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Update 29 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Update 29 info and release notes page!

Of Special Note[edit]

Battle for the fate of the planes! DDO launches an all new update, concluding the story series of the war against the Devil forces. Help tip the balance in the struggle for control over an artifact of terrible power - the Codex of Infinite Planes.

Vale of Twilight adventure pack is free to VIPs, and available in the DDO Store for anyone who has not yet purchased the pack. The NPCs can be found:

Level Cap Increase[edit]

To take on the invading devil armies, this update raises the level cap to 30! Choose from brand new feats and epic destiny feats for your characters.

Treasure Update[edit]

The invasion has brought with it plunder - treasure chests just got even more exciting, with better and more powerful randomized loot for you to find at every level of the game!

Introducing Legendary Content[edit]

Get ready to take on new Legendary quests, as well as Legendary versions of three classic DDO raids – including The Shroud, the Hound of Xoriat, as well as Tempest Spine! Also featuring the debut of Legendary Green Steel, powerful customized relics to help you take on the forces of the Devil armies and any other monster that crosses your path.

News & Notes[edit]


  • Artificer Rune Arm DC's now include all sources of Evocation DC Boosts.


  • Arcane Archer's Elemental Arrows now properly reflect the damage type they deal, instead of all claiming to deal acid damage.

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Shiradi Champion's Audience with the Queen has had some of its random effects' names changed so players can more easily tell them apart.
  • New feats are available called Epic Destiny Feats when a character has reached level 29. The feats are available to a character who has achieved the maximum destiny experience in all three Epic Destinies in a sphere. Some Epic Destiny Feats can be acquired if the character has achieved the maximum destiny experience in either of the required spheres.
    • Wind through the Trees - Primal:
      • When enemies hit or miss you, they have a 5% chance to be knocked down with no save. This may only trigger once every 12 seconds.
    • Dire Charge - Martial:
      • Charge forward at the targeted foe. That foe and all nearby foes are subject to +2[w] damage and have a chance to be stunned. Stun DC is (25 + highest ability modifier + bonus to stun attacks).
    • Arcane Pulse - Arcane:
      • A magical pulse of force reverberates through the target's body, dealing 3d6+6 force damage every 2 seconds for a duration of 16 seconds. This spell can stack on the target up to 5 times, increasing the damage with each stack.
    • Deific Warding - Divine:
      • +10 PRR and MRR. When you take damage from an enemy's attack or spell, add one stack of Deific Warding (+2 to PRR and MRR). This effect can stack up to 10 times. One stack is removed every 3 seconds.
    • Dreamscape - Primal+Arcane:
      • Activate to pop off to the land of dreams. You are invulnerable and invisible for five seconds, then return with a random 30-second buff. 1 minute cooldown. The available buffs are:
        • Damage: +30 Melee/Ranged Power, +60 Universal Spell Power.
        • Defense: +15 AC/PRR/MRR
        • Skill: +6 to all skills
        • Damage Reduction: DR18/-
        • Energy Resistance: Gain Energy Resistance 15
        • Sprint: Gain Action Boost: Sprint (does not stack with the actual action boost)
        • Fortitude: +6 to Fortitude
        • Reflex: +6 to Reflex
        • Will: +6 to Will
    • Harbinger of Chaos - Primal+Martial:
      • With weapon and unarmed attacks, deal 1d20 Bane damage against all targets and an additional 2d20 Chaos damage against Lawful targets. This scales with Melee or Ranged power depending on your weapons.
    • Fount of Life - Primal+Divine:
      • +20 Healing Amp and Positive Spell Power
    • Embodiment of Order - Divine+Martial:
      • With weapon and unarmed attacks, deal 10 Bane damage against all targets and an additional 20 Law damage against Chaotic targets. This scales with Melee or Ranged power depending on your weapons.
    • Spirit Blades - Divine+Arcane:
      • Create a series of spectral blades which fly at a nearby opponent. Each of the five blades does 10d6 Piercing and 5d6 Force damage.
    • Arcane Warrior - Arcane+Martial:
      • Your weapon and unarmed attacks grant you a stack of Arcane Warrior: Magical (+1 Universal Spell Power). Your offensive spells grant you a stack of Arcane Warrior: Physical (+1 Melee and Ranged Power). Each of these stacks to 20 times and each stack lasts for 6 seconds. You may gain a stack of each no more than once per second.

