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Mass Frog

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Icon Mass Frog.png
Mass Frog

  • Usage: Active
  • Prerequisite: Level 28, Two destinies completed under the Primal Sphere.


This Epic Destiny feat grants you access an epic spell of the same name.

Official description: Up to six nearby enemies are turned into frogs. Each may avoid ribbiting on a successful Fortitude saving throw vs. DC (20+ Wisdom modifier+ Transmutation bonuses).

Observed effect:

Spell cost: 75
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Metamagics: Quicken Spell, Empower Spell (no effect), Maximize Spell (no effect), Heighten Spell (no effect)
DC: 30 + Wisdom modifier. Focus items do improve the DC. DDO Forums
Centered on self AoE, max of 5 targets, all simultaneous.
Animation is Finger of Death on targets that fail.
Other properties:
  • Works on undead and constructs.
  • Bug: Spell penetration check caster level uses your epic levels instead of your actual caster level. Spell penetration items do not increase this, but non-item bonuses to Spell penetration do work. Casting a different spell that grants SR immediately before casting Mass Frog will make it use your normal caster level briefly. DDO Forums