarmable).

Several spray traps are located in the escape tunnel.

Tips and Misc

  • There is a soft lock-out for late entries (or laggers), who will need someone (slightly) deeper in the quest to pull a lever inside a gate that closes after anyone speaks to RC2. You can see RC2 from the far side of the gate, but cannot interact with him.
    • To re-enter the quest after talking to RC2, somebody must still be inside to flip this lever for these gates. If you have a pet or hireling, you may also park it to flip the switch as soon as you pass the first gate, and then recall it back to you. Note that you can save some time (and a bit of fighting) with the two side wings if you leave somebody at this lever and the party casts Dimension Door after pulling the two side levers.
  • Disabling the fire vents is much easier on the way down than on the way up. The higher-level levers disable the lower-level vents, preventing you from being interrupted by fire damage while you pull the lower-level levers.
  • Well-timed, repeated jumping across the collapsing floors can allow you to reach the other side without falling down (depending on your speed, Jump skill and luck).


This walk-through is slightly more thorough than most. It is possible to send solo runners to the two side levers and mitigate much of this dungeon.

Before you get moving, many of the warforged in this dungeon will cast Magic Missiles. Shield or Nightshield is a great defense in here.

Enter in through the lava tunnel. Pull the lever, talk to the warforged, get into the foundry. At the crossroads be sure to speak to the stone face. You will not be able to complete the quest if you do not do this simple step. Now pick a direction. Either one will do.

We will start with the right side passage. Watch out for dropping floors. Stay to the right wall as you move through. The first drop can be avoided with if the trap is disabled, e.g. by a Rogue, the second cannot be avoided, so stay to the left so that you fall onto the pipes and can walk across. Optional: There is a chest about halfway down this huge pit. If you fall, hug the left wall, halfway down there is a tunnel leading to a room with a chest. Once down, you need to travel through some acid traps and hop some pipes to get back up. Some groups will skip this because of the time involved.

Head further up the hall and break through the doorway. Open the lever to the shrine room once you have a lull in the fighting.

On the North-east side of the room, there is a ramp leading up to the catwalks. There is a large area spike trap in front of the ramp; the trap control panel is back underneath the ramp. Head up onto the bridge, but be ready for the fire jets. Use valves to turn them off. Working your way across the catwalks, picking off warforged casters as you go, you will eventually reach the top with a lever in a small alcove. The alcove is heavily trapped, and whoever pulls that thing is going to be a pincushion if you do not have a rogue with you. On Heroic Elite, a Reflex Save of at least 34 is required – and this is to save against each spike. There are two control panels that must be disarmed. The first is obvious, the second is around a narrow ledge to the right side.

Trick: after climbing the first ramp near the spikes, double back along the stone platform. With 20 or so Jump, you can jump to the pipe on the wall on your left, walk along to the cross pipe, and jump up. Follow the pipe along to your right and jump up onto the walkway. From there you can disable the upper set of flame jets. Once the upper set are disabled, you can go back and disable the lower set (whose levers were previously blocked by the flame jets). Note that each lever pulled activates a warforged down below.

Once done head on back down to the main crossroads and head up the other direction. Send the rogue first to disarm the three panels up the pillar for the blade traps. At the top break through the door, clear the area and open the door to the shrine room. You are now on the opposite side from the room you just pulled the first lever. Okay, back out into the new side, clear it out, work your way up the stairs and across the upper level. You will reach the lever at the end. This one is now trapped, but it will cause a freak power surge that will lower all the security fields. Insane warforged will come charging out and try to eat you.

Fight back down to the main hall, the gate is now open for you to go forward. Fight through, choosing a side to work around, they both lead to the same place. When you reach the other side, search out the secret door for an extra shrine, but be careful of the trap at the entrance. The two trap control panels are inside behind the shrine. Use it or lose it; unless you leave someone out here to let people back through the gate you are about to go through.

Heading through the gate you will reach a complex rune puzzle with 3 central wheels and 3 outer wheels.

The puzzle with the wheels in the north passage is solved as follows:

  1. Take note of the fact that there are three "inner" and three "outer" wheels.
  2. Also note that the inner wheels each have a symbol immediately above them.
  3. In order to unlock an inner wheel, the two adjacent outer wheels must be set to the symbol above it.
  4. Finally, note that inside the bars with the chest are three more symbols (which are always all identical).
  5. When you unlock a wheel, set it to the symbol you see inside the bars where the chest is.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of the three inner wheels and the bars will open.

Once you start hitting the wheels, various oozes will start plopping down all around you. Have your companions keep you clean of slime. Repeat this process with the other two inner wheels to get the key in the center chest.

Open the door to the next chamber. You need to defeat the foundry's metal guardians, several iron golems, mithral defenders and one really mean iron golem. Once they are dealt with you can get the key to the portcullis that blocks a lever to initiate the self-destruct. Don't pull that just yet. Do not use Dimension Door as this will leave you unable to complete the quest.

