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Shavarath is the Plane of Battle, where Devils, Archons, and Demons wage eternal war. Amrath, an island of rock hewn from the battlefield and levitated by Yugoloth magic, looms over it.

Amrath is a public area located on the plane of Shavarath. It was introduced in Module 9. Since Update 27, this location is accessible to free to play players. Shavarath Environmental Effects constantly affect characters while in Amrath.

Amrath map
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How to reach Amrath[edit]

You can access Amrath by contacting a Planescaller

Points of interest[edit]

The Yugoloth outpost of Amrath is divided into small flat areas with various NPC's on each, all connected by a rough path and suspension bridges. Most of these NPC's serve some in-game function, but many are purely for color. You enter southeast, in an area that lies between the Enforcer's Prison and the Refuge.

  • Note: There is no "recalling" from Amrath, but there are two Planescallers to take you back "home"; one in the Entry Area (to the Gatekeepers' Grove), and one in Expedition Outpost (to the Tower of the Twelve).

Entry Area (southeast)[edit]

Unlike the other areas in Amrath, this area is not separately labeled.

  • Class trainers: Barbarian, Ranger & Rogue

The Enforcer's Prison (east)[edit]

  • (Cave (prison gate): Klath <Enforcer Executor>)
  • Class trainers: Alchemist*, Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard & Warlock
(* not labeled on map)

Refuge of the Mad Archon (south)[edit]

  • Class trainers: Artificer, Druid, Fighter, Monk & Paladin
  • (Cave: Thuriel, a Lantern Archon)

The Yugoloth Emporium (north)[edit]

  • An outdoor establishment in the northern part of Amrath containing:
(* Health potions and Haste potions are not available)
  • Seles - Spirit Binder
  • Kleetus - Auctioneer
  • Broiv - Tavernkeep
  • Orien Lightning Post - Mailbox

At the Emporium, the path splits as you go counter-clockwise; staying low (outside) leads to the Refuge of the Mad Archon and then back around to the entry area, taking the path up (inside) leads to the Expedition Outpost and then the Summit.

Expedition Outpost[edit]

If one follows the trail up (north) from the Outpost, they reach The Summit.

The Summit[edit]

To get directly to the Summit, one can also jump off the side of any path or ledge and wait a few moments, and they will be teleported to The Summit.

Adventure Packs[edit]

The Devils of Shavarath[edit]

Quest NameQuest LevelBase FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
A New Invasion197The Yugoloth
Genesis Point198The Yugoloth
Bastion of Power197The Yugoloth
Sins of Attrition197The Yugoloth
Tower of Despair208The Yugoloth
Wrath of the Flame196The Twelve
The Weapons Shipment196The Twelve
Total7 Quests49 

Trials of the Archons[edit]

Quest NameQuest LevelBase FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
The Archons' Trial13/306The Gatekeepers
Defiler of the Just309The Gatekeepers
Demon Assault13/306The Gatekeepers
The Devil's Details13/306The Gatekeepers
Total4 Quests27 
 ♣39,077Epic Casual
 ♦84,458Epic Normal
 ♥86,592Epic Hard
 ♠88,740Epic Elite