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A raid is a highly difficult and tactically challenging quest designed for 12 players with great rewards of experience points, treasure and more--if you survive its dangers.

A raid zone is a wilderness adventure area with raid characteristics.

Special rules[edit]

Raids are meant to be the most challenging content in the game. Raids have special rules and restrictions that you won't find in other quests:

  • You can take up to 12 players into a raid, versus the usual limit of 6 for standard quests.
  • You cannot bring hirelings into raids.
  • You cannot use certain DDO Store items in raids: Siberys Spirit Cakes (simply because the cake is a lie), Ethereal Rest Shrines or Summoned Repair Shops.
  • Difficulty Scaling is disabled in raids. Whether one player or 12 players enter the raid, the enemy difficulty remains the same.
  • Raids cannot be run on Casual difficulty - Normal or higher only.
  • For many raids, re-entry is blocked out at some point in the raid. Be careful not to release if you're unsure of the lockout mechanic. Four raids are exceptions to this rule: Tempest's Spine, The Chronoscope, Hound of Xoriat, and Caught in the Web.
  • The Chronoscope has one special ability unique to any other raid: Should you die and release, you will return to The Rusty Nail tavern instance within the raid itself.

Flagging and other prerequisites[edit]

Most raids in DDO require the player character to complete prerequisite quests—that is, to be flagged before you may enter a specific raid. The Chronoscope and Tempest's Spine are some examples of raids that don't require flagging.

As with most quests, raids have a minimum level requirement necessary for the quest to grant experience points to the character.

In addition to a flagging requirement, some raids may require gathering of ingredients or collectibles as "keys," in a sense, that also qualify you to enter a raid.

Raids often contain specialized ingredients for things such as Green Steel items as well as much of the game's very specialized and useful raid loot.

For an overview for every raid visit Help! Am I Raid Ready.


Some raids have what's known as a pre-raid, a six-player quest that serves as a final key to entering a raid. Earlier versions of some DDO adventures required pre-raids to be completed before entering a raid—even if the player had completed the pre-raid before their last adventure into the me raid. The Against the Demon Queen adventure is one example, consisting of a pre-raid and the raid itself (although Against the Demon Queen now only requires the pre-raid to be completed once per life.)

Pre-raids are a bit challenging because it requires potential raid parties to split into two 6-party groups to complete the pre-raid separately, then reunite for the raid itself.

List of Raids[edit]

