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Update 29 randomly generated loot

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Randomly generated loot

This randomly generated loot system was introduced in Update 29. Some prefix effects (such as skills) only existed as suffixes before. Some few effects (such as Speed and Spell Resistance) do not show up in the item's name. Many effects (such as Spell Lore on rings) can be found in new equipment slots. Many enchantments that were previously only on named items (such as light resistance) are now included.

This system generally remains in place today, although there have been some notable updates:

  • Update 46 added some minor changes, introducing dual augments, rare prefixes, blueshine weapons, and rare materials for armor and shields.
  • Update 50 decreased the stats of items of minimum level 28 or higher, to compensate for decreases in the difficulty of Legendary content.
  • Update 55 increased the level cap to 32, thereby increasing the maximum level of random loot.

Pre-U29 items had fixed Minimum Levels that were calculated as a sum of all effects' levels. U29 allows variable bonuses for all effects (Armor/Weapon+, Prefix, Suffix, Extra) based on an item's base ML and no longer increases it based on multiple effects.

Minor bug: At the time of this update, many enchantments were bugged and showed up with a +0 bonus, and some still rarely do (eee "update" comment). This does not appear to affect the item's Minimum Level, for better or worse.
   Update: Most have been fixed, but some few older reward lists can still produce this +0 bug.

Generation mechanic[edit]


An item can have the following affixes: enhancement bonus, prefix, suffix, and an extra.

Loot level, chest level and item level[edit]

The loot level affects the item's minimum level. Loot level is broken down into the "base" chest level plus various buffs.

Maximum loot level[edit]

Originally Posted by Update 29 Release Notes

Our system of randomly-generated loot has been renovated from level 1 all the way up to level 40.

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

The current loot level cap is 40, so yes, technically on a +2 Loot bonus weekend if you max things out you are one over when running a level 34 LE raid.

Cordovan's statement above is valid as of Update 30. Character level +5 limit for chest loot has been lifted with U30.

  • Quest reward list also theoretically still caps at 40, but you cannot have Dragonmark and Treasure Map in this regard. Current highest reward lists are level 32 raids on LE (effective level 34) with guild buff +1, Jewel +2 and server bonus +2, which makes it 39.


  • Each enchantment is rolled separately, within a range given by the item level. For example, a Strength bonus on a level 20 item can be +7, +8, or +9.
    • DDO Store item Treasure Hunter's Elixirs increases the chance to get better enchantment in this regard. (U30)
    • Insight bonus effects on items will not appear below level 10 loot. (U29P2)
    • Many of the enchantments have issues of some kind and are in a state of flux at the moment.
  • There is a chance for "Extra Lucky" loot (not to be confused with "Extra" affix slot), which increases the range of possible enchantment values beyond the usual limits. This is indicated by having "Masterful Craftsmanship" listed on the description.
Originally Posted by (former developer) NoWorries Source

Random Loot has a normal range of effect powers that can drop at a given minimum level. Then there is an extra lucky range of slightly more power. This is marked by having Masterful Craftsmanship on the item which indicates at least one of your effects is at the maximum of the normal range or slightly higher.

Blue light seen on the chest post U30
  • Chest glows blue for the entire party when someone gets "Extra Lucky/Masterful Craftsmanship" loot. (U30)
    • Chance for getting "Extra Lucky" is also unknown, however Treasure Hunter's Elixirs lists their effects as +5/+10+15, possibly something like d100 is rolled?.
  • Since enchantments are rolled independently, the same quest can generate items with vastly differing power.
    • For example, an item with weak prefix , extra lucky suffix, and extra lucky extra enchantment.

Item enchantments at maximum item level[edit]

Originally Posted by (former developer) NoWorries Source

Random Loot caps at a ML of 30. Treasure level goes up to 40 and the effect powers continue to rise through those treasure levels. Not all ML 30 items are the same.

