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Spell Absorption

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Name: Spell Absorption
Caster level: N/A
Charge: Varies
Target: Any harmful spell
Duration: Instantaneous
Found on:
  • Crystalline Gauntlets
    • 20 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/day: 10)
  • Mantle of the Worldshaper
    • 5 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/day: 1)
  • Epic Phiarlan Mirror Cloak
    • 5 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/day: 1)
  • Legendary Phiarlan Mirror Cloak
    • 20 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/day: 5)
  • Scarab of Spell Absorption
    • 50 Charges of spell level absorption (No recharge)
  • Pale Lavender Ioun Stone
    • 20 Charges spell level absorption (No recharge) [Suppressed]
    • 50 Charges spell level absorption (Recharged/day: 15) [Un-suppressed]
  • Jeweled Cloak
    • 5 Charges full spell absorption, ML12 & ML13 version (Recharged/day: 5)
    • 8 Charges full spell absorption, ML14 version (Recharged/day: 8)
    • 20 Charges full spell absorption, ML23 & ML24 version (Recharged/day: 10)
    • 25 Charges full spell absorption, ML25 version (Recharged/day: 10)
  • Magestar
    • 5 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/Day: 5) [Suppressed]
    • 10 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/Day: 10) [Un-suppressed]
  • The Two-Headed Platinum Piece
    • 50 Charges full spell absorption (Recharged/Day: 10)

This effect absorbs harmful spells targeted at the wearer.
This is a passive effect.


  • Although the cloaks posses like-named effects as the other items, their effect is different and more powerful: The others absorb spell levels - e.g. a level 9 spell will remove 9+ charges - whereas the cloaks absorb full spells, and regardless of the spell level, they will only lose 1 charge.
  • Certain powerful spells will remove a lot more charges than they should:
    • Meteor swarm: If hit by this you will lose a massive 45-72 charges! (Each fire meteor and bludgeon portion is tagged as 9 lvls. 9 × 5 = 45 - the maximum you could lose since scarabs/ions stones mostly only possess 50 charges... Leaving you with 5 charges after a single meteor swarm). The Mantle/Cloak would lose all 5 of its charges, as it acts like 8 separate spells.
    • Most any persistent AOE: Due to how they hit multiple times, they will quickly drain all your charges.
  • Certain non-harmful effects will be absorbed:
    • Bug: Equipping both Mantle of the Worldshaper and Pale Lavender Ioun Stone will mean only the last one equipped will work. Once depleted you will not get spell blocks from the first equipped item unless you re-equip.

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