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Mad Tea Party

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All Vallaki is a-buzz with the news. Lady Wachter has invited her life-long enemy, Baron Vallakovich, over for tea. Join the party and uncover what dark intrigues are brewing in Wachterhaus.

Mists of Ravenloft adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure packIcon tooltip.png: Mists of Ravenloft
A Mad Tea Party
Heroic level: 11
Epic level: 31
(considered Legendary)
Duration: Long
Heroic XP:  ♣1,732Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual ♦3,033Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥3,180Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠3,326Icon tooltip.pngElite
Epic XP:  ♣9,952Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual ♦17,005Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥17,423Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠17,841Icon tooltip.pngElite
Takes place in: The Town of Vallaki
Bestowed by: Jirko Lukresh
NPC contact: Jirko Lukresh
Quest acquired in: The Land of Barovia
Patron: Keepers of the Feather
Base favor: 6
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No
Map Mad Tea Party.png
Loading screen


Lady Fiona Wachter is having a tea party. You're invited - and so is Baron Vargas Vallakovich, her nemesis. Go to Wachterhaus and attend the party - the fate of Vallaki may hang in the balance.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Introduce yourself to Baron Vallakovich
  • Introduce yourself to Lady Wachter
  • Choose a side: Baron Vallakovich or Lady Wachter
  • Investigate the underground passage
  • Find a way into Baron Vallakovich’s manor
  • Thwart Lady Wachter's plans
  • Return to Baron Vallakovich
  • (Optional) Incriminate Lady Fiona Wachter — Bonus (30%): Heroic( ♣520 ♦910 ♥954 ♠998 ) Epic( ♣2,986 ♦5,102 ♥5,227 ♠5,352 )
  • (Optional) Make Izek Strazni disappear — Bonus (30%): Heroic( ♣520 ♦910 ♥954 ♠998 ) Epic( ♣2,986 ♦5,102 ♥5,227 ♠5,352 )
  • (Optional) Investigate the servant disappearances — Bonus (12%): Heroic( ♣208 ♦364 ♥382 ♠399 ) Epic( ♣1,194 ♦2,041 ♥2,091 ♠2,141 )
  • (Optional) Investigate the strange noise — Bonus (30%): Heroic( ♣520 ♦910 ♥954 ♠998 ) Epic( ♣2,986 ♦5,102 ♥5,227 ♠5,352 )
  • (Optional) Investigate the mirror — Bonus (30%): Heroic( ♣520 ♦910 ♥954 ♠998 ) Epic( ♣2,986 ♦5,102 ♥5,227 ♠5,352 )
  • (Optional) Betray both Lady Wachter and Baron Vallakovich — Bonus (30%): Heroic( ♣520 ♦910 ♥954 ♠998 ) Epic( ♣2,986 ♦5,102 ♥5,227 ♠5,352 )
  • (Optional) Cull the cultists — Bonus (33%): Heroic( ♣572 ♦1,001 ♥1,049 ♠1,098 ) Epic( ♣3,284 ♦5,612 ♥5,750 ♠5,888 )
  • (Optional) Slay the devils — Bonus (28%): Heroic( ♣485 ♦849 ♥890 ♠931 ) Epic( ♣2,787 ♦4,761 ♥4,878 ♠4,995 )

Known Traps

  • Dart trap behind the secret door in the fireplace; control panel is on the wall just inside.
  • Bookshelves at the other end are incredibly musty, to the point of poisoning you. No box, just be careful getting that collectible.

Tips and Misc

Lady Wachter's place
  • Go left, chat with Lady and Baron.
  • If you can unlock the door in the party room, you can chat with an optional NPC there. He gives you a blue key and promises to aid you later.
  • You can run around the rest of Wachter mansion to gather some incriminating evidence against her.
    • Her daughter is locked and insane, you can restore her sanity with a Restoration spell, Remove Disease, a potion of Remove curse, or Break Enchantment. A hireling with Restoration is a viable option here. Unyielding Sovereignty will NOT work. Neither will the Heal spell.
    • There is a Sealed Chest hidden behind a secret door in the fireplace of Fiona's Bedroom. It is not a lootable chest, but using it you get the clue "The chest is filled with human bones, an adult human skull among them. Carved into its forehead are the words, "Traitor to Zarovich crown" and "Rest In Torment""
    • Doing the three things above (chatting with Ernst Larnack; finding the bones; and restoring Stella Wachter's sanity) will complete the Incriminate Lady Fiona Wachter optional.
    • She brought cultists.
Underground tunnels. Abishais (Blue and Red), Orthons, and Bearded Devils await you.
  • Kill cultists and devils. Do puzzles. Instead of lighting the points, they must all be extinguished. There's a shrine.
  • Know Devils
    • DR/good
    • Blue Abashi regen.. probably the most difficult Mob in the quest
    • Blue Abashi lightning & blade barrier
    • Demons teleport to you.. & kill your mage who should be raining down Banishment (Wiz 7,AoE) or Dismissal (Wiz 5,Foe).. both on different timers
  • There might be reinforcements and ambush when you return from Baron's place. Kill them again.

