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The Titan Awakes

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Bright lights illuminate a vast chamber. The air fills with the smell of ozone and the sound of electricity arcing from strange magical devices. What is this place?

The Restless Isles adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure packIcon tooltip.png: The Restless Isles
The Titan Awakes
Heroic level: 12
Epic level: None
Duration: Long
Heroic XP:  ♦2,620Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥2,740Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠2,860Icon tooltip.pngElite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Twilight Forge Core
Bestowed by: Ostler Caulstone
NPC contact: Ostler Caulstone
Quest acquired in: Restless Isles
Patron: The Free Agents
Base favor: 6
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No
M titan awakes.png
Loading screen


This quest continues on from the end of the Twilight Forge quest.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


What to Expect

  • Overlapping floors
  • Traps (fixed, undisarmable)
  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Requires extra player(s) (mandatory)
  • Quest failure (if more than 2 out of 8 pillars are dropped without hitting the Titan)

Known Traps

  • Laser

Tips and Misc

There are five main jobs in The Titan Awakes:

  1. Gun/Laser: This person operates the Laser Control Station, located in the north of the room above from where the party enters, moving it into position and firing when instructed.
  2. Pillar Bottoms: MCKAIcon tooltip.pngMore commonly known as Lumberjack: This person is responsible for preparing the bottoms of the 8 pillars. Usual tactic is to bring them down to ~20-30% health until they are needed to knock the Warforged Titan down. This party member should be relatively self sufficient as they will be in regular contact with the Warforged Titan boss and will suffer the brunt of its attacks. This is also the best person to instruct the Laser operator as to where to move the Gun. Using a one handed weapon turned out to be the safest action.
  3. Bottom Crystal Runner: Responsible for retrieving crystals from the ground floor crystal synthesizer, located in the south of the room, to power the laser. There are small Warforged mobs in this room. A good tactic is to Sneak just far enough into the room to click on the crystal synthesizer and grab a crystal. The bottom room locks after the 2nd successful hit of the Titan, and re-opens after the 4th successful hit: if the Bottom Crystal Runner can survive while locked inside the bottom room they can pick up 3 power crystals before being let out (one after each shot).
  4. Top Pillar Killers: The usual method involves taking the tops of the pillars down to zero health. The tops can be reached by taking 2 ladders in the East of the room, running around a walkway on the second level, then taking another ladder in the northwest up to the catwalk. The tops are easily hit from this vantage point. If you stand on an intersection of the catwalks you cannot be knocked onto the floor, since the Titan's knockdown only ever throws you in a cardinal direction. The pillar tops can be taken down with ranged attacks or with certain spells, such as Disintegrate. Note that Disintegrate will NOT bring them to zero health, even if it looks like they have no HP left. They will need a physical ranged attack to properly "kill" them.They are still "prepped" even if not "killed", though, as long as they are at 0 HP.
  5. Top Crystal Runner: Basically the same job as the Bottom Crystal Runner, except there are no mobs in this room. This person can collect a crystal, and run along the catwalks to the Laser Control Station.
  • When the party first arrives, make the job assignments and buff up. Don't summon pets and make sure no pet procs (Necklace of Mystic Eidolons) because they will attack the pillars. The Resonating Infusers on the walls send sparks out when anyone carries a Power Crystal near them: on party members they cast Enhanced Inflict Critical Wounds, Slow, and Hold Person; on the Warforged Titan they cast Haste, Bull's Strength, and Bear's Endurance; on enemy Warforged they cast Haste, Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, and Repair (they do not Repair the Warforged Titan). So, party members should get Death Ward and Freedom of Movement to negate the Resonating Infusers' spells.
  • After you are buffed and ready, most/all of the party should move up the East wall and into the catwalks to kill the tops of all 8 pillars. Then, drop down onto the floor under the laser and wait for the Titan to move under the laser. Range or otherwise attack the Titan and bring it down to 80% health, but be careful not to hit the bottoms of the pillars while doing so.
  • At 80% health or lower, the Warforged Titan will gain shields that will make it invulnerable to normal damage (melee, ranged, spellcasting, etc.). This is where the Laser and the pillars come in. The goal is to position the Titan in such a way that you can knock him over with a pillar, and hit him with the Laser while he lies prone. After a power crystal is placed into the gun, the Laser operator has up to 2 minutes to position and fire the Laser before losing power and requiring another crystal. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE POWER BEFORE TAKING DOWN A PILLAR AND ATTEMPTING A SHOT. The Titan is vulnerable to normal damage after being hit with 6 pillars (20% health); you have 8 pillars available, which allows for two "misses". Miss more than 2 times, and it's Game Over.
  • So, once the Titan is positioned well and you have it down to 80% health, you have two choices in strategy. Because the aggro of the Titan is completely random and switches every few minutes. If the aggro switches to someone on the floor level it will move to them and melee attack; if it switches to someone above floor level, it will stay in one place on the floor. So, when you want to move the Titan everyone should stand where you want it to move to (under the laser) and...
    1. ...clear the floor of everyone but the Bottom Crystal Runner and the Lumberjack. All others can hang from the top rung of a ladder either at the North end of the room or the East wall. The Gunner and Lumberjack should pause immediately if anyone extra is on the floor level or if the Titan is moving.
    2. an alternative strategy to the ladder piking is that everyone without a job gathers under the laser to make sure the Titan stays close. BUT they have to jump away when the pillar starts to drop or else they'll die.
  • MAKE SURE you are not in the path of a pillar when it is falling OR the Laser when it is being fired, or YOU WILL DIE. This includes a warning to the Lumberjack person: BACK AWAY after you knock down the pillar. Always face in the direction that you want the pillar to fall; in other words, have the pillar directly between you and the Titan when you are ready to take it down, so it falls in the desired direction. ALWAYS make sure the Laser is in the same 3x3 grid as the Titan before taking down the pillar (the floor tiles form "grids" that can be used to position the Laser). When he is knocked down, call to the Gun operator to FIRE and BACK AWAY from where the Laser hits. If you score a successful hit with the Laser, a DM text will show ("A blazing ruby beam strikes the Warforged Titan with tremendous force.")
  • Once the Titan is hit with 6 pillars/lasers, a DM text will show ("The titan's shields blink out of existence!"). It's time to finish him off!
  • Bug: Sometimes pillars will fall without being attacked by the player at all (possibly by being killed by another falling pillar). Also, the small Warforged from the bottom crystal room can damage the pillars by attacking you when you are standing near the pillars. So don't prep the pillars lower than 20%.
  • There is a graphic bug that won't show the red dot from the laser on the floor in the right position. If this occurs just tilt to "watch" the top/ceiling and then back down to the laser point on the floor and it should be in the right position. This is important for the laser operator since he/she has to move the laser to the right position.

External links

Bonus XP


  • Chests: One normal chest and one Warded Chest with the chance to drop Raid Loot.
  • NPC rewards: Random items, choice of some raid items with a 20th completion.

Named Chest Drop


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Warforged Titan(view)
Warforged Titan.png
 ♠20Icon tooltip.pngElite Construct Warforged Titan
Ancient Warforged(view)
Ancient Warforged.jpg
 ♠9Icon tooltip.pngElite Living Construct Warforged

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