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Physical Resistance Rating

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Physical Resistance Rating tooltip

Physical Resistance Rating (abbreviated PRR) is a form of damage mitigation that was introduced with Update 14.

It provides a percentage reduction in physical damage (bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing), and is granted through multiple sources (items, feats, enhancements) and stacks with itself. Multiple effects granting an Enhancement bonus to Physical Resistance do not stack. Character sheets show the Physical Resistance Rating of the player next to the elemental resistances.

PRR is applied after damage reduction. The PRR is applied to the damage that passes through the DR and is always rounded down. As such If a player would take 20 damage before DR or PRR and has 10 DR and 60 PRR (37.5% reduction), the result is:

(20 - 10) * 37.5% = 3.75 rounded down to 3
3 damage is resisted

PRR and % reduction[edit]


The formula for calculating damage mitigation for physical damage was changed in Update 23. The new formula is: 100/(100+Rating). Incoming damage is multiplied by this number.

Example: A character is hit for 100 points of damage.

  • 0 PRR takes full damage, 100 points.
  • 20 PRR takes 16.67% less damage, 83 points.
  • 100 PRR takes 50% less damage, 50 points.

In effect, this means that for every point of PRR that you gain, your effective hit points is increased by 1%. This is entirely off of the base, rather than cumulative, and thus beyond a certain point, hit points might be more valuable that PRR alone...


PRR Reduction
Damage taken
1 - (A)
0 0% 100%
10 9.09% 90.91%
20 16.67% 83.33%
30 23.08% 76.92%
40 28.57% 71.43%
50 33.33% 66.67%
60 37.50% 62.50%
70 41.18% 58.82%
80 44.44% 55.56%
90 47.37% 52.63%
100 50.00% 50.00%
PRR Reduction
Damage taken
1 - (A)
110 52.38% 47.62%
120 54.55% 45.45%
130 56.52% 43.48%
140 58.33% 41.67%
150 60.00% 40.00%
160 61.54% 38.46%
170 62.96% 37.04%
180 64.29% 35.71%
190 65.52% 34.48%
200 66.67% 33.33%
210 67.74% 32.26%
Damage reduction in graph format

Sources of PRR[edit]


  • Physical Resistance Rating offered by armor type / docent body feat / shield type:
Armor type PRR
Cloth armor 0
Light armor BAB * 1
Medium armor BAB * 1.5
Heavy armor BAB * 2
Docents PRR
Composite Plating 0
Mithral Body BAB * 1
Adamantine Body BAB * 2
Shield type PRR
Bucklers/Orbs 0
Small shields 5
Large shields 10
Tower shields 15
Note: Stacks with the Sheltering enhancement




Past lives




Monk stances


Bladeforged enhancements[edit]

  • Communion of Warding +4/+8/+12 Physical Resistance Rating

Deep Gnome enhancements[edit]

  • Hardy Nature +1/+2/+3

Dragonborn enhancements[edit]

  • Harder Scales +2/+4/+6

Deepwood Stalker enhancements[edit]

  • Survivalist I-III: up to +12 in light armor

Eldritch Knight enhancements[edit]

  • Improved Shield improves the Physical Resistance Rating by 3/6/10 while under the effects of the Shield spell.

Henshin Mystic enhancements[edit]

  • Each core enhancement grants +3 PRR.

Pale Master enhancements[edit]

  • Shroud of the Zombie: +3
  • Undead Augmentation (Deathly Touch): +5 while in any Pale Shroud
  • Eternal Furor: +15 while in any Pale Shroud
  • Ascendant Shroud: +10 while in Shroud of the Zombie

Ravager enhancements[edit]

  • Ritual Scarring improves the Physical Resistance Rating by 1/2/3.

Sacred Defender enhancements[edit]

  • Sacred Defense: +10 Physical Resistance
    • Improved Sacred Defense - Durable Defense: When in Sacred Defense, you gain +5/+10/+15 Sacred bonus to Physical Resistance Rating.
  • Redemption: +5 Physical Resistance
  • Glorious Stand: +5 Physical Resistance
  • Eternal Defender: +5 Physical Resistance
  • Harbored by Light: You gain +10/15/25 Physical Resistance Rating.

Shintao enhancements[edit]

  • Iron Skin improves the Physical Resistance Rating by 5/10/20.
  • Meditation of War improves the Physical Resistance Rating while under Mountain Stance by 10.

Sorcerer (elemental form)[edit]

Stalwart Defender enhancements[edit]

  • Stalwart Defense stance improves the Physical Resistance Rating by 10.
    • Improved Stalwart Defense - Durable Defense improves the Physical Resistance Rating while on Stalwart Defense Stance by additional 5/10/15.

Tempest enhancements[edit]

  • Cores: 2+1+1+1+1+1
  • Dervish (capstone): +10
  • Improved Defense: +1/2/3
  • Improved Parry: +3/6/10 while dual-wielding. (This bonus does not apply when fighting unarmed/with handwraps).

Thief-Acrobat enhancements[edit]

  • Spinning Staff Wall: Activate to gain 50 PRR for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Warchanter enhancements[edit]

  • Rough and Ready improves the Physical Resistance Rating by 2/4/6.
  • Ironskin Chant provides +6 Music bonus to everyone around
  • Warmaster (capstone): +15 Music bonus to single ally

Warforged enhancements[edit]

  • Adamantine Durability +4/+8/+12 Physical Resistance Rating
  • Memories of the Last War: +8 Determination bonus

Warpriest enhancements[edit]

  • Wall of Steel +3/+6/+10 Physical Resistance Rating
  • Sanctuary For 20 seconds, you gain +20 Sacred bonus to Physical Resistance. (Activation Cost: 10 Spell Points. Cooldown: 1 minute)

Wood Elf enhancements[edit]

  • Forest Origins: Oath of the Wild: You take an oath to forego metal armor, metal shields, and Rune Arms. As long as you do not have these equipped, you gain +10 Physical Resistance Rating.

Renegade Mastermaker enhancements

  • Supporting Construction: +2/4/6 Physical Resistance Rating
  • Action Boost Defence: +5/10/15 Action Boost bonus to Armor Class and Physical Resistance rating for 20 seconds

Epic Destinies[edit]

Monsters with PRR[edit]

Monsters usually don't have PRR. Some enemies in the newer content have PRR, such as Abishai or Erinyes. When you fight such enemies, you get yellow numbers indicating reduced damage. The same yellow numbers are used for damage reduction, causing frequent confusion (for example DDO Forums). Yellow numbers removed in Update 41 Patch 3.

Player characters have a few options for reducing enemy PRR, for example:

Originally Posted by Cocomajobo Source on November 30, 2018

All of the properties listed are able to go into the negatives. Going from 0 to -10 PRR provides the same difference in damage against the target as going from 10 PRR to 0 PRR. The same is true of MRR and Melee Power/Ranged Power.

So! Even though a large portion of monsters do not innately have positive values of those stats, effects that debuff still help to defeat them.

Since Update 41 Patch 3, player damage should properly increase when monster PRR is reduced below zero.

  • Player damage increase equals to the negative PRR score. For example, against a target with -10 PRR you deal +10% damage.
  • Tests: DDO Vault

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