Name of Raid Heroic
Adventure Pack Flagging Requirements
Tempest's Spine 10 - Free To Play No flagging required. edit
The Reaver's Fate 14 - Ruins of Gianthold Complete Madstone Crater, Prison of the Planes, A Cabal for One, then Gianthold Tor. edit
Plane of Night 10 22 Vault of Night Complete The Vault of Night. You can only enter this raid from within that one. edit
The Titan Awakes 12 - The Restless Isles Complete The Twilight Forge. You can only enter this raid from within that one. edit
Zawabi's Revenge 12 22 Demon Sands The Chamber of Raiyum, An Offering of Blood, and the Chains of Flame, and the items from each (turned into Zawabi), then the pre-raid quest Against the Demon Queen. (The item from Chains of Flame is exchanged for the one for Zawabi when you turn in the quest.) edit
A Vision of Destruction 18 - The Vale of Twilight No flagging required. edit
Hound of Xoriat 18 - The Vale of Twilight No flagging required. edit
Ascension Chamber 17 - The Necropolis, Part 4 A completed Sigil: Frame and the four paths of the Litany of the Dead pre-raid quest. edit
Tower of Despair 20 - The Devils of Shavarath A New Invasion, Bastion of Power, Genesis Point, & Sins of Attrition. Boots of Anchoring, The Banhammer or items with many charges of Spell Absorption are pretty much vital to avoid being kicked out of the end fight. Visiting the entrance beforehand and speaking to the NPC in the tunnels to upgrade your Amrath portal will save you a run through the wilderness. edit
The Chronoscope 6 21 Devil Assault No flagging required. edit
The Twilight Forge 11 - The Restless Isles A completed Sigil of Dal Quor. Having someone on hand who can cast Greater Teleport will also save you a run through the wilderness. edit
The Shroud 17 - The Vale of Twilight Per The Thirteenth Eclipse: Running with the Devils, Rainbow in the Dark, Ritual Sacrifice, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, The Coalescence Chamber, and complete a Shavarath Signet Stone. edit
The Codex and the Shroud - 32 The Vale of Twilight Complete To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death in Meridia. edit
Legendary Hound of Xoriat - 32 Free To Play No flagging required. edit
Legendary Tempest's Spine - 32 Free To Play No flagging required. edit
The Fall of Truth - 25 Ruins of Gianthold Complete Return to Madstone Crater, Return to Prison of the Planes, Return to Cabal for One, then Return to Gianthold Tor. edit
Caught in the Web - 24 Menace of the Underdark All Menace of the Underdark quests. edit
Fire on Thunder Peak - 30 Shadow Under Thunderholme Defeat Dagan in The Ruins of Thunderholme. edit
Defiler of the Just - 30 Trials of the Archons The Archons' Trial, Demon Assault, The Devil's Details edit
Riding the Storm Out - 32 Dragonblood Prophecy No flagging required. edit
The Curse of Strahd - 32 Mists of Ravenloft Complete the following chains in order (quests within chains can be completed in any order): edit
Old Baba's Hut - 32 Mists of Ravenloft No flagging required. However, unless your soul is currently bound to a spirit binder in one of the three public areas in Barovia, you must complete Into the Mists once on your current life to get to the entrance. edit
Killing Time - 32 Dragonblood Prophecy No flagging required. edit
Too Hot to Handle - 32 Masterminds of Sharn Complete all quests from Masterminds of Sharn Part One and Part Two. The Cogs quests are not required. edit
Project Nemesis - 32 Masterminds of Sharn No flagging required. edit
Legendary Vision of Destruction - 32 The Vale of Twilight No flagging required. edit
Legendary Master Artificer - 32 Secrets of the Artificers No flagging required. edit
Legendary Lord of Blades - 32 Secrets of the Artificers No flagging required. edit
Temple of the Deathwyrm - 30 Shadow Under Thunderholme Defeat Sarva Bellistrae in The Ruins of Thunderholme. edit
The Mark of Death - 30 The Necropolis, Part 4 Complete epic version of Desecrated Temple of Vol, Flesh Maker's Laboratory, Inferno of the Damned, and Ghosts of Perdition. edit
The Dryad and the Demigod - 32 Fables of the Feywild No flagging required. If you have not visited Wynwood Hall before on your current life, you will need to run there through the wilderness, unless your soul is bound there. edit
The Lord of Blades 20 - Secrets of the Artificers No flagging required. edit
The Master Artificer 19 - Secrets of the Artificers No flagging required. edit
The Vault of Night 10 22 Vault of Night Vault of Night (story arc): Tharashk Arena (VoN1), The Prisoner (VoN2), Gateway to Khyber/The Jungle of Khyber (VoN3), and Haywire Foundry (VoN4). edit
Hunt or Be Hunted - 32 Hunter and Hunted No flagging required. edit
Skeletons in the Closet - 34 The Isle of Dread No flagging required. However, unless you have an expansion teleport item or your soul is bound in the Village of Tanaroa, you must enter Captive of the Hidden God and run through a small section of the Isle of Dread to get to the entrance if you haven't completed the quest this life. (You do not need to complete the quest, as a door in the entrance area leads straight to the wilderness.) edit
Fire Over Morgrave - 34 Vecna Unleashed No flagging required. edit
The Chronoscope (Legendary) - 32 Devil Assault No flagging is required. edit

Completing a raid, end-reward loot and raid timers[edit]

A raid often has the most experience points, loot and Favor you will encounter in the game.

In addition to loot found in the many chests while in the raid itself, all raids, as with most normal quests, have end-reward loot available from the NPC quest giver. Picking up this end-reward immediately after completing a raid is extremely important, and not just for the benefit of named loot.

