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Thela Bonmar

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Thela Bonmar.jpg

Name: Thela Bonmar

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Temple of the Deathwyrm

Location: The Thunder Peaks

Description: <Prisoner>

Notes: She is a former cultist that ran away when she noticed it was very close for Aurgloroasa to win. She got captured once she stepped out of Thunderholme and is being kept prisoner by the Purple Dragon Knights. She is willing to aid on the destruction of the dracolich, as long as you can prove her that you are powerful enough.

Temple of the Deathwyrm[edit]

If you go there while still on Heroic levels, she will reply:

  • Thela Bonmar: Don't waste my time. I'll only speak with someone capable of defeating Aurgloroasa.

When at level 20 or more, if you talk to her, she will reply:

  • Thela Bonmar: So you plan to challenge Aurgloroasa and the Cult of the Dragon? Very well. Her end is foretold, after all.
  • Thela Bonmar: Still, it's no easy thing to bring down a shadow Dracolich. First you'll need to destroy her emissary, Sarva Bellistrae, and her Cult of the Dragon followers along with her.
  • Thela Bonmar: Only when the emissary is out of the way will you be able to confront Aurgloroasa.
    • You: Where can I find this emissary?
      • Thela Bonmar: You'll find Sarva down near Aurgloroasa's lair, of course. That babbling sycophant can't bear to be away from her dark mistress!
      • Thela Bonmar: Go into the ruins, down to the old marketplace. Sarva and her followers will surely be near the entrance to the ziggurat.
      • Thela Bonmar: Once you've dealt with the emissary, return to me. I'll tell you how to gain access to the Dracolich herself.
        • You: I'll get rid of the emissary. (Bestow quest)
    • You: Who is this emissary and why is she so important?
      • Thela Bonmar: Sarva is the ranking human in the Cult of the Dragon. With her gone, Aurgloroasa will lose a charismatic leader and her public face. The Dracolich prefers to remain deep in the shadows.
      • Thela Bonmar: More than that, Sarva has been the one negotiating Aurgloroasa's treaty with the Netherese. Kill Sarva, and negotiations would have to start all over again.
        • You: Where can I find this emissary? (See above)

After you defeat Sarva and return, she will say the following:

  • Thela Bonmar: So Sarva Ballistrae is dead? How very sad. Still, the doom of her kind has been foretold, and we must prevent an alliance between Aurgloroasa and the Netherese at all costs.
  • Thela Bonmar: The pawn is gone, so let us move on to the queen. I hope you are well-prepared to destroy Aurgloroasa. It will be no small task.
    • You: I believe I'm up to it. Tell me how to get to Aurgloroasa.
      • Thela Bonmar: You must first enter Aurgloroasa's Lair - here, take this key. It will let you enter the ziggurat.
      • Thela Bonmar: Then find the phylactery that holds Aurgloroasa's soul. Only after destroying it will you have any hope of defeating her. But beware - she's been planning for this day for centuries. She'll use all her craft and cunning to protect her phylactery.
      • Thela Bonmar: I do hope you plan on bringing some help along. It will take a small army to bring Aurgloroasa down.
        • You: We'll put an end to the Shadow Dracolich. (Bestow quest)
    • You: Why do you care about an alliance between Netheril and the Dracolich?
      • Thela Bonmar: What do my motives matter? You should worry about the threat to your precious Cormyr instead.
      • Thela Bonmar: Do you really want an Ancient Dracolich loyal to Netheril here? On your border? Ready to strike at a moment's notice?
        • You: That's an evasion. Tell me why you turned against the Dracolich.
          • Thela Bonmar: Let's just say that I have seen the future, and it does not include Aurgloroasa.
          • Thela Bonmar: If you have doubts, put your mind at ease. I am perfectly sincere when I say I want this Dracolich destroyed just as much as you do.
            • You: I believe I'm up to it. Tell me how to get to Aurgloroasa. (See above)

Talking to her after acquiring the raid, but before completion, will make her say:

  • Thela Bonmar: Go to Aurgloroasa's Lair, and end her!

On completion of raid, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Thela Bonmar: So Aurgloroasa has been destroyed? It is the end of an era, indeed.
  • Thela Bonmar: I suppose you did this to help Cormyr? I'm sorry to say I have seen the future, and it doesn't lie with any human kingdom. Nor does it belongs to those dusty, decrepid Dracoliches that Sarva and her followers idolized.
  • Thela Bonmar: No! The future belongs to the dragons - living dragons - and their faithful servants! So let me thank you for aiding the new Cult of the Dragon ... a purified Cult, free from its foolish devotion to Dracoliches!

After completing the raid and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Thela Bonmar: ??????????