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Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Pit Fiend (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦29Normal ♥33Hard ♠39Elite ♦35Epic Normal

Attack: Spellcasting - See below

Special Qualities: 

  • HP:  ♦~130,000Normal ♥~170,000Hard ♠~230,000Elite
  • AC:  ♦42Normal
  • DR:  ♦15Normal ♥15Hard ♠20Elite/Silver+Good
  • Fortification:  ♦50%Normal ♥65%Hard ♠80%Elite (Developer Confirmation)
  • Saves: Normal: Fort 35+, Will 35+, Reflex 27+
  • Feats: Maximize, Empower, Enlarge.
  • Resists/Immunities: Immunity to curses, fire, poison and Symbol of Weakness. Resistance to acid  ♦30Normal and cold  ♦50Normal ♠80Elite
  • Spell Resistance:  ♦32Normal ♥32Hard ♠32Elite
  • Intimidate DC:  ♦~40Normal ♥~45Hard ♠~55Elite


Description: Nythirios <Master of Shadows> is one of the raid bosses of the Tower of Despair area, introduced in Module 9. Nythirios is encountered on the second level of the tower.

Spells Known

Save DC ~28-36

Additional Spells/Special Abilities

Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source

Every Pit Fiend and Horned Devil raid boss' fortification is currently 50% on normal, 65% on hard, and 80% on elite. Epic Velah's fortification is 50%. Epic Lailat's fortification is 80%. Even the Lord of Blades left his heavy fort item at home, and is sitting at 80% (even though he really should have the Improved Fort feat).

If people are working together to reduce fortification, those numbers are able to be significantly lowered or even reduced all the way to zero, and all of the physical DPS goes up.

Additional Images

Nythirios in action