Every raid (except for Tempest's Spine) has a raid timer that prohibits a character from repeating the raid for 2 days and 18 hours from its last completion. The raid timer begins AFTER you have received your end-reward loot from the quest giver, so it's very important to speak to the quest giver immediately after a raid. Else, three days might have passed for you, but to the quest giver, you haven't fully completed the last adventure and must wait 3 more days before re-entering a particular raid.

You can type /quest in your chat window to get a list of all raid lockouts you currently have. The Raid Timer Bypass Hourglass, purchased from the DDO Store, can circumvent the raid's timer.

Repeating raids is a good thing[edit]

Main article: Raid loot mechanic
20th Completion
  • Raids have another special counter that records how many times a character has entered and completed a specific raid.
  • Characters who complete their 20th run in many raids will often be given access to select one item from the entire named raid loot list of that raid from the end-reward list.
  • In addition, some raids will also give tomes that permanently increase your abilities, like Strength or Wisdom.
  • The Shroud raid provides one rare ingredient that is prized for Green Steel wearers: a "Cleansing Essence" that allows the use of more than one Green Steel accessory (not weapon) without succumbing to the Taint of Shavarath, which slowly kills you without the use of the Essence.
  • The special reward repeats every 20th cycle, at 40 completions and 60 completions.
  • To check on how many times that a character has completed a raid while actually in-progress inside that raid, look on the XP summary from the quest objectives window.
  • When you're not in the raid and need to know how many times you've completed one, type in /raid completions (displays only raids) or /quest completions in your chat window to show a list of all raids completed.
  • To see all raid timers marking elapsed time remaining before you can re-enter, type in /quest in your chat window.
  • Epic vs Heroic: Running particular raid 20 times - all on epic difficulties - adds 5-7 epic shards to the 20th completion reward list.
Raid runes
  • Newer, higher level raids don't offer 20th completion special reward. Instead, the end chest contains raid runes. Higher difficulties award more runes. Runes are BtA. Players can turn in the runes for raid loot.

End game raids[edit]

With Update 41, high epic and legendary raids were reorganized into four tiers. The raising of the level cap in Update 55 was shortly followed by a fifth tier. These raids don't offer 20th special completion, but they drop raid runes. Additionally, Threads of Fate drop in these raids.

Tier Raids Loot
Tier 1 Defiler of the Just
Fire on Thunder Peak
Temple of the Deathwyrm
The Mark of Death
All named raid loot is minimum level 26.
Awards +6 Ability Tomes and +5 to +6 Ability Upgrade Tomes.
Tier 2 Legendary Hound of Xoriat
Legendary Shroud
Legendary Tempest's Spine
Riding the Storm Out
All named raid loot is minimum level 27.
Legendary Greensteel's minimum level and overall crafting system remains unchanged.
Awards +7 Ability Tomes and +6 to +7 Ability Upgrade Tomes.
Tier 3 Killing Time
Old Baba's Hut
The Curse of Strahd
All named raid loot is minimum level 28.
Awards +8 Ability Tomes, +7 to +8 Ability Upgrade Tomes, +1 Racial Action Point Tomes.
Tier 4 Too Hot to Handle
Project Nemesis
Legendary Vision of Destruction
Legendary Lord of Blades
Legendary Master Artificer
The Dryad and the Demigod
Hunt or Be Hunted
The Chronoscope (Legendary)
All named raid loot is minimum level 29 (30 for Legendary Chronoscope.)
Awards +8 Ability Tomes, +3 Tomes of Fate.
Tier 5 Skeletons in the Closet
Fire Over Morgrave
All named raid loot is minimum level 31.
Awards +8 Ability Tomes, at a slightly higher rate than Tiers 3 and 4.

Essentials for entering any raid[edit]

New players to raids can start with the article, "What should I bring to a raid?" for the material basics for both your game and your character.

Once you think you will meet the raid's needs, see "Help! Am I Raid Ready?" for summary information on the tactical needs of each raid.

You might be interested as well in how loot is distributed in a typical raid.