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Scenery ShavarathPreview2 official.jpg

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Pit Fiend (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦30Normal ♥34Hard ♠40Elite


  • BAB: around 65 suspected
  • Physical damage:  ♠104.8Elite +- 11.5 (tested)
  • Poison Injury: Fortitude save, initially 1d6 Con damage, secondary death. (similar to Arraetrikos)
  • Spellcasting - See below

Special Qualities: 

  • HP:  ♦~200,000Normal ♥~250,000Hard ♠~440,000Elite (pre U12 test)
  • AC: ??
  • DR:  ♦15Normal ♥25Hard ♠35Elite/Silver+Good
  • Fortification:  ♦50%Normal ♥65%Hard ♠80%Elite (Developer Confirmation)
  • Resists/Immunities: Immunity to Curses, Fire, Poison and Symbol of Weakness, Resistance to acid and cold  ♦30Normal ♠60Elite
  • Spell Resistance:  ♦36Normal ♥38Hard ♠42Elite
  • Intimidate DC:  ♦60Normal ♥65Hard ♠70Elite required to succeed on a 1. Add +4 if halfling
  • True Seeing


Description: General Horoth is feared and respected by the denizens of Shavarath as a warrior and a leader. He is a devil: sub-race Pit Fiend.

Spells Known

  • Delayed Blast Fireball 200-300 (250 avg) fire damage (elite), damage halved on reflex save, decreased by fire resist. Spell DC:  ♠28Elite or higher (tested)
  • Sunburst Spell DC:  ♠24-33Elite (tested)
  • Disintegrate - over 500 damage on failed save Spell DC:  ♠44Elite or lower (tested)
  • Banishment - will save DC 30+ ( ♠64Elite or lower ) prevents the planar banishing effect but not the stun portion, Boots of Anchoring can alternatively be worn to also prevent the planar banish effect.
  • Power Word: Stun - no save, need 450+ HP to be unaffected
  • Energy Drain (Death Ward negates)
  • Chain Lightning Spell DC:  ♠29Elite or higher(tested)
  • Meteor Swarm 20-30 (25 avg) bludgeon damage (elite), no save, unaffected by DR, 60-90 (75 avg) fire damage (elite), damage halved on reflex save, decreased by fire resist. Spell DC:  ♠30-36Elite (tested)
  • Shout Spell DC:  ♠48Elite or lower (tested)
  • Medal of Cruel Pain (icon of Inflict Wounds, spell level 8) - DoT effect, 37.9 +- 7.5 damage every 3-5 seconds, 30-50 per tick
    • "The medal sears your body and won't come off! Good job solider!"
  • Badge of Death (icon of Mindflayer, level 2) - DoT, 30-60 per tick 38.1 +- 8.7 damage every 3-5 seconds
    • "An honor bestowed on those who have died in battle. But you are not dead, yet..."
  • Honor of Fools - 39.3 +- 8.9 damage every 3-5 seconds
  • HP gain on player death - During part 3 of the raid, whenever a player dies, Horoth gains  ♦22%Normal ♥22%Hard ♠%Elite HP. (tested)

Recommended weapons

  • Holy Silver of Greater Lawful/Evil Outsider Bane
  • Holy Silver of Pure Good/Righteousness, Paladin Holy Sword
  • Lightning Strike Greensteel Bow + Silver Ammo
  • Mineral II Greensteel
  • Lightning II Greensteel on normal/hard (Lightning II is better than lower-end DR breakers on normal)
  • Metalline of Pure Good/Metalline Flametouched Iron

Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by DeadlyGazebo Source

(His DR is) 15/good and 15/silver; 50% fort. And of course it gets worse on Hard/Elite...

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source

Every Pit Fiend and Horned Devil raid boss' fortification is currently 50% on normal, 65% on hard, and 80% on elite. Epic Velah's fortification is 50%. Epic Lailat's fortification is 80%. Even the Lord of Blades left his heavy fort item at home, and is sitting at 80% (even though he really should have the Improved Fort feat).

If people are working together to reduce fortification, those numbers are able to be significantly lowered or even reduced all the way to zero, and all of the physical DPS goes up.