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Icon Dreamscape.png

  • Usage: Active
  • Prerequisite: Level 29, maximum experience in three Arcane or three Primal Epic Destinies.


Activate to pop off to the land of dreams. You are invulnerable and invisible for five seconds, then return with a random 30-second buff. 1 minute cooldown. The available buffs are:

Swirling mists rose up all around you. A castle loomed in the distance, dark and foreboding. In its shadow, a circle of wagons drew your eye. Inside, a woman held in her hand three cards. She spoke words, but you could not hear them. She laid the cards before you. The first showed the image of a small statue, kneeling, with its palms open to the sky. The second showed a metallic symbol with a gem at its center, many points adorning its outer ring. The third depicted a blade of brilliant light, a blade unlike any other that you knew of. The woman gathered the cards back into her hand, and in an instant they disappeared from view, and she bid you away from the wagons. You were certain this time that you had seen this dream before, each subsequent time appearing more and more defined, as if it were slowly taking form... Sinister laughter began to echo through the mists. A tall figure appeared, dark-haired and clad in armor. You were certain that he could see you. A chill ran down your spine, but before you could move you awoke.