First buff up. If you have them available you will want Jump, resist fire, haste, resist acid, neutralize poison. Those buffs are listed in the order of importance. Once buffed up, hit the lever and begin the mad dash. First you have to jump up a series of broken pipes and bridges, then it's just run through acid and poison traps, breaking floors and fire spouts. When you reach the blast doors, wait for the party to catch up to you. Once everyone is there, or if you are running out of time, head through. Move through the hall to the closed up drawbridge. Hug the left wall before the fire spout of the exploding foundry hits you, and fight off the fire elementals. Do not fall down to the ground floor of the lava cave; there is no way back up, the entrance gate lever is locked, and the quest will be uncompletable.

Once the drawbridge lowers, go talk to Haywire and grab the lightning rod to complete the quest.

There is a purple mushroom on the west ledge in the last big room before Haywire. You can drop down and grab it after the quest is complete.

Bonus XP

  • Devious bonus: 17 or fewer monsters killed +7% Bonus.( ♣198 ♦350 ♥369 ♠388 )
  • Aggression bonus: 95 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣283 ♦500 ♥527 ♠554 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 124 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣425 ♦749 ♥790 ♠831 )
  • Conquest bonus: 152 or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♣709 ♦1,249 ♥1,317 ♠1,385 )
  • Tamper bonus: 5 or more traps disarmed +10% Bonus.( ♣283 ♦500 ♥527 ♠554 )
  • Neutralization bonus: 6 or more traps disarmed +20% Bonus.( ♣567 ♦999 ♥1,054 ♠1,108 )
  • Ingenious Debilitation bonus: 8 or more traps disarmed +30% Bonus.( ♣850 ♦1,499 ♥1,580 ♠1,662 )
  • Mischief bonus: 63 or more breakables smashed +8% Bonus.( ♣227 ♦400 ♥421 ♠443 )
  • Vandal bonus: 82 or more breakables smashed +10% Bonus.( ♣283 ♦500 ♥527 ♠554 )
  • Ransack bonus: 101 or more breakables smashed +15% Bonus.( ♣425 ♦749 ♥790 ♠831 )


  • Chests: Three
    • One down the long shaft to the east, near the acid jet traps.
    • One after defeating Control Unit (contains only a key).
    • One at the end.
  • Collectables: Six
    • Alchemy Table in the east wing near Overseer RC1
    • Bookshelf in the west wing behind some crates
    • Adventurer's Pack in the west wing in one of the upper alcoves (not on map)
    • Adventurer's Pack in the north wing where the path splits into a ring
    • Bookshelf in the escape tunnel short before the bridge
    • Mushroom west down from the bridge; get it after finishing the quest
  • NPC rewards: One person in your party must pick up the "Lightning Rod" staff at the end, otherwise you won't get NPC reward.

Named Chest Drop

Last Edited Item Type Enhancements ML Bind Quests
Bloodrage Symbiont
Bloodrage Symbiont.png
Trinket  7 Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip Haywire Foundry, drops from a breakable
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod.png
Quarterstaff  8 Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip Haywire Foundry, 1 guaranteed at end of the quest
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Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Adamantine Defender( view
Adamantine defender.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦9Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite Construct Iron Defender
Arcane Ooze( view
Arcane Ooze.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦9Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite ♦22Epic Normal ♠46Epic Elite Ooze Arcane Ooze
Assistant RC2( view
Assistant RC2.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦1Normal ♥2Hard ♠3Elite Living Construct Warforged
Black Pudding( view
Black Pudding.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦7Normal ♥9Hard ♠11Elite Ooze Black Pudding
Fire Hardened Earth Elemental( view
Fire Hardened Earth Elemental.png
 • edit )
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite ♥29Epic Hard Elemental Earth Elemental
Foundry Drone( view
Foundry Drone.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite Living Construct Warforged
Foundry Engineer( view
Foundry Engineer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦11Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite Living Construct Warforged
Foundry Surveyor( view
Foundry Surveyor.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite Living Construct Warforged
Foundry Troubleshooter( view
Foundry Troubleshooter.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite Living Construct Warforged
Greater Fire Elemental( view
Greater Fire Elemental.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦9Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Iron Golem( view
Iron Golem.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦13Normal ♥15Hard ♠18Elite ♥30Epic Hard Construct Golem
Lightning Guard Golem( view
Lightning Guard Golem.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥30Epic Hard Construct Golem
Master Control Unit( view
Master Control Unit.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦14Normal ♥14Hard ♠14Elite ♥32Epic Hard Construct Golem
Mithral Defender( view
Mithral Defender.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal ♥8Hard ♠11Elite Construct Iron Defender
Ochre Jelly( view
Ochre Jelly.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦5Normal ♥8Hard ♠10Elite ♦22Epic Normal Ooze Ochre Jelly
Overseer RC1( view
Overseer RC1.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite ♥32Epic Hard Living Construct Warforged

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