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The Battle for Eveningstar

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The Battle for Eveningstar is the 4th quest in the Menace of the Underdark: The Darkening story arcIcon tooltip.pngStory arcs  are chains of quests that make up a story line.
Completing everything in a story arc often yields a nice reward.
The first three quests can be completed in any order to unlock The Battle for Eveningstar.
Impossible Demands • The Unquiet Graves • The Lost Thread • The Battle for Eveningstar

The villages work feverishly to prepare for the Drow attack. Then night falls and there is nothing left to do but wait .....

Menace of the Underdark adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Menace of the Underdark
The Battle for Eveningstar
Heroic level: None
Epic level: 21
Duration: Long
Heroic XP: N/A
Epic XP:  ♣10,717Solo/Casual ♦18,468Normal ♥19,074Hard ♠19,680Elite
Takes place in: Eveningstar
Bestowed by: Garwyn Thane
NPC contact: Garwyn Thane
Quest acquired in: Eveningstar
Patron: Purple Dragon Knights
Base favor: 8
Purchase: Menace of the Underdark
Extreme Challenge: No
M battle for eveningstar.png
Loading screen


Swordcaptain Garwyn Thane has recruited you to help defend Eveningstar against an imminent Drow attack. Help defend the village against the coming onslaught.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!


  • Speak with Ana
  • Secure the Temple Neighborhood
  • Secure the Granary
  • Secure Tummarlin's Farmstead
  • Destroy the Drow Field Headquarters
  • (Optional) Light additional bonfires (8 total) — Bonus (10%): Epic( ♣1,072 ♦1,847 ♥1,907 ♠1,968 )

Known Traps

Trap DCs

  • (12) Bear Traps

Tips and Misc

  • The map may seem scattered, but it's not. Start by heading west, clear one area at a time (you'll be notified when it is), and proceed roughly clockwise – there's only one path around.
  • Lighting the bonfires "discourages drow patrols from entering the area." Basically it ends the respawns nearby. There are ten bonfires to be lit, counting the one by Ana.
  • Be prepared to fight many of the same enemies you have encountered thus far, all on one map. They tend to be localized to the area around their similar orange named boss.
    • Drow Slaves can be freed and join your side when the slaver is killed. You do not get a bonus this time, and it can take away from your kills. A new slaver entering the area makes the un-freed slaves hostile again, and you must successfully remove the collar to free them. (Slave Collar DC)
    • Necromancers can raise any dead one time, though they are not as frequently included in the respawns on this map.
  • Each of the three areas you need to secure is guarded by an orange named boss similar to the boss of the flagging quests. Drow of similar types are in the same area as their boss.
    • Temple area – Necromancer (Dark Incanter from The Unquiet Graves)
    • Granary – Slave Master (The Lost Thread)
    • Farmstead – Priestess (Priestess Vicala from Impossible Demands)
      • She will drain the life force from the slaves and other NPC creatures alive around her, including mobs, which restores her to full hit points. Unless you can kill her very quickly, it may be faster and easier to ignore her at first and concentrate on the others.
      • If any collared slaves spawn near the Priestess, it may be best to immediately kill them by intentionally botching the collar removal. It's not very heroic, but it stops them from being drained by the Priestess.
  • Final Fight:
    • The final fight takes place in a large, wide-open area at the most southern portion of the map outside of town, just past a shrine.
    • The field commander is a drow archer riding a red named Bebilith (Red Weaver). You must slay the Bebilith, then you can confront the Commander.
      • At 50% and 25% the commander will summon reinforcements. On Epic Hard, the first wave consisted of a pair of Drow Warriors; the second wave was a pair of Driders
    • Throughout the fight, Swarm Spiders will constantly spawn to attack you. They are a minor nuisance, but if there are many around they can trigger a Dungeon Alert when reinforcements arrive.

Bonus XP

  • Aggression bonus: 33 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 67 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )
  • Conquest bonus: 100 or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )
  • Tamper bonus: 6 or more traps disarmed +10% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )
  • Neutralization bonus: 8 or more traps disarmed +20% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )
  • Ingenious Debilitation bonus: 10 or more traps disarmed +30% Bonus.( ♣-0 ♦-0 ♥-0 ♠-0 )


  • Chests: 2
    • 1 for securing the granary
    • 1 End chest
  • Collectables: 3
    • Bones North-east of Tummarlin's Farmstead in a ruined building next to a pyramid of rubble
    • Bones at the Drow field headquarters
    • Adventurer's pack in the Temple area
  • NPC rewards: ML~20 items

Named Chest Drop

Last Edited Item Type Enhancements ML Bind Quests
  • Update 40
  • 5 years, 6 months, and 2 days
  • Cru121
Drow Piwafwi
Drow Piwafwi.png
Cloak  20 Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip or Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire The Battle for Eveningstar, End Chest ; Menace of the Underdark: The Darkening, Quest chain end reward
Drow Smoke Goggles
Drow Smoke Goggles.png
  • Spot -5Icon tooltip.pngSpot -5: Passive: -5 penalty to the Spot skill.
  • Blindness ImmunityIcon tooltip.pngBlindness Immunity: Grants its wearer immunity to blindness effects.
  • ManslayerIcon tooltip.pngManslayer: While wearing this item, your weapon attacks gain the devastating ability to defeat a humanoid opponent with a single decisive blow. On an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit a humanoid target will be killed. Powerful humanoids may resist the vorpal strike and instead take 100 points of damage until they have been sufficiently weakened.
  • Seeker +6Icon tooltip.png Seeker +6: Provides a +6 Enhancement bonus to confirm critical hits, and a +6 Enhancement bonus to critical hit damage (before multipliers are applied).
20 Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip or Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire The Battle for Eveningstar, End Chest ;
Menace of the Underdark: The Darkening, Quest chain end reward
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Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Collared Purple Dragon Knight( view
Collared Purple Dragon Knight.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠42Epic Elite Humanoid Human
Collared Villager( view
Collared Villager.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦15Epic Normal ♥17Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Humanoid Human
Draya Dun'Robar( view
Draya Dun'Robar.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦25Epic Normal ♥29Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drider( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Aberration Drider
Drow Archer( view
Drow Archer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥19Hard ♠23Elite ♦22Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Necromancer (Forgotten Realms)( view
Drow Necromancer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠42Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Priestess (Forgotten Realms)( view
Drow Priestess.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Slaver( view
Drow Slaver.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠42Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Warrior (Forgotten Realms)( view
Drow Warrior (FR).png
 • edit )
 ♥25Epic Hard Elf Drow Elf
Drow Zombie( view
Drow Zombie.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17/18Epic Normal ♥22Epic Hard ♠22Epic Elite Undead Zombie
Jevan( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Kal'anoth( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
Raised Dragon Knight( view
Raised Dragon Knight.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥28Epic Hard ♠37Epic Elite Undead Zombie
Raised War Wizard( view
Raised War Wizard.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal ♥28Epic Hard ♠44Epic Elite Undead Zombie
Red Weaver( view
Red Weaver.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦25Epic Normal ♥29Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Evil Outsider Demon
Skeletal Puppet( view
Skeletal Puppet.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Epic Normal ♥22Epic Hard ♠36Epic Elite Undead Skeleton
Slain Villager( view
Slain Villager.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Epic Normal ♥20Epic Hard ♠33Epic Elite Undead Zombie
Swarmhorde Spider( view
Swarmhorde Spider.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite ♦14Epic Normal ♥16Epic Hard ♠25Epic Elite Vermin Spider
Undead Necromancer( view
Undead Necromancer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Undead Zombie
Xyra Dun'Robar( view
Xyra Dun'Robar.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf