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Type: Undead (List)

Race: Beholder (List)

Sub-race: Doomsphere (List)

Monster Manual classification: Beholder

Alignment: Lawful Good

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦20Normal ♥23Hard ♠26Elite

Attack: Bite (Slash), 11 different eye beam attacks. Many of these are the same as a standard Beholder, but some are different such as

  • Boneshatter - Deals some damage and lowers your movement speed by 50%
  • Fleshsear - Continuously deals untyped damage over time for a long duration

Special Qualities: See Invisibility. Incorporeal. Undead Traits. Very high resistance to Fire. Immune to Lightning and Cold. No resistance to acid or force.


Description: Cholthulzz is one of the four guardians of the Black Abbot. He is first encountered in Ghosts of Perdition then later in Litany of the Dead.
He is accessed from the dragons chamber in Litany of the Dead by answering the questions as follows:

  1. Silver Flame. (Good)
  2. Never. He is a scourge on Xen'drik and he must be stopped. (Good)
  3. If something has heat it should be left as it is and Cinnis should deal with his hatred internally. (Good)
  4. I would have done anything to save my daughter. (Good)
  5. Destroy it once and for all. (Good)
  6. He and his creations are abominations. (Lawful)
  7. Stayed faithful to the Lady, knowing she would be my salvation. (Lawful)
  8. The same. A contract is binding and I would have followed the conditions. (Lawful)
  9. I would follow the orders I was given. (Lawful)
  10. He deserved to die for betraying his faith and oath to Vol. (Lawful)
  11. The Crusader. (Lawful Good)
  12. They lack honor and compassion. (Lawful Good)
  13. Gold or silver. (Lawful Good)
  14. Engage the adventurers in a battle of wits and if they win let them pass. (Lawful Good)?
  15. Cholthulzz the Doomsphere.

Defeating Cholthulzz can be made easier with the assistance of Eye of Vol, which is obtained from the workbench in the black dragon's chamber in Litany of the Dead after you have successfully defeated High Priest of Vol.

Unique loot for defeating Cholthulzz:

Completing the Cholthulzz wing of Litany of the Dead makes the Urthullz Petrified Stalk Trinket available for use in defeating Cinnis on the work table in the black dragon's chamber.