Epic Levels[edit]

  • Epic levels now grant +6 Universal Spell Power and a 1% Spell Point cost reduction.
  • The Epic level experience required to attain levels 21-30 has been adjusted to flatten the curve required to achieve level 30. To reach level 30, a character must earn 8.25 million experience.
    • NOTE: Existing characters will not lose experience nor levels. However, characters will need to reach the new level thresholds in order to level, similar to a process done when we raised the level cap from 18 to 20. The experience table is now:
      • Level 20: 0 Epic Experience
      • Level 21: 600,000 XP
      • Level 22: 1,250,000 XP
      • Level 23: 1,950,000 XP
      • Level 24: 2,700,000 XP
      • Level 25: 3,500,000 XP
      • Level 26: 4,350,000 XP
      • Level 27: 5,250,000 XP
      • Level 28: 6,200,000 XP
      • Level 29: 7,200,000 XP
      • Level 30: 8,250,000 XP


  • Improved Construct Essence is now available as a feat, and requires Construct Essence and 12 levels of Artificer. May be taken as an Artificer bonus feat. The feat improves your base Repair to 70% healing from Repair spells, but you are now vulnerable to rust attacks and take 70% damage from them. You are still considered your original race.
  • Construct Exemplar is a new feat that requires Improved Construct Essence, and may be taken starting at level 21. It grants the following:
    • You are now considered a Living Construct instead of your original race
    • 100% base healing from Repair spells and 100% damage from Rust
    • Immunity to Sleep, Hold Person, Energy Drain, Nasueated, Exhausted, and Paralyzed effects except those which physically hold you in place
    • Immunity to ability score damage from natural poisons and natural diseases (but are vulnerable to those that specifically affect wood or metal)
    • +10 Racial bonus to saving throws against magical poisons, and do not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this renders you immune to magical poisons with a DC of less than 11+your Fortitude save)
    • You may remain underwater indefinitely without the need to breathe.
    • When resting at a Rest Shrine, the health you regain is now based on your Repair skill instead of your Heal skill.
  • New General Feats
  • Wellspring of Power - Minimum level 21:
    • Activate to gain +150 Universal Spell Power and +20% Spell Critical Damage for 30 seconds. Grants +110 maximum Spell Points. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Arcane Insight - Minimum level 21:
    • Activate to gain + 6 to all spell DCs and +6 to Spell Penetration for 30 seconds. Grants +110 maximum Spell Points. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Improved Augment Summoning - Minimum level 24, requires Augment Summoning:
    • Your summoned creatures have +8 to all ability scores, +10% Dodge, and +100 maximum Hit Points. Grants +140 maximum Spell Points.
  • Burst of Glacial Wrath - Minimum level 24:
    • Cone spell, deals 30d6 Cold Damage and freezes the creature. Saving throw is 20 + the highest of your INT/WIS/CHA modifiers + Evocation bonuses. Grants +140 maximum Spell Points.
  • Intensify Spell - Minimum level 24, Metamagic:
    • While this metamagic feat is active, you gain 75 Spell Power while casting spells affected by Intensify Spell, but they cost 15 additional spell points. This bonus stacks with Empower. Passive: +140 Maximum Spell Points
  • Embolden Spell - Minimum level 24, Metamagic:
    • While this metamagic feat is active, you gain +2 to the DC of spells affected by Embolden Spell, but they consume 10 additional spell points. Passive: +140 Maximum Spell Points
  • Master of Air - Minimum level 24:
  • Master of Earth - Minimum level 24:
  • Master of Water - Minimum level 24:


  • New randomly-generated loot system is now available! Our system of randomly-generated loot has been renovated from level 1 all the way up to level 40.
  • Legendary Green Steel is now available! Legendary Green Steel is a crafting system by which players can collect various ingredients and craft numerous kinds of weapons and items. "Blank" Green Steel weapons and equipment are made which are then slotted with up to four Green Steel Augments. There are Tier 1,2,3 and Active augment slots available. Additionally, players do not need to apply augments of a lower tier to their items in order to apply a higher-tier augment.
  • The Traveler's Terrific Trunk now provides 5 Major Slayer Count Boosts and 5 Sovereign I Learning Boosts. This applies to new and existing Trunks.
  • Legendary Raid Timer Bypasses are now available in Daily Dice and the DDO Store, and can be used to bypass the timer for Legendary Raids (CR31+).
  • Several Heroic Greensteel effects have been renamed to properly reflect their existing bonus types and functions, such as Healing Amplification. The effects themselves remain unchanged.
  • Cosmetic helmets no longer cause elf ears to not display properly.
  • The Mortal Fear effect that does 50% hit point damage will not function in Legendary (CR31+) quests or raids. The 8 to 64 Force damage is still applied in Legendary quests and raids.
  • Updated text in many places to clarify that certain things that claimed to be bonuses to Universal Spell power were in fact bonuses to each individual (non-Universal) Spell Power. This is to reduce confusion; Universal Spell power is a separate statistic, and bonuses to Universal Spell Power do stack with similar bonuses to individual spell powers.
  • Some Festivult Cookies have had their benefits changed.
  • Augments now display their minimum level and description in their tooltips.

