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Hurl through Hell

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Hurl through Hell.png
Hurl through Hell

  • Cost: 20 spell points
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Usage: Active
  • Prerequisite: Warlock level 15, Fiend pact, not Good


Exile one target enemy from this existence. An enemy succeeding on a Will save vs DC(10 + Warlock level + Charisma Modifier) is instead paralyzed and helpless with fear for 6 seconds.

  • Target: Single enemy
  • Duration: Instant
  • Save: Will save vs. DC(10 + Warlock level + Charisma Modifier)


  • The combat log calls it "Hurled Into Hell" ("(Combat): You hit Fiend-Blood Troll with Hurled Into Hell.").
  • An enemy who saves is said to have been "Hurled At Hell" ("You have just bounced off the gateway of Hell. Ouch!") and is considered paralyzed and helpless.
  • It can affect enemies that would normally be blocked, and you don't need to be facing the target.
  • Considered a Necromancy effect; however, it is not affected by items, feats and abilities that improve Necromancy DCs.
  • Doesn't appear to be affected by Spell Resistance.
  • Since Update 34 Hurl no longer bypasses death ward.
  • Does not break stealth (although invisibility will be broken) (likely not WAI).
  • Doesn't affect enemies who don't die (such as the Archons in The Archons' Trial, or the disciples in Disciples of Shar), but still goes on cooldown.
  • Can be used on orange-named bosses.
  • In Update 46, the actual DC of this ability was decreased from 15+Warlock level+Charisma mod to 10+Warlock level+Charisma mod. DDO Forums
  • When cast under the effects of Intercession, it fails to cast and the combat log says, "Cannot cast divine spells while under the effect of Intercession."