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Channa d'Cannith

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Channa d'Cannith.jpg

Name: Channa d'Cannith

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): The Dreaming Dark, The Master Artificer

Collects: Aspect Crystal

Affiliation(s): House Cannith


Description: <Chief Researcher>

Notes: Apprentice of Merrix d'Cannith, and formerly the Chief Researcher of the quori history in the Isle of Forgotten Dreams, with enough knowledge and skill to fix the Interdiction Lens. Later, she was promoted to Cannith Manufactury Administrator when Toven d'Cannith went mad and tried a desperate maneuver to get rid of the Lord of Blades.


Channa can be seen at the top floor, alongside Caulk and ????. Talking to her will make she randomly say one of those lines:

  • Channa d'Cannith: While the Manufactury here in Stormreach is important, I am promarily concerned with researching ancient Giant magics.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Caulk has been with me for many years.

Isle of Forgotten Dreams[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the island, she will be talking with Chieftain Bitterblood, and will not talk with you. You can hear some of her arguments.

  • "I will need some of your guides for this expedition."
  • "Explore if you wish, adventurer, but know that House Cannith claims all Warforged Titan remains here."
  • "Can your people show me to any warforged remains?"
  • "My research party will arrive in a week. We must be ready by then."
  • "we must have enough supplies before the expedition can leave."

After you complete the Reclaiming Memories quest, and recover the frame of the Interdiction Lens, she will say:

  • Channa d'Cannith: Is that a giantish artifact you have with you? -- Such exquisite craftsmanship...
    • You: This is an Interdiction Lens, but the Dreaming Dark's minions smashed it. -- Can you repair the damage?
      • Channa d'Cannith: Yes, I understand—the Dreaming Dark are able to come here because this Lens is broken.
      • Channa d'Cannith: Well then, it's imperative to get the Interdiction Lens working again. You'll need to replace its smashed Aspect Crystal.
      • Channa d'Cannith: The drow natives are very knowledgeable about the ancient giants. Perharps they can point you to such a crystal.
        • You: I'll speak to Chieftain Bbitterblood and his tribe. -- Thanks for your help.

After you get an Aspect Crystal, she will reply:

  • Channa d'Cannith: Have you found an Aspect Crystal yet?
    • You: Yes, can you repair the Interdiction Lens now?
      • Channa d'Cannith: Indeed, one moment...
      • Channa d'Cannith: ...attach the focus connector..., balance the reticular enchantment...
      • Channa d'Cannith: ...and done!
      • Channa d'Cannith: Your Interdiction Lens is in one piece now.
      • Channa d'Cannith: There is a caveat..., you see, it needs uncorrupted dream-energy to activate. I have no idea what the giants used, but I do know of a source available today: a Dreamforge.
      • Channa d'Cannith: You'll need a Dreamforge to activate the Interdiction Lens. Unfortunately, the only place where you can find one is on the Plane of Nightmares itself.
        • You: So you're saying I need to use this thing from the Plane of Nightmares?!? (sigh) Perharps the drow can tell me how to get there. Thanks for your help.

After you finish The Dreaming Dark, she will congratulate you:

  • Channa d'Cannith: Since the Dreaming Dark vanished from the island, I assume you were successful in your trip to the Plane of Nightmares.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Well done, but the Dreaming Dark must never find the Interdiction Lens again. -- Give it to me, and I will make sure it disappear into an unmarked box, deep in a Cannith warehouse among thousands of other boxes.
  • Channa d'Cannith: I'll give you a suitable reward in exchange.

Once everything is done in the island, she will finally talk to you about her plans... kinda:

  • Channa d'Cannith: with the Dreaming Dark gone, my expedition can proceed in peace.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Well done, <name>.
    • You: What are you looking for, anyway?
      • Channa d'Cannith: I must further House Cannith's understanding of Warforged Titans. We are very close to being able to produce them in large quantity...
      • Channa d'Cannith: ...but I should say no more. -- You have done a great service, but this information is for Canntih ears only.

House Cannith[edit]

Before you have finished the quests inside the House Cannith Manufactury, if you talk to her, she will reply:

  • Channa d'Cannith: Forgive me, but I must deal with the attack on the Manufactury. Perharps one of my colleagues can help you.

After you finish the three quests, she will approach you differently:

  • Channa d'Cannith: House Cannith is facing a major crisis here in Stormreach, <name>. From what my colleagues tell me, you may be just the one to help us.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Toven d'cannith ran the Manufactury here until recently. He was an effective and respected administrator, though he had ... unusual ... views about the warforged.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Then the Lord of Blades attacked and House Cannith decided that I should run the Manufactury instead of Toven. After that, Toven's behavior became erratic. He proposed a "solution" for our Lord of Blades problem - but his solution was so extreme that we rejected it out of hand!
  • Channa d'Cannith: Now Toven has surrounded himself with his loyal followers and locked himself up in his workshop. We need someone to stop him before he puts his mad plan into action.
    • You: Where can I find Toven, and what should I expect?
      • Channa d'Cannith: He barricated himself inside Toven's Workshop in the Manufactury. Here are the security keys to access his workshop so you can get in.
      • Channa d'Cannith: Toven has surrounded himself with his avid followers. He's also a master artificer, so you'll be facing whatever deadly constructs he's created to protect himself. He's an extremely dangerous opponent. Don't try to face him alone!
        • You: we'll go to Toven's Workshop and stop him before he goes too far! (Bestow quest)
    • You: And what is Toven's plan?
      • Channa d'Cannith: Toven believes the reason the warforged have had such a hard time adjusting since the Last War is due to a defect in their construction - and that if he was just allowed to "fix" them, the warforged would become happy and content.
      • Channa d'Cannith: But the "fix" Toven want to make would turn the warforged into mere machines, little better than golems!
      • Channa d'Cannith: Needless to say, we cannot allow Toven to put his plan into action. The Treaty of Thronehold protects the rights of the warforged and House Cannith has always said it will abide to its principles - even through the treaty does not technically apply here in Xen'drik.
        • You: Why do you need me? Shouldn't House Cannith solve its own problems?
          • Channa d'Cannith: Toven was very popular when he was in power, and he still has many friends within the city. If I were to act against him directly, it would make running this operation all the more difficult for me. On the other hand, if a group of civic-minded independent adventurers were to find and subdue Toven ...
            • You: I get the picture. Where can I find Toven, and what should I expect? (check rest of dialogue above)

Talking to her after acquiring the raid, but before completion, will make her say:

  • Channa d'Cannith: You must go to Toven's workshop and stop him before it's too late!

On completion of raid, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Channa d'Cannith: It's a shame about Toven, but we had to do it. We couldn't allow him to endanger House Cannith's good name ... and I'm sure the warforged are grateful as well.
  • Channa d'Cannith: Here is your reward. Now if you'll excuse me, I must turn my attention to the Manufactury.

After completing the raid and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Channa d'Cannith: We're in your debt, <name>. What happened with Toven was unfortunate, but it had to be done. House Cannith may need your help again someday.