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The Judge

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The Judge.jpg

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Horned Devil (List)

Monster Manual classification: Horned Devil

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦26Normal ♥30Hard ♠36Elite


  • Attack Bonus:  ♦~70Normal
  • Attack Damage:  ♦50-70Normal ♥60-90Hard ♠75-125Elite
  • Spellcasting - See below
  • Special Abilities - See below

Special Qualities:

Habitat: Tower of Despair

Description: The Judge <Judge of Shavarath> is one of the raid bosses of the Tower of Despair raid, introduced in Module 9. You'll first encounter him along with his partner the Jailer in the Tower's first level..

Spells Known

Spell Damage

On Normal/hard: Likely lower than on elite as it's unlikely he has maximize/empower on these settings.

On Elite: As a level 36 caster using Maximize and Empower. However his one damaging spell - Chain Lightning caps at CL20. Thus the Judge does around 2.5 * 20d3+60 (80-120) =200-300 damage or 250 average lightning damage.

Additional Special Abilities/Special Qualities

  • Powerful Wing Buffet: Very frequently he will raise his wings and sent all nearby players flying across the arena. Being the first floor of the Tower of Despair is riddled with traps this can be very devastating. Be careful about where you choose to engage him!
  • Cursed Wounds: Each time the Judge strikes you, he has a chance to permanently curse you preventing you from being healed by positive energy (repair effects will still work on Warforged). This happens every time he lands a critical hit, and his threat range is fairly decent, likely 17+. The only way to prevent this is having him miss you - either through high armor class, or the spell Cloudkill. Remove it with standard Remove Curse potions, spells, scrolls or wands.
  • Teleportation: He will very frequently use this to reach whoever he may be aggravated upon if they are out of range of his melee attacks. This also causes a complete reset of his aggravation, so watch out.
  • Shavarath Environmental Effects: Since you encounter him on his home plane, he cannot be banished. He also gains similar effects to Greater Heroism at all times. Luckily you also gain the benefits of Shavarath effects - This confers most of the benefits, namely +4 to attack rolls, saves and skills, but does not confer immunity to fear, nor bonus hitpoints.