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Death's Teeth

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Death's Teeth.png

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Dinosaur (List)

Sub-race: Tyrannosaur (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Unknown

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦37Epic Normal ♥41Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite

Attack: Bite (Piercing), Fire Breath (Fire), Roar (Sonic) (note the latter two only activate in Phase 3)

Special Qualities: Leaves a trail dealing heavy Fire damage (or Untyped damage if in warded form)



Death's Teeth's warded form

Death's Teeth begins the raid covered in a shroud of shadows preventing all damage. He chases the party through the raid's first phase and cannot be defeated.

Death's Teeth reappears in Phase 3 and can be damaged when one of The Ghost Flame's apprentices dies. He is buffed when near his old, Elvish, body, but killing him on top of it is the only way to slay him for good.

A number of scrolls telling the story of The Ghost Flame and Death's Teeth can be found in Isle of Dread (wilderness). From some of the Ghost Flame's dialogue in the raid, his real name in life was King Lindal.