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Spell-like ability

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A Spell-like ability is usually a magical effect that works exactly like a spell of the same name yet costs no or fewer spell points. Some SLAs are limited in uses per rest, or have unlimited use but a longer cooldown. Monk SLAs cost ki. A few spell-like abilities are unique and are identified as such in their description.

The big thing about spell-like abilities is that metamagic feats can be applied for free without increasing spell point cost. However, not all SLAs can be affected by metamagic.

Like spells, spell-like abilities are subject to spell resistance and to being dispelled by Dispel Magic. However, some spell-like abilities, such as bard songs or a "Light" Monk's Finishing Moves cannot be dispelled by spells such as Dispel Magic or Break Enchantment. These abilities are especially useful against creatures such as beholders, which have an anti-magic cone about them, removing most buffs within that zone. However, since Update 21, many SLAs cannot be used in antimagic field any longer.

SLAs are usually not subject to Arcane Spell Failure. The exception is Warlock SLAs. This is the same behavior as in PnP.

Casting SLAs cannot be interrupted by taking damage (i.e., they don't require Concentration checks), but can still fail when the caster is interrupted in another fashion, for example tripped.

SLAs are not subject to cooldown increase, such as one from Combat Expertise, Tenser's Transformation or being in an animal form.


There are only a few disadvantages of SLAs, compared to spells:

  • SLAs are not affected by effects that reduce the spell point cost of spells, such as Magical Efficiency
  • SLAs often have longer cooldown than spells

Sources of spell-like abilities[edit]

Lists of SLAs[edit]

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