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Bastion of Power

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Horoth himself commanded the Legion of the Iron Maw before becoming First General. Those who serve in this Legion are the most loyal and dedicated of Horoth's followers.

The Devils of Shavarath adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Devils of Shavarath
Bastion of Power
Heroic level: 19
Epic level: None
Duration: long
Heroic XP:  ♣4,118Solo/Casual ♦7,114Normal ♥7,364Hard ♠7,615Elite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: The Iron Maw
Bestowed by: Awan
NPC contact: Awan
Quest acquired in: Amrath
Patron: The Yugoloth
Base favor: 7
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No
M bastion of power.png
Loading screen


Awan of the Yugoloth tells you that the Devil fortress known as the Iron Maw has never been conquered, despite eons of battle. If it were to fall, the Devils would surely be at each others throats over such a catastrophe. Awan wants you to infiltrate the Iron Maw through a long forgotten passage, and then open its gate to the Demon Horde outside. After the Demons and Devils annihilate each other, you are to eliminate any survivors, thereby preventing the Devils from learning how the Iron Maw fell.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Open the fortress gates
  • Find and slay Erisande
  • Slay all the remaining Demons
  • Find your way to the courtyard
  • Find your way upstairs
  • Find your way to the battlements
  • Find your way inside the keep

What to Expect

  • Trap (fixed, doesn't require rogue skills to be disarmed)
  • Point of no return
  • Overlapping floors
  • Mazes (random layouts)
  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Randomly placed levers (mandatory: 2 on the bottom of the first floor)

Known Traps

  • Spikes at the gateway leads to 2nd floor
  • Several Gelatinous Cube ambush

Tips and Misc

Walkthrough from Shade: Pretty straight forward hack and slash quest. Be sure to have some melee DPS and basic healing. Nothing too hard. No real class recommendations other than some melee, any should work well. The quest has many portals that spawn monsters; you can destroy them if you like, but that's entirely optional and provides no bonus for doing so.

First level: find the 2 levers to open the S gate. Go through the south gate. Do NOT approach the south gate until the two levers have been found and pulled, as there is a massive spike trap around the gate pressure plate that is not disabled until the two levers are pulled. Upstairs, and find your way to the SW corner of the map (directly above the entrance) to get to the next level.

Second level: find your way to the SW corner of the map upstairs to get to the next level (to the right and upstairs from where you first enter).

Third level: pull the levers on either side of the shrine to open the gate, go upstairs, and pull a lever to then proceed to final battle. Make sure all party member go through at the top of the stairs at the same time, a gate will come down and lock others out. Make sure to destroy the portals at this level; if left alive, they may cause white-dotting of bosses in the end fight. DDO Forums [UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Make sure to destroy the portals at this level; if left alive, they may cause white-dotting of bosses in the end fight. DDO Forums " has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

End Fight:
This is a moderately challenging fight against a Horned Devil who can cast reverse gravity. He has several trash mobs which respawn fairly quickly. You can either beat him down quickly, or go for a more complicated approach to get a bonus chest:

As the boss's hit points go down, he will cast reverse gravity at 75%/50%/25% hp left. You should have some people in the room below the red banners. These characters attempt to get up to the platforms above to light the 3 runes. Once the third rune is lit, Erisandes will die instantly and the extra chest will be available after the quest is complete. Make sure to kill the portals, as the devils they spawn can toggle the runes.

After Erisandes is dead, the Demons will attack you. This is a moderately difficult fight as the Marilith can hit very hard. However her attacks are infrequent and she can be DPS'd down very fast. Melee, Firewall or Blade Barriers all work fine, just ignore her trash mobs and beat her down quickly. Note that she seems to be immune to Sneak Attack; so rogues will be at a disadvantage. If your group has a caster, hitting the trash mobs with Flesh to Stone can really make the fight easier. Also note the spell Waves of Exhaustion will greatly lower Keradi's movement speed, making her much easier to kite.

It seems the longer the fight goes on the more responsive Keradi becomes (attacking more often), so kill her quickly to ensure victory.

To unlock the "lightning" locked chest in Bastion of Power requires someone to get onto the platform above the chest and "light" the switch located there. To accomplish this you wait for the "Anti-Gravity" effect the boss does and go for it then. (DDO Forums)

Video Walkthrough:

  • Spyderwolf's Youtube Video Quest Walkthrough Part 1
  • Spyderwolf's Youtube Video Quest Walkthrough Part 2
  • Spyderwolf's Youtube Video Quest Walkthrough Part 3

Bonus XP

  • Discreet bonus: 22 or fewer monsters killed +5% Bonus.( ♣206 ♦356 ♥368 ♠381 )


  • Chests: 7
    • 1 locked (can spawn in multiple locations) - (Lock DC)
    • 1 for killing Kroxgeel (Troll, can spawn in multiple locations)
    • 1 for killing the Quartermaster (Bearded Devil, can spawn in multiple locations)
    • 1 found at the top of the second floor (opened by shooting at 3 fast resetting levers found directly below the chest, at the bottom of the second floor)
    • 2 at the end for killing Erisandes and Keradi (Horned Devil and Marilith)
    • 1 at the end (hitting all 3 switches above, using the Horned Devil's reverse gravity, is required)
  • Collectables: none
  • NPC rewards: Standard, up to level16 weapon/armor.

Named Chest Drop

All Minimum Level 18, Bind to Character


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Barbazu Shock Trooper(view)
Barbazu Shock Trooper.png
 ♠29Elite Evil Outsider Devil
 ♦22Normal ♠32Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Fiendish Gnoll Skirmisher(view)
Fiendish Gnoll Skirmisher.png
 ♠28Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Fiendish Gnoll Sorcerer(view)
Fiendish Gnoll Sorcerer.png
 ♠28Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Garrison Hellhound(view)
Garrison Hellhound.jpg
 ♠26Elite Evil Outsider Hellhound
Gelatinous Cube(view)
Gelatinous Cube.jpg
 ♦18Normal ♠6/23Elite Ooze Gelatinous Cube
Greater Bezekira(view)
Greater Bezekira.jpg
 ♠29Elite Evil Outsider Devil
CRs missing! Evil Outsider Demon
Jarilith Raider(view)
Jarilith Raider.jpg
 ♠28Elite Evil Outsider Demon
Monster Jarilith official.gif
 ♦13Normal ♥21Hard Evil Outsider Demon
 ♦23Normal ♥27Hard ♠33Elite Evil Outsider Demon
Orthon Defender(view)
Orthon Defender.jpg
 ♠28Elite Evil Outsider Devil
 ♦21Normal ♠31Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Sergeant Kroxgeel(view)
Sergeant Kroxgeel.jpg
 ♦21Normal ♠31Elite Giant Troll
Tiefling Bowman(view)
Tiefling Bowman.jpg
 ♠25Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Cleric(view)
Tiefling Cleric.jpg
 ♠26Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Infantryman(view)
Tiefling Infantryman.jpg
 ♠25Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Rogue(view)
Tiefling Rogue.jpg
 ♠26Elite Evil Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Spellthrower(view)
Tiefling Spellthrower.jpg
 ♠25Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Unstable Planar Gateway(view)
Unstable Planar Gateway.png
0 Construct Inanimate Object