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Epic Reincarnation

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Epic Reincarnation Summary[edit]

Details common to all Reincarnations can be found on the main Reincarnation page. This page deals with the specifics that relate to Epic Reincarnation.

Epic Reincarnation can be abbreviated as ER, but is often incorrectly abbreviated as eTR for Epic True Reincarnation; Epic Reincarnation is not a form of True Reincarnation.

  • Loss of XP (level 30 back to level 20)
  • Loss of 6 million Karma from an Epic Destiny Sphere
Required item:



A character can only Epic Reincarnate when it meets the following conditions:

  • Character is Level 30 (i.e. both Heroic and Iconic character can undergo ER)
  • Character has at least one Epic Destiny Sphere filled with 6 million Karma
  • Character owns an Epic Heart of Wood

Gaining Karma[edit]

Karma is a type of experience that accumulates when gaining normal experience points while any Epic Destiny (ED) within a specific Sphere is active:

  • Karma caps at 6,000,000 per sphere
  • Questing in any of the 3 EDs in the Primal sphere will add Karma to Primal, until the cap of 6,000,000 Karma is reached (and the same for Martial, Divine and Arcane)
    • Karma can only be added to a Sphere when an ED in that Sphere is active - e.g. If you want to fill the Primal Sphere, you must use Shiradi Champion, Primal Avatar or Fury of the Wild - you cannot use a Martial, Divine or Arcane ED for XP while adding Karma to Primal. Item:Call of Destiny allows one to gain XP in a non-active sphere and can be purchased from DDO Store.
  • Karma is gained at the same time as normal experience
    • Earned XP is replicated in each place that uses it NOT divided between them
    • A Sphere is filled with Karma at the same time as the active ED is filled with XP (after the ED is capped, Karma is still accrued)
    • A Sphere is filled with Karma at the same time as XP is used to level up (after level 30 is reached, Karma is still accrued)
    • XP can be used to level up and to fill EDs while filling a Sphere with Karma (after 6,000,000 Karma is reached, XP is still accrued for leveling and filling EDs)
  • A character does not need to cap all EDs within a Sphere to fill that Sphere with Karma - Karma will still be accrued while questing in a capped ED
    • Other benefits (gaining Fate Points, fulfilling Epic Destiny Feat Prerequisites, gaining additional abilities to twist) will not be accrued if the EDs are not capped
    • Once all EDs within a sphere are capped, any ED within that Sphere can be used for filling the Sphere with Karma, with no drawbacks
  • To see the total Karma for all spheres, open the Epic Destiny window and click on the Map View tab

Obtaining an Epic Heart of Wood[edit]

An Epic Heart of Wood can be obtained by using 4,200 Commendations of Valor or 42 Heart Seeds:

  • 100 Commendations of Valor can be traded for 1 Heart Seed
  • Exchanging Commendations of Valor for Heart Seeds is useful as Commendations of Valor are Bound-to-Character, while Seeds are Bound-to-Account, allowing them to be traded between multiple characters for eTR purposes

Reincarnation Hearts are also sold in the DDO Store.

How Epic Reincarnation Works[edit]

For general information about how to perform any reincarnation, see How to Reincarnate.

  • When undergoing ER:
    • A character chooses which Epic Destiny sphere to sacrifice 6 million Karma from (only those that are full can be selected)
      • If all Spheres are capped when it comes to ER, it can help to choose the Sphere for Reincarnation based on the Destiny that will be most useful in the next epic life
    • The character gets to choose an Epic Past Life Feat from that Sphere
  • Undergoing ER results in the entire 6,000,000 Karma from the chosen Sphere being used up in the process*
    • The Sphere is now empty of Karma and can be re-filled during a subsequent life
    • Despite Karma being used up in the ER process, Experience gained in EDs within a sphere is NOT lost during ER - i.e. A capped ED remains capped and does not need to be filled again and a part-filled ED remains part-full
    • Karma can be re-accumulated in the empty sphere during the character's next epic life by earning experience points from quests and raids as usual, while using any ED in that Sphere
(* Since, after an Epic Reincarnation, it takes 8.25 million XP to reach Level 30 again, filling up a sphere is not a problem. However, filling up a particular sphere may require a bit of planning, to match an appropriate future active Destiny in that desired Sphere with your future build - an "arcane" Destiny might not be useful with a two-handed melee build.)


  • There is no need to empty out your Reincarnation Cache before ER. In terms of items and inventory, Epic Reincarnation is treated like Lesser Reincarnation
    • If you plan to ER then immediately undergo Heroic or Racial Reincarnation, it is advisable to empty your Cache before ER to save the need to head to a bank in between
  • Any Favor accumulated does not change
    • This also means an ER life that has received items or feats as favor rewards will not receive new items or feats until after the character undergoes a Heroic, Racial or Iconic Reincarnation
  • Since 6 million Karma from a single Epic Destiny sphere is needed to reincarnate and it currently takes 8.25 million XP to level from 20-30, the majority of leveling from 20-30 will need to be done in the SAME sphere, in order to avoid additional grinding after reaching level 30.
  • Karma is consumed when you talk to the Life-Shaper and flag your character for Epic Reincarnation. However, you don't have to reincarnate right away. You can remain at 30 and start filling Karma again if you want.