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Valairea Satnarine

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Valairea Satnarine.jpg

Name: Valairea Satnarine

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Eldritch Device Tutorial

Affiliation(s): The Twelve

Location: Meridia, on the ground floor inside the temple, behind the bank

Description: <Eldritch Expert>

Notes: Gives a tutorial quest on the use of the Eldritch Device: Altar of Fecundity.

  • Important! When completing the second quest to create a Shavarath Signet Stone, the stone will be placed into any ingredients bag you have with "Auto Gather" turned on. This will prevent Valairea from "seeing" the Signet Stone, preventing you from completing the quest when you return to talk to her. For Valairea to recognize the Shavarath Signet Stone and complete the quest, it must be removed from the green ingredients bag and placed in your backpack.
  • Any Shavarath Signet Stone you may have previously created from a past life will also be accepted.

If you speak to her before qualifying for the quest, she will reply:

The Twelve do not yet trust you, <name>.

Return to me once I can believe your intentions are for the greater good.