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Action Boost

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Action boosts increase some aspect of a character's abilities for a short period of time.

Action boosts are available for Heroic character levels 1-20 as class enhancements for Artificers, Barbarians, Fighters, Paladins, Rangers and Rogues. Boosts are also available as race-restricted options for Humans and Half-elves, as well as characters with Epic levels through an Epic Destiny, such as Legendary Dreadnought.

Action boosts come in a variety of flavors each improving a different character ability including, but not limited to, attack speed, damage, saving throws, skill checks, and armor class.

Characters gain access to action boosts by spending action points on enhancements or destiny points in Epic Destinies.


Action boosts typically last 20 seconds with a 30-second shared cooldown between uses.

Action boosts can be used five times per rest. Some items (e.g. Action Boost Enhancement), classes, races and Epic Destinies have access to enhancements or Epic abilities that increase the number of uses per rest.

List of Action Boosts[edit]

Icon Enhancement Action Boost.png

Common action boosts[edit]

  • Icon Enhancement Damage Boost.png Melee Power: [+10/+20/+30] Action Boost bonus to Melee Power for 20 seconds. Usable 5 times per rest. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Icon Enhancement PDK Rallying Cry.png Rallying Cry: You and all allies within range of your songs gain +10% to +20% movement speed and +1 to +3 Morale bonus to Saving Throws for twenty seconds. This ability can be used while feared, and dispels Fear effects.

Unique action boosts[edit]

  • Counterattack.png Counterattack: On Shield Block: Your next attack within 3 seconds gains +1[W] that may stack up to 3 times.
  • DefensiveSweep.png Defensive Sweep: You generate +50% threat and your basic attacks strike two targets per swing instead of one
  • Icon Enhancement Endless Fusilade.png Endless Fusilade: You enchant your crossbow to instantly reload itself for 18 seconds.
  • Icon No Holds Barred.png No Holds Barred: You enchant your crossbow to instantly reload itself for 18 seconds.
  • Icon Enhancement PDK Final Stand.png Final Stand: You and all allies within your aura gain Temporary Hit Points equal to your Intimidate score for twenty seconds. If you are below 50% Health when you use this ability, you gain a +20 Morale bonus to Physical Resistance Rating for 12 seconds
  • Icon Enhancement Heroic Companion.png Heroic Companion: Grants an ally +0.25/+0.5/+1[W], +2/+4/+6 to hit and saving throws, 0/+2%/+4% Dodge and 0/0/+10 Physical Resistance Rating.
  • Icon Enhancement Hip Flask.png Hip Flask: For the next 60 seconds, you gain +1d6 to all ability scores, and +2d6 to attack and damage.
  • Last Stand.png Last Stand: Your gain +100% Maximum hit points, +50 Physical Resistance Rating, and On Attacked: You are healed for 1d10 positive energy healing. This Action Boost does not share a cooldown with other Action Boost abilities, and can be used while helpless.
  • StandFast.png Stand Fast: You gain a +20 bonus to saves vs. Fear and a +20 bonus to Balance for 20 seconds. This ability can be used while feared or knocked down to end those effects.
  • Thick Skinned.jpg Thick Skinned: Activate to take 25% less damage from all sources. This ability can be used while helpless. This is on a separate cooldown from other action boosts.
  • Icon Enhancement Warforged Resolve.png Warforged Resolve: You gain temporary hit points equal to your Repair Skill. If you are below half health, you gain a +2 bonus to all saving throws while these temporary hit points last.

Not an action boost[edit]

Some classes have abilities similar to action boosts, but they don't count as action boosts. For example, effects that decrease the cooldown or increase number of uses does not apply to them.

  • KenseiOneCut.png One Cut: Your currently equipped weapons that are part of your Focus gain the Vorpal ability for 60 seconds.
  • Icon Enhancement Power Surge.png Power Surge: +8 psionic bonus to all abilities for 60 seconds. If you possess the ability to generate Ki, you gain On Hit: +2 Ki

Reaper Memento abilities[edit]

Reaper enhancements available for completing quests on Reaper difficulty offer a mechanics similar to Action Boosts, called Memento abilities. Mementos last for 20 seconds, they are on a 40 second cooldown, and they can be used simultaneously to Action Boost.

All Memento abilities share a single cooldown and a single shared pool of Reaper Charges. Each Memento you have at least one rank in grants an extra Reaper Charge.

Additional action boost charges[edit]

Few rare abilities and items increase the number of action boost charges.


Enchantments and epic destinies[edit]

  • Artificer's Battle Engineer Tier 2 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (2/4/6) AP.
  • Barbarian's Frenzied Berserker Tier 2 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (1/2/3) AP.
  • Fighter's Kensei Tier 1 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (2/4/6) AP.
  • Fighter's Kensei Core 6 Alacrity gives 4 extra action boosts for 1 AP.
  • Dragonborn's Tier 2 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (2/4/6) AP.
  • Half-Orc's Tier 2 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (2/4/6) AP.
  • Legendary Dreadnought's Tier 1 Extra Action Boost gives (1/2/3) extra action boosts for (1/2/3) EDP.