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Epic Reincarnation

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Epic Reincarnation Summary[edit]

Details common to all Reincarnations can be found on the main Reincarnation page. This page deals with the specifics that relate to Epic Reincarnation.

Epic Reincarnation can be abbreviated as ER, but is often incorrectly abbreviated as eTR for Epic True Reincarnation; Epic Reincarnation is not a form of True Reincarnation.

  • Loss of XP (level 30 back to level 20)
Required item:



A character can only Epic Reincarnate when it meets the following conditions:

  • Character is Level 30 (i.e. both Heroic and Iconic characters can undergo ER)
  • Character owns an Epic Heart of Wood
  • Character does not already possess ALL epic past lives

Obtaining an Epic Heart of Wood[edit]

An Epic Heart of Wood can be obtained by trading Commendations of Valor or Heart Seeds. To perform a trade, double-click a stack of Commendations or of Heart Seeds; this will open the "Commendation of Valor" barter window. You may trade:

  • 4,200 Commendations for an Epic or Iconic Heart of Wood
  • 100 Commendations for 1 Heart Seed
  • 42 Heart Seeds for an Epic or Iconic Heart of Wood

Exchanging Commendations of Valor for Heart Seeds is useful because although Commendations are Bound-to-Character, Seeds are Bound-to-Account. Seeds can thus be collected jointly by your characters for a Reincarnation.

Reincarnation Hearts are also sold in the DDO Store.

How Epic Reincarnation Works[edit]

For general information about how to perform any reincarnation, see How to Reincarnate.

When undergoing ER:

  • Select the epic past life that you want to receive.


  • Since it's effectively a Lesser Reincarnation:
    • Quest progress is not reset, even for epic quests. Quests that you've already completed will not grant Delving Bonus or first-time completion bonuses. Wilderness areas you've already explored will not grant explorer XP or early slayer milestones. Ransacked optional objectives will remain ransacked. If your normal levelling approach relies on first-time bonuses, you may need to adjust your playstyle after an ER.
    • You will be required to respec your character and re-level to 20 (one level at a time) by talking to the NPC the next time you log in, regardless of whether you actually want to change anything. If you want to keep your exact build, make sure your build decisions and/or appearance are memorised or recorded somewhere. If you intend to TR immediately after ER, the levelling process will feel like a waste of time, but cannot be skipped.
    • There is no need to empty out your Reincarnation Cache before ER. Your current items will be unequipped but remain in your inventory; nothing goes into the reincarnation cache.
      • If you plan to ER then immediately undergo Heroic or Racial Reincarnation, it is advisable to empty your Cache before ER to save the need to head to a bank in between
  • Any Favor accumulated does not change
    • This also means an ER life that has received items or feats as favor rewards will not receive new items or feats until after the character undergoes a Heroic, Racial or Iconic Reincarnation
  • You don't have to reincarnate right away talking to the Life-Shaper. However, once you flag your character for any reincarnation, you can no longer switch to a different reincarnation.