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Wiki stuff[edit]

Convert table to ..[edit]

Pic syntax (I keep forgetting this)[edit]

[[File:pic.png|thumb|right|200px|text text]]

Tips for editing item description screen shots[edit]

My favorite image viewers/editors:

  • IrfanView (freeware for non-commercial use) - my default viewer (wiki article)
  • Microsoft Paint/Paintbrush (Start - Run - pbrush) or right-click a pic and select Edit.

My pic processing procedure

  • Make a DDO screen shot
  • Browse the screen shots in My Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online using IrfanView
  • Using mouse, select roughly the part of the screen shot that I need.
  • Press Ctrl+Y to keep only the selected part.
  • Press s to open Save as dialog. Save as PNG under proper name, such as Rusty Dagger (Level 28).png to my desktop.
  • Escape to close IrfanView.
  • Right-click pic, select Edit. (MS Paint opens)
  • Hold Ctrl and scroll with your mouse to zoom in.
  • Ctrl+A to select all.
  • (I am using the BlackBird skin so I don't have wings)
  • Use keyboard arrows to set the top left corner.
  • Ctrl+E, set pic width to 420 pixel.
  • (Few items are slightly wider than 420 px, then I need to undo with Ctrl+Z, and press Left keyboard arrow some more to cut few (2-3) pixels from the item border. Then again set to 420 px.)
  • Ctrl+A to select all again. (This discards the pixels we moved offscreen)
  • Clean up the right side. Usually pics are often 413 pixels wide. This means, I need to press Right keyboard arrow 7 times so that all screen shot background is offscreen.
  • Ctrl+A to select all. Press Left 3-4 times to center the pic, having 3-4 px wide white bars on both sides.
  • Scroll down, hover your mouse over the bottom end of the pic. The bottom left corner of your Paint window displays mouse coordinates. The second number is height.
  • Press Ctrl+E, set pic height appropriately.
  • Ctrl+s to save, Alt+F4 to close Paint.
  • Open pic in IrfanView.
  • Go Image > Decrease Color Depth > 64 colors. This will greatly reduce file size.
  • Save and exit.
  • Ready to upload.