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Arraetrikos <Lord of Shavarath>

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Pit Fiend (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦28Normal ♥32Hard ♠38Elite ♥49Epic Hard



  • Attack Bonus:  ♦56Normal ♥64Hard ♠72Elite
  • Attack Damage:  ♦~49Normal ♥~55Hard ♠~65Elite (plus or minus 10) (tested)
    • Double-strikes occasionally on Normal, and almost all of the time on Elite (two attacks in one swing animation)
    • Considered to have rogue levels on hard/elite - and thus can sneak attack and score critical hits on players with 100% fortification.
  • True Seeing
  • Pit Fiends' melee attacks also have poison and disease effect as following:
    • Poison Injury: Fortitude DC 32, initially 1 to 6 CON damage, secondary 1000 Con damage.
    • Devil Chills disease: Fortitude DC 32, 1 to 6 STR damage.

Spells Known

Save DC ~28-36

  • Delayed Blast Fireball: (save DC  ♦30Normal ♥32Hard ♠34Elite)
  • Meteor Swarm: 4x 60-90 fire damage (save DC  ♦32Normal ♥34Hard ♠36Elite), 4x 20-30 bludgeon damage (no save, unaffected by DR)
  • Hold Monster, Mass: DC suspected to be  ♦32Normal ♥34Hard ♠36Elite
  • Greater Dispel Magic mass: He has this spell, yet casts it EXTREMELY rarely. On most runs you won't see it ever get cast.
  • Teleport Other: teleports random player into his melee range (only in phase 5) DC ~28 Normal

Spell Damage

As a level 28 caster using Maximize and Empower, though his spells all cap at CL20 or lower:

  • DBF: 80-120 * 2.5 = 200-300 fire damage
  • Meteor Swarm: 24-36 + 8-12 * 2.5 = 4x 60-90 fire (save half) + 4x 20-30 Bludgeoning (No save)

Special Qualities: * HP: Very High: (Note: Hard/Elite figures need to be verified post U12)

    •  ♦100,000Normal ♥~160,000Hard ♠~300,000Elite - part 4
    •  ♦150,000Normal ♥~220,000Hard ♠~360,000Elite - part 5
    •  ♠~1,400,000Elite - part 4 Legendary
  • AC:  ♦42Normal ♥46Hard ♠52Elite
  • DR:  ♦15Normal ♥25Hard ♠35Elite/Silver+Good (Developer Confirmation).
  • Fortification:  ♦50%Normal ♥65%Hard ♠80%Elite (Developer Confirmation)
  • Saves: Normal: Fort 35+, Will 35+, Reflex 27+
  • Feats: Maximize, Empower, Enlarge. Evasion on Hard/Elite only. Sneak attack 8d6 on hard/elite.
  • Resists/Immunities: Immunity to Curses, Fire, Poison and Symbol of Weakness. Resistance to acid and cold 30 (Normal), ~60 points on Elite
  • Spell Resistance:  ♦36Normal ♥38Hard ♠42Elite
  • Intimidate DC:  ♦~40Normal ♥~45Hard ♠~55Elite (Though intimidate has very little effect, as his aggro randomly changes every 2 seconds)


Description: Known as the "General of Shavarath", Arraetrikos is the raid boss of The Shroud raid, introduced in Module 6. Arraetrikos is encountered in Phases 4 and 5 of the raid.

He is often nicknamed "Harry" when discussing "Harry Beaters," weapons containing both Silver and Good that will bypass his damage reduction.

For a while, Arraetrikos counted as a Horned Devil called Captain of Shavarath in the Monster Manual. This no longer occurs.

Arraetrikos appears in a number of other quests, including the quests in adventure pack The Devil's Gambit (where he makes brief appearances in each quest stealing a powerful magical artifact), The Devil's Details (where he makes a short speech to his minions before departing for the Shroud), and Tower of Despair, where he is, for once, on the party's side. He also guest starred as the reward NPC for the fiendishly-themed second and seventh seasons of the Hardcore League.

For much of DDO's existence, Arraetrikos served as the game's most prominent villain, with many of the story's most dramatic events (the attack on the Marketplace, the creation of the Mysterious Remnants and the appearance of the many Codex Pages) either directly caused by his plans to conquer Eberron, or in some way connected to them. His involvement in the story came to a close with the events of The Codex and the Shroud, in which the archdevil's plot to unleash the power of the reassembled Codex failed at the cost of several of his best lieutenants and the destruction of most of his army. While not yet destroyed, Arraetrikos has yet to reappear in DDO's ongoing story, and the mantle of primary villain has been taken by the Archlich Vecna in recent updates.

Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by DeadlyGazebo Source

(His DR is) 15/good and 15/silver; 50% fort. And of course it gets worse on Hard/Elite...

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source

Every Pit Fiend and Horned Devil raid boss' fortification is currently 50% on normal, 65% on hard, and 80% on elite. Epic Velah's fortification is 50%. Epic Lailat's fortification is 80%. Even the Lord of Blades left his heavy fort item at home, and is sitting at 80% (even though he really should have the Improved Fort feat).

If people are working together to reduce fortification, those numbers are able to be significantly lowered or even reduced all the way to zero, and all of the physical DPS goes up.