  • For example, ML 30 stat items have a wider-than-usual range of +11 - +17. On lower treasure level however, you can only hope to get +11 - +14 ML 30 items. At around 32 level raid on LH, you start seeing +15 ML 30 items. For +16 and +17 ML 30 items, you only see these when +2 server bonus is active and running LE raids with various chest buffs.
Maxloot Con17Str16.png Maxloot Con17FL60.png

Enchantments by slot[edit]

Prefix Suffix Extra
Armor Fortification, Physical Resistances, Elemental Absorption, Spell Resistance, Combat Mastery, Constitution Elemental Resistances, Insightful Physical Resistances, False Life, Insightful Combat Mastery, Intimidate, Move Silently, Guard Effects, Vitality, Healing/Repair Amplification Insightful Fortification, Insightful Elemental Resistances, Parrying, Deathblock, Balance, Insightful Balance, Insightful Intimidate, Insightful Move Silently, Insightful Constitution
Weapons Parrying, Seeker, Armor Piercing, Alacrity, Elemental Damages, Vorpal, Paralyzing, Spell Powers Deadly, Doublestrike, Vertigo, Shatter, Stunning, Tendon Slice, Assassinate, Incite, Diversion, Elemental Critical Damage, Creature Banes, Spell Criticals, Insightful Spell Powers, Banishing, Smiting, Deception, Keen Insightful Seeker, Insightful Deadly, Insightful Vertigo, Insightful Shatter, Insightful Stunning, Insightful Tendon Slice, Insightful Assassinate, Vampirism, Stat Poison, Spell Penetrations
Shield Fortification, Physical Resistances, Elemental Absorption, Spell Resistance, Combat Mastery, Spell Powers Elemental Resistances, Insightful Physical Resistances, False Life, Insightful Combat Mastery, Intimidate, Move Silently, Guard Effects, Shield Bashing damage/Spikes, Wizardry Insightful Fortification, Insightful Elemental Resistances, Parrying, Deathblock, Balance, Insightful Balance, Insightful Intimidate, Insightful Move Silently, Insightful Spell Powers,
Head Fortification, Wizardry, Sheltering, Insightful Incite, Concentration, Haggle, Intimidate, Listen, Intelligence Resistance Saves, Parrying, Accuracy, Spell Focuses, Diplomacy, Insightful Intimidate, UMD, Wisdom, Spellsight, Stunning, Search, Spot Insightful Fortification, Insightful Individual Resistance Saves, Insightful Sheltering, Incite, Deathblock, Insightful Concentration, Insightful Haggle, Insightful Listen, Insightful UMD, Insightful Intelligence, Insightful Search
Eyes Seeker, Spell Focuses, Concentration, Disable Device, Search, UMD, Wisdom, Intelligence Accuracy, Spell Penetrations, Insightful Spell Focuses, Alacrity, Insightful Concentration, Open Lock, Spot, Insightful UMD, Deadly Insightful Seeker, Insightful Spell Penetrations, Tendon Slice, Assassinate, Insightful Disable Device, Insightful Search, Insightful Spot, Insightful Wisdom, Insightful Intelligence
Bracers Elemental Resistances ,Insightful Spell Resistances, Individual Resistance Saves, Protection, Deathblock, Strength Constitution, Tumble, Move Silently, Intimidate, Insightful Sheltering, Dodge Bonus, Fortification Physical Resistances, Parrying, Sheltering, Insightful Intimidate, Perform, Insightful Strength