Legendary Feats[edit]

Legendary Feats are selected when a character has achieved level 30. The currently-available feats are:

  • Scion of the Plane of Earth
    • +4 to the DCs of Conjuration spells, +2 to the DCs of other spells
    • +20 PRR
    • +10 Acid Spell Power, +30 Universal Spell Power
    • Add 2d20 Acid damage to weapon and unarmed attacks (Scales with Spell Power)
  • Scion of the Plane of Air
    • +4 to the DCs of Evocation spells, +2 to the DCs of other spells
    • +4% Dodge, +4 to Dodge Cap
    • +10 Electric Spell Power, +30 Universal Spell Power
    • Add 2d20 Electric damage to weapon and unarmed attacks (Scales with Spell Power)
  • Scion of the Plane of Fire
    • +25% Spell Critical Damage with all spells
    • +10 PRR, +10 MRR
    • +10 Fire Spell Power, +30 Universal Spell Power
    • Add 2d20 Fire damage to weapon and unarmed attacks (Scales with Spell Power)
  • Scion of the Plane of Water
    • +200 Maximum Spell Points
    • +20 MRR
    • +10 Cold Spell Power, +30 Universal Spell Power
    • Add 2d20 Cold damage to weapon and unarmed attacks (Scales with Spell Power)
  • Scion of the Feywild
    • +10 Sonic Spell Power, +30 Universal Spell Power
    • +4 to the DCs of Enchantment spells, +2 to DCs of other spells
    • Add 2d20 Sonic damage to weapon and unarmed attacks (Scales with Spell Power)
    • +20 Healing Amp
  • Scion of the Shadowfell
    • +4 to the DCs of Necromancy spells, +2 to DCs of other spells
    • +40 Negative Spell Power
    • +20 Negative Amp (assuming you take healing from Negative)
    • Weapon and Unarmed attacks heal you for 1d6 Positive damage, or 1d6 Negative damage if you are Undead.
  • Scion of the Ethereal Plane
    • Permanent Blur
    • +1 point of Sneak Attack damage for every 3 points of Hide you have
    • +4 to all Skills
    • Permanent Invisibility Guard, as per the item effect
  • Scion of the Astral Plane
    • +4 to Tactical Feat and Assassinate DCs
    • +4% Doublestrike & Doubleshot. An additional +4 if you are centered.
    • +4% Dodge and +4 to Dodge Cap
    • +4 to Reflex Saves
  • Scion of Mechanus
    • +20 Repair & Rust Spell Power, +20 Universal Spell Power
    • +20 Repair Amplification (assuming you take healing from Repair)
    • +10% Fortification Bypass on weapon and unarmed attacks
    • Gain: Master Reconstruction, shares cooldown with Communion of Scribing
  • Scion of Celestia
    • +20 Positive, Light, & Alignment Spell Power, +20 Universal Spell Power
    • +30% Crit Damage with Positive, Light, & Alignment spells
    • +150 Maximum Hit Points
    • +4 to Will Saves
  • Scion of Elysium
    • Summoned creatures gain +25 PRR and MRR
    • Summoned creatures gain +20 Melee Power, Ranged Power, and Universal Spell Power
    • Summoned creatures gain +100% Fortification
    • Summoned creatures gain a 5% chance to ignore incoming damage entirely. Does not affect any incoming Positive, Negative, or Repair effects.
  • Scion of Arborea
    • +20 Melee and Ranged Power
    • +20 Force Spell Power and +20 Universal Spell Power
    • +2 to the Enhancement Bonus of your weapon
    • +4 to Fortitude Saves
  • Scion of Limbo
    • +2 Determination Bonus to all Saves
    • One of eight buffs, each one minute long. Cycles randomly.
      • +40 Melee and Ranged power, +80 Spell Power
      • +16% Doublestrike & Doubleshot, +20% Spell Crit Damage
      • +30 PRR and MRR
      • +20% Dodge and +40 Healing Amp
      • +20 DR /Law
      • Your weapon/unarmed strikes and spells deal 1d20 Chaos Damage
      • Each time you would be damaged, you have a +5% chance to completely ignore the damage. Does not affect any incoming Positive, Negative, or Repair effects.
      • Confetti explodes around your shoulders. Festive!

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]



  • Intimidate has been improved:
    • Intimidate's cooldown has been reduced to six seconds.
    • If the initial Intimidate succeeds, the bonus threat is now Skill x 200. For example, a successful check with a 70 Intimidate would set the character's threat to equal the highest threat plus 14,000 damage worth of threat.
    • The threat boost provided by Intimidate now lasts for 12 seconds.
    • The threat boost provided by Intimidate for melee attacks was increased from 50% to 200%.
    • Intimidate now uses a shorter animation.
    • Intimidate's threat multiplier is 400% for melee, 100% for ranged and magic attacks.
  • Diplomacy now uses a shorter animation.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash when returning to Character Select or exiting the game.
  • The new DDO Store window no longer causes mouselook to become nonfunctional.
  • The Adventure Compendium now shows quests up to three levels above the viewing character, rather than two.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

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