Puzzle Op Siegebreaker.pngStarpuzzle.png

Baron's place
  • Izek Strazni is a brute, deal with him.
  • Baron's son is not nice, deal with him.
  • There is a mirror in one of the rooms which can be used to summon a shade to kill the Baron's wife.
Back to the party
  • Clear the tunnels and return to Wachter's place.
  • Get the Jeweled Key in the basement to unlock the Lady's room on the 2nd floor.
  • Party room is locked. You can persuade the Wachter sons to depart, or fight them (they'll leave after a certain amount of damage).
  • Deal with the Lady in her room. Get party room key.
  • Deal with Baron in the party room.

Sometimes Lady Wachter remains in the tunnels where she confronted you and doesn't return to the private library. You can still complete the quest, though. Once you've entered the library, she will activate; you just need to go to the tunnels to kill her and then return to the library to get the key.

Bonus XP

  • Aggression bonus: 116 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣173 ♦303 ♥318 ♠333 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 153 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣260 ♦455 ♥477 ♠499 )
  • Mischief bonus: 26 or more breakables smashed +8% Bonus.( ♣139 ♦243 ♥254 ♠266 )
  • Vandal bonus: 34 or more breakables smashed +10% Bonus.( ♣173 ♦303 ♥318 ♠333 )
  • Ransack bonus: 42 or more breakables smashed +15% Bonus.( ♣260 ♦455 ♥477 ♠499 )


  • Chests: Four
    • One in Fiona's Private Library after Thwarting Lady Wachter's plans
    • One in Victor's Room after killing Baronet Viktor Vallakovich
    • One in Tea Party room at the end of the quest
    • One extra in Tea Party room if you leave the Baron alive
  • Collectables: 15
    • 2 Bookshelves (lore) in the locked room off from the Tea Party room
    • Reagents Cabinet (arcane) in the secret room off from Fiona's bedroom (requires blue key)
    • Scroll Rack (arcane) in the secret room off from Fiona's bedroom
    • Alchemy Table (arcane) in the secret room off from Fiona's bedroom
    • 3 Scroll Racks (arcane) in the first room to the right off from the secret tunnel
    • 3 Scroll Racks and 1 Bookshelf (3 arcane, 1 lore) in the southern tunnel
    • 2 Scroll Racks (arcane) in Fiona's private library (boss battle)
    • Bookshelf (lore) in Fiona's private library
  • NPC rewards:

Named Chest Drop

Mad Tea Party loot


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Fiona Wachter(view)
Fiona Wachter.jpg
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Izek Strazni(view)
Izek Strazni.jpg
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Native Outsider Tiefling
Renegade Summoner(view)
Renegade Summoner.jpg
 ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Vargas Vallakovich(view)
Vargas Vallakovich.jpg
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Viktor Vallakovich(view)
Viktor Vallakovich.jpg
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Joy Dog.jpg
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Animal Dog
 ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite Animal Dog
Death Slaad(view)
Death Slaad.jpg
 ♠18Icon tooltip.pngElite Outsider Slaad
House Guard(view)
House Guard.jpg
 ♠16Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Infernal Blue Abishai(view)
Infernal Blue Abishai.jpg
 ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite Evil Outsider Abishai
Infernal Red Abishai(view)
Red Abishai.jpg
 ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite Evil Outsider Abishai
Summoned Orthon(view)
Summoned Orthon.jpg
 ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite Evil Outsider Devil
Summoned Water Elemental(view)
Water Elemental.jpg
 ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite Elemental Water Elemental
Wachterhaus Cultist(view)
Wachterhaus Cultist.jpg
 ♠16Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Wachterhaus Magus(view)
Wachterhaus Magus.jpg
 ♠16Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Wachterhaus Mortifer(view)
Wachterhaus Mortifer.jpg
 ♠16Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human
Yeoman Archer(view)
Yeoman Archer.jpg
 ♠16Icon tooltip.pngElite Humanoid Human

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