Rings Physical Resistances, Wizardry, Elemental Absorptions, Spell Resistance, Spell Critical Increases, Balance, Diplomacy, Hide, Perform, Constitution, Charisma Dexterity, Tumble, Swim, Open Lock, Insightful Diplomacy, Bluff, Insightful Balance, Spell Powers, Assassinate, Sheltering, Protection, Insightful Individual Resist Saves, Spell Powers, False Life, Insightful Physical Resistances, Elemental Resistances, Feather Falling, Speed Insightful Elemental Resistances, Insightful False Life, Insightful Spell Power, Insightful Spell Resistance, Enchantment Saves, Illusion Saves, Parrying, Insightful Spell Power, Insightful Bluff, Insightful Hide, Insightful Perform, Insightful Constitution, Insightful Charisma
Feet Dodge Bonus, Seeker, Combat Mastery, Speed, Balance, Move Silently, Tumble, Dexterity Strength, Guard Effects, Swim, Jump, Insightful Balance, Diversion, Sheltering, Parrying, Feather Falling Insightful Fortification, False Life, Insightful Dodge Bonus, Insightful Seeker, Insightful Combat Mastery, Insightful Jump, Insightful Move Silently, Insightful Swim, Insightful Tumble, Insightful Dexterity
Neck Insightful Spell Resistance, Enchantment Saves, Illusion Saves, Spell Focuses, Heal, Repair, Tumble, Constitution Charisma, Bluff, Sheltering, False Life, Insightful Wizardry, Natural Armor Bonus, Insightful Intimidate, Spellsight, Search, Spot Insightful Enchantment Saves, Illusion Saves, Insightful Sheltering, Insightful Heal, Insightful Repair, Insightful Tumble, Insightful Constitution, Insightful Spot
Hands Wizardry, Spell Powers, Accuracy, Doublestrike, Spell Penetration, Vertigo, Shatter, Stunning, Assassinate, Alacrity, Bluff, Disable Device, Open Lock, Perform, Dexterity, Strength Resistance Saves, Shield Bashing (chance to shield bash), Armor Piercing, Tendon Slice, Insightful Assassinate, Insightful Combat Mastery, Universal Spell Power, Universal Spell Crit, Insightful Disable Device, Heal, Intimidate, Repair, UMD, Deadly, Healing/Repair Amp Insightful Dexterity, Insightful Strength, Insightful Perform, Insightful Open Lock, Insightful Bluff, Incite, Insightful Tendon Slice, Insightful Vertigo, Insightful Shatter, Insightful Stun, Insightful Spell Penetration, Insightful Doublestrike, Insightful Accuracy, Insightful Spell Power, Insightful Wizardry
Cloak Elemental Resistance, Spell Resistance, Individual Resist Saves, Diversion, Balance, Hide, Charisma, Intelligence Wisdom, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Dodge Bonus, Natural Armor Bonus, Resistance Saves, Enchantment/Illusion Saves, Elemental Absorptions, Physical Resistances, Insightful Elemental Resistances, Feather Falling, Spellsight Insightful Physical Resistances, False Life, Insightful Spell Resistance, Insightful Enchantment Saves, Illusion Saves, Insightful Sheltering, Insightful Diversion, Insightful Balance, Insightful Hide, Insightful Charisma, Insightful Intelligence, Insightful Wisdom
Belt Spell Resistance, Dodge Bonus, Doublestrike, Move Silently, Insightful Diversion, Deathblock, Diplomacy, Physical Resistances, Constitution False Life, Insightful Spell Resistance, Natural Armor Bonus, Parrying, Vertigo, Shatter, Stunning, Balance, Jump, Swim, Tumble, Strength Insightful Constitution, Insightful Strength, Insightful Tumble, Insightful Swim, Insightful Move Silently, Assassinate, Insightful Doublestrike, Insightful Dodge Bonus, Insightful False Life, Insightful Physical Resistances

Prefix naming rules[edit]

Base abilities[edit]


  • Alkalescent - Acid Resistance
  • Charred - Cold Resistance
  • Favorable - Negative Resistance
  • Frigid - Fire Resistance
  • Grounded - Electricity Resistance
  • Muffled - Sonic Resistance
  • Murky - Light Resistance


  • Alkaline - Acid Absorption
  • Blazing - Cold Absorption
  • Chilled - Fire Absorption
  • Damping - Sonic Absorption
  • Insulated - Electricity Absorption


Name on item Skill
Acrobat's Tumble
Arcanum's Use Magic Device
Bartered Haggle
Burglar's Open Lock
Covert Hide
Daunting Intimidate
Delightful Perform
Feigned Bluff
Focused Concentration
Gracious Diplomacy
Harkening Listen
Inspected Search
Refurbished Repair
Sneaking Move Silently
Soothing Heal
Sturdy Balance
Tactful Disable Device
Visionary's Spellcraft
Springing Jump
Spot Spot
Swimming Swim

Resistance bonus to saves[edit]

  • Agile - Reflex saves
  • Disciplined - Will saves
  • Disenchanted - Enchantment saves
  • Lucid - Illusion saves
  • Realistic - Spell saves
  • Resilient - Disease saves
  • Robust - Poison saves
  • Stalwart - Fortitude saves
  • Staunch - Resistance bonus to saves


  • Evasive - Dodge Bonus
  • Ricocheting - Deflection bonus to AC
  • Defensive - Sheltering PRR & MRR Bonus
  • Reinforced - Fortification (ML30: 136, 148)
  • Requiting - Riposte


  • Deft - Seeker (ML30: +13)
  • Hasty - Doublestrike/Doubleshot
  • Deadly - Deadly
  • Murderous - Assassinate DC (ML30: +6)


  • Dazed - Stunning
  • Destructive - Shatter
  • Dizzying - Vertigo
  • Warrior's - Combat Mastery


  • Enraging - Incite (Melee threat increase)
  • Serene - Diversion (Melee threat reduction)

Spell Power[edit]

  • Combustive - Combustion (Fire)
  • Corrosive - Corrosion (Acid)
  • Devoted - Devotion (Healing)
  • Glaciated - Glaciation (Cold)
  • Impulsive - Impulse (Force)
  • Magnetic - Magnetism (Electric)
  • Resonating - Sonic
  • Reconstructed - Repair/Rust
  • Nullified - Nullification
  • Radiant - Radiance

Spell Focus[edit]

  • Blasting - Evocation Focus
  • Charming - Enchantment Focus
  • Deceiving - Illusion Focus
  • Metamorphic - Transmutation Focus
  • Nullified - Abjuration Focus
  • Reanimating - Necromantic Focus
  • Summoning - Conjuration Focus

Spellcasting Misc[edit]

  • Dire *Spell Power name* - Spell Lore (Shows up as Dire Combustive, etc.) «*»Icon tooltip.pngNote that some combinations are mixed up - Impulsive = Radiance Lore; Nullified = Repair Lore; Reconstructed = Sonic Lore; Resonating = Kinetic Lore; Radiant likely = Kinetic Lore)
  • Invasive - Spell penetration
  • Invigorating - Wizardry

Weapon Damage[edit]

  • Biting - Acid damage
  • Smoldering - Fire damage
  • Chilled - Cold damage
  • Orderly - True Law
  • Venomous - Poison damage
  • Shocking - Electrical damage

Hidden enchantments[edit]

  • Alignment damage (Xd6 Chaotic, Evil, Good, presumably Lawful)
  • Armor-Piercing
  • Fortification
  • Poison Resistance
  • Speed
  • Spell Resistance

Suffix naming rules[edit]


  • of Strength
  • of Dexterity
  • of Constitution
  • of Intelligence
  • of Wisdom
  • of Charisma


  • of Magical Resistance
  • of Physical Resistance
  • of Physical and Magical Resistance - Sheltering


  • of Assassinate
  • of Accuracy


  • Healing Amplification
  • Repair Amplification (ML30: +53)


  • of Combat Mastery
  • of Vertigo

Hidden Suffixes[edit]

  • of Intelligence

Weapon damage[edit]

  • of Slaying - Xd10 Bane damage «*»Icon tooltip.pngvs. a specific creature type (Aberrations, Giants, Evil Outsiders, etc.), which doesn't show in the armor/weapon's name; the description will show "Weapon's *creature type* Specific Damage Effect"
  • of Critical Piercing - xd6 piercing damage on critical hits (piercing weapons)

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