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Vaklos Halmar

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Vaklos Halmar.jpg

Name: Vaklos Halmar

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Fire on Thunder Peak

Location: The Thunder Peaks

Description: <Prisoner>

Notes: He is a former cultist that ran away when Aurgloroasa made a deal with Netheril. He got captured once he stepped out of Thunderholme and is being kept prisoner by the Purple Dragon Knights. He is willing to aid on the weakening of the dracolich, as long as you can get a magic gem first.

Fire on Thunder Peak[edit]

When you talk to him, he will reply:

  • Vaklos Halmar: You there! Do you wish to strike against Aurgloroasa? Of course you do - why else are you here, out in the cold and beyond the safety of your borders?
  • Vaklos Halmar: Well then, I can help you. I can tell you how to bring down the Dracolich's most loyal servants.
  • Vaklos Halmar: You should begin with Dagan the Death Knight. Even now he and his lackeys are working against Cormyr.
    • You: And who is this Dagan?
      • Vaklos Halmar: Why the ruler of Thunderholme, of course! Or so he was, once. That was before Aurgloroasa drove him mad and made him betray his city and his people.
      • Vaklos Halmar: As his reward for all this, the Dracolich killed him and transformed him into her undead servant. Now the Death Knight wanders the ruined halls, ruler over nothing more than dust and bones.
        • You: Dagan must be destroyed if Thunderholme is ever to know peace. Where can I find him? (see below)
    • You: What is this Death Knight up to? And where can I find him?
      • Vaklos Halmar: Dagan and his fellow undead are mining for Aurgloroasa.
      • Vaklos Halmar: You see, the Dracolich wants to restart Thunderholme's ancient forges. For that she needs a fresh supply of ore and ingots. With them she'll forge weapons for an army - and that army will flood into your precious Cormyr the instant her Netherese allies say the word!
      • Vaklos Halmar: You'll find Dagan mining somewhere in the upper ruins. Destroy him, then return to me. Then we can talk about some of Aurgloroasa's more powerful followers.
        • You: I'll take care of the Death Knight (Bestow quest)

After you defeat Dagan and return, he will say the following:

  • Vaklos Halmar: Ah, the one who destroyed Dagan! Tell me, did you find a red gem on his body? Good, good! You will need it to slay the Red Dragons.
  • Vaklos Halmar: Dagan and the other undead are the least of Aurgloroasa's allies, you see. Nevalarich and Thraxata - these dragons are the true source of her power. With them by her side, she can extend her reach from the Thunder Peaks all the way to the Moonsea.
  • Vaklos Halmar: And if those dragons were to be slain - well then, Aurgloroasa's grip over Sembia would weaken and fade.
    • You: All right then, I'll kill the Red Dragons.
      • Vaklos Halmar: Slowly now! Killing two Red Dragons at once is no small thing. you will need many allies for this task, so prepare well.
      • Vaklos Halmar: And further, these Dragons guard the Stone Meridian. This is a dwarven artifact that amplifies the power of magic. Yet now you have Dagan's gem! The gem controls the Meridian, so now you can use the artifact against the Dragons.
      • Vaklos Halmar: The Dragons make their lair high atop the mountain's peak. The only way to reach it is to explore the upper parts of the ruins, and find the old dwarven stair that leads to the Mountain Summit. Now go fulfill your foredestined task!
    • You: And why do you want to weaken Aurgloroasa?
      • Vaklos Halmar: She's made a deal with the Netherese! Destiny does not lie with the Dracolich in any case - but with this Netherese blunder she has sealed her fate. No, Aurgloroasa's time must end, and end now.
        • You: Why is making a deal with the Netherese such a big thing?
          • Vaklos Halmar: I was born and bred in Sembia! Once I thought that the Cult of the Dragon could gain control of Sembia, that Sembia would be the nation that welcomed our destiny with open arms ... But now Netheril has made Sembia her puppet. We must do whatever our imperial masters say, whether it accords with the profecy or not.
          • Vaklos Halmar: No, anything is better than that slavery. Even helping a dog from Cormyr is better, if it means being rid of Netheril!
            • You: All right then, I'll kill the Red Dragons. (See above)

Talking to him after acquiring the raid, but before completion, will make him say:

  • Vaklos Halmar: Go inside the ruins, find the path to the Mountain Summit, and slay those two Dragons!

On completion of raid, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Vaklos Halmar: ??????????

After completing the raid and take the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Vaklos Halmar: ??????????