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Embolden Spell

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Icon Embolden Spell.png
Embolden Spell

  • Usage: Active, Toggled Metamagic
  • Prerequisite: being able to cast spells, Level 24


While this metamagic feat is active, you gain +2 to the DC of all spells with DCs, but they consume 10 additional spell points (i.e. 20 Spell points becomes 30).

Passive: +140 Maximum Spell Points.

Only these spells are affected by the Embolden Spell metamagic feat (incomplete):

Spell School Art Brd Clr Drd Fvs Pal Rng Sor/Wiz Wlk Epic
Web Conjuration 2
Cone of Cold Evocation 5
Soundburst Evocation 2 2 2
Holy Smite Evocation 4 4
Flame Strike Evocation 5 4 5
Ball Lightning Evocation 5
Chain Lightning Evocation 6 6
Sunburst Evocation 8 8
Symbol of Persuasion Enchantment 6 6 6 4
Circle of Death Necromancy 6 5
Delayed Blast Fireball Evocation 7
Control Undead Necromancy 7 5
Greater Shout Evocation 6 8
Contagion Necromancy 3 3 3 4 3
Cometfall Conjuration 6 6
Undeath to Death Necromancy 6 6 6 5
Fire Storm Evocation 8 7 8
Implosion Evocation 9 9
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere Evocation 6
Meteor Swarm Evocation 9
Hold Monster, Mass Enchantment 9 6
Sonic Blast Evocation 1 1
Death Aura Necromancy 4
Prismatic Spray Evocation 7
Freezing Spray Evocation 7
Sun Bolt Evocation 3
Color Spray Illusion 1 1
Rend the Soul Necromancy 9
Vial of Acid Conjuration
Vial of Flame Conjuration
Vial of Frost Conjuration
Vial of Sparks Conjuration
Vial of Venom Conjuration
Empty Bottle Conjuration
Fine Dust Transmutation
Sleep Powder Transmutation
Vial Smash: Acid Conjuration
Elemental Obliteration Conjuration
Multivial Conjuration
Spellvial Conjuration
Vial Smash: Cold Conjuration
Vial Smash: Electric Conjuration
Vial Smash: Fire Conjuration
Vial Smash: Poison Conjuration
Multivial of Acid Conjuration
Multivial of Flame Conjuration
Multivial of Frost Conjuration
Multivial of Sparks Conjuration
Multivial of Poison Conjuration
Elemental Concentration Conjuration
Acid Concentration Conjuration
Flame Concentration Conjuration
Frost Concentration Conjuration
Sparks Concentration Conjuration
Venom Concentration Conjuration
Caustic Solvent Conjuration
Bitter Frost Burst Conjuration
Heartstopper Poison Conjuration
Molotov Cocktail Conjuration
Voltaic Induction Conjuration
Flash Powder Transmutation