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Incorporeal creatures cannot be easily hit with normal weapons, which suffer a 50% chance of automatically missing the target.

Concealment and Dodge are different mechanics that provide a separate miss chance. See Miss chance.

Implementation in DDO[edit]

There's no such thing as touch attacks in DDO, which is how incorporeal undead attack in D&D. To compensate for this, developers gives them very high to-hit bonuses to simulate it. They can miss, but it takes substantial Armor Class to get it to be reliable.

Incorporeal monsters[edit]

Incorporeal creatures include:

There are also unique, named monsters who have the incorporeal trait (many of which are of the above races), and sub-types of usually corporeal monsters such as Doomspheres, Dream Scourges, Umbral Gargoyles and Umbral Worgs, some Liches, and so on.

These monsters are affected by Incorporeal bane weapons.

Note that, despite the name, the Ghostly Skeletons in Delera's Tomb are not incorporeal.

Player characters as incorporeal[edit]

Players can gain an Incorporeal miss chance from various sources.

However, note that Incorporeality and Concealment have decreased effect in Reaper difficulty. This reduction begins with 10% Concealment and 5% Incorporeal bypass at Reaper 1, with a further 5% Concealment and Incorporeal bypass per Skull difficulty.







+5% stacking[edit]

Bypassing the incorporeal miss chance[edit]

Tip: Incorporeal Bane items increase the damage dealt to incorporeal enemies, regardless of their race. However, in itself, this enchantment does not allow a weapon to bypass incorporeal miss chance. On some named weapons, this Bane effect is combined with Ghost Touch enchantment.