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The Twilight Forge (story arc)

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The Twilight Forge raid is the third raid adventure created for DDO. To be eligible for this raid, you need to have completed several pre-quests.

Required tasks and pre-quests[edit]

Gain Access to The Foothold[edit]

Hiding in Plain Sight

To gain access to the the Foothold you must have completed the first Titan pre-quest of Hiding in Plain Sight (often referred as "HiPS"). It is possible to get to the Foothold without completing this quest if you can get a friendly mage to teleport you there, or use a 3rd-tier Airship Navigator. Once you have been to the explorer area once, you can use a 2nd-tier Airship Navigator.

The Foothold[edit]

You need to speak to Karn Cold-Trail to get the Twilight Forge quest. Before he will give it to you you will have to bribe/convince him you are working the area instead of Hazadill (although you can run the other pre-quests before doing this).

By default, Karn will charge you 1,000 pp for the privilege, but a good negotiation skill can reduce or eliminate this fee (you only need one of these options):

  • Diplomacy 10+ reduces the fee to 500 pp (9 failed, 10 succeeded)
  • Bluff 14+ reduces the fee to 200 pp (13 failed, 14 succeeded)
  • Intimidate 18+ removes the fee entirely (17 failed, 18 succeeded)

You need to pay this fee only once per life.

Karn will give you quest objectives of locating a Sigil of Dal Quor. You receive the needed parts to build one by completing Ghola Fan and Shrieking Mines.

Explore Restless Isles[edit]

You must locate each quest giver for Ghola Fan and Shrieking Mines first, these articles may help. Or, have a friend share the quests with you so that you can use the guides in the explorer area to shorten your walk.

Obtain Sigil of Dal-Quor[edit]

Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!
Slavers of the Shrieking Mines

Once these quests have been completed, you should have in your possession both pieces of the Sigil of Dal-Quor (Broken Sigil and Shattered Sigil), now you can speak to Ostler Caulstone in the Foothold to repair it. You need both parts in your inventory at this point. After it gets repaired you should have a completed Sigil of Dal Quor in your inventory. Its this sigil which is used to gain access to the Titan quest. You must bring it with you on the quest to gain entry.

The Titan raid[edit]

The Twilight Forge (quest)
The Titan Awakes

The 12-man pre-raid of the Twilight Forge must be completed before you can move on to the Titan Awakes quest. This is the same as the method used for the Vault of Night Dragon raid of VON5/6.

You can get and enter The Twilight Forge quest at level 8, but must be level 9 to continue into The Titan Awakes once you get to the end.

Repeating Titan raid[edit]

One of the nice things about this raid is that you do not have to repeat the pre-quests to re-run this raid (even past TR). Upon successful completion, you will have the regular raid quest timer. When this completes, you will need to go to the Foothold in the Restless Isles and reset the Twilight Forge quest by speaking to Karn Cold-Trail (you will be on Chapter 1 of the Twilight Forge quest) and then "repair sigil" by speaking to Ostler Caulstone (you will be on Chapter 2 of the Twilight Forge quest). You will then be able to run raid again.

A common error is to arrive at the raid without repairing your sigil after a successful previous raid. Please remember to repair before traveling to the quest entrance at Volcano's Mouth. You need to be on Chapter 2 of the Twilight Forge quest and have your Sigil of Dal-Quor with you.