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Energy Resistance

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Energy Damage[edit]

Energy damage is a damage caused by any of the special energy damage types that ignore all physical resistance. The primary source for this type of damage tends to be from spells, though some weapons with certain enchantments can also deal some energy damage, as can many other sources.

Types of Energy Resistance in DDO[edit]

Though there are at least a dozen types of energy damage in DDO, there are currently only a several types of energy resistance available to players:

How they work[edit]

Each resistance type you have reduces it's corresponding damage type by a flat amount, similar to Damage Reduction but only versus that one specific energy type. The amount varies by the prefix or caster level of the spell that granted you it:

  • Lesser = 3 damage is prevented
  • Resistance (no prefix) = 10 damage is prevented (CL1-6 Casters using the spell Resist Energy* also grant this)
  • Improved Resistance = 20 damage is prevented (CL7-10 Casters using the spell Resist Energy* also grant this)
  • Greater Resistance = 30 damage is prevented (CL11+ Casters using the spell Resist Energy* also grant this))
  • Superior Resistance = 40 damage is prevented
* Versus one selected type of energy, from a limited list of only fire, cold, lightning, acid and sonic.

Note: For stacking purposes, all spells and all items with standard "X type Resistance" are typed as enhancement bonuses, and thus do not stack. You can however stack different bonus types such as Inherent or untyped sources of resistances.

Inherent 5/10 Resistances[edit]

  • These are simply another bonus type of resistance, and thus stack with the regular resistances liste above which are typed as standard enhancement bonuses.

See also[edit]

Check each individual resistance page for more detailed on specific items you can find with said enchantments.

Related energy defenses[edit]