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Monster Suulomades.jpg

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Horned Devil (List)

Monster Manual classification: Horned Devil

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦28Normal ♥32Hard ♠38Elite ♦35Epic Normal


  • Attack Bonus:  ♦+56Normal ♥+62Hard ♠+71Elite
    • Ignores Incorporeal defences
  • Attack Damage:
    • On hard and elite he is considered to have rogue levels - thus can sneak attack and score critical hits on players with 100% fortification.
    • Has three different attacks:
      • Two claw attacks: Right hand: Slashing, Left hand: Bludgeoning  ♦8d8+16Normal ♥8d13+18Hard ♠8d18+21Elite damage. On a confirmed critical hit that is not shield blocked, including one resisted due to Fortification, this inflicts a healing immunity curse. He crits on rolls of 19-20.
      • Bite attack:  ♦8d8+24Normal ♥8d13+27Hard ♠8d18+31Elite slashing damage. This attack does not proc healing curses.
  • Binding Chains effect (gives you major movement/attack speed reduction, and a -80 penalty to jump/tumble)
  • 'Cursed Wounds on a critical hit - Renders you immune to positive energy healing. Repair spells still work on Warforged, as do negative energy spells on Palemasters.
  • Spellcasting: Save DC (Elite) - Spell level + 27 (Does not have Heighten).

Special Qualities:


Description: Suulomades <Arraetrikos Right-hand> is the Raid boss controlling The Subterrane - Central raid zone. He is eventually encountered in A Vision of Destruction (introduced in Module 7). Also later makes an appearance in The Tower of Despair (introduced in Module 9). The Tower Version has minor differences. If you know the specific differences, create a new page with them listed. He is a devil, sub-type Horned Devil. Also plays a non-active (and non-target) role in The Chronoscope.

Suulomades has two entries in the Horned Devil Monster Manual - once for A Vision of Destruction and its legendary variant, and once for his appearance in Tower of Despair.

Recommended weapons

  • Holy (Burst) Silver of (Greater) Lawful/Evil Outsider Bane
  • Holy (Burst) Silver of Pure Good/Righteousness
  • Paladin Holy Sword
  • Lightning Strike Green Steel Bow + Silver Ammo
  • Mineral II Green Steel
  • Metalline of Pure Good/Righteousness
  • Metalline Flametouched Iron
  • Lightning Strike Green Steel melee (on Normal)
  • Silver Slinger(Holy and silver heavy repeating crossbow)

Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by DeadlyGazebo Source

(His DR is) 15/good and 15/silver; 50% fort. And of course it gets worse on Hard/Elite...

Editor Note: This refers to Arraetrikos, but currently all raid Pit Fiends and Horned Devils share the same DR stats.

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source

Every Pit Fiend and Horned Devil raid boss' fortification is currently 50% on normal, 65% on hard, and 80% on elite. Epic Velah's fortification is 50%. Epic Lailat's fortification is 80%. Even the Lord of Blades left his heavy fort item at home, and is sitting at 80% (even though he really should have the Improved Fort feat).

If people are working together to reduce fortification, those numbers are able to be significantly lowered or even reduced all the way to zero, and all of the physical